Three Types Of Blog Posts That Can Get You Massive Traffic, Backlinks And Readers

Get more traffic, backlinks and readers writing massive value posts

More traffic, more readers and more backlinks are essentially what every blogger works towards.

But there is in fact a much easier way to get all three of those things without having to go chasing after them.


Simply by writing lots of these three types of blog posts that will attract a ton of interest, comments, social media shares and other bloggers linking back:

#1. Massive Value Posts (MVP) – These are epic blog posts of around 2,000 words or more in length, and they’re packed with lots of useful, resourceful and actionable content.  MVP’s are time consuming and require a lot of work to put together, but the rewards for writing such posts can be off the charts.  Here are some examples of Massive Value Posts:

#2. Case Studies – Everybody loves to read and reflect on a good case study, simply because they provide a lot of ‘proof’ whether something works or not.  Case studies can attract not just a lot of traffic, but also social media shares, comments, backlinks from other blogs linking back to them and authority.

#3. Blog Interviews – Finally if you haven’t thought about doing some blog interviews well it’s never too late to start.  A lot of bloggers are already achieving a lot of success by hosting interviews on their blogs.  Simply make a list of all the influential people you’d like to interview, and get in touch with them to see if they would be interested.

Blog interviews can draw a lot of attention from social media, especially if you get to interview high profile influential people in your niche.  More over, the person being interviewed will also be doing everything they can to promote your interview post as well.  We’re starting to interview influential people on Magnet4Marketing, so you can expect the first interview to appear on our blog shortly.

So there it is folks, instead of wasting endless hours of your time chasing after backlinks and traffic, start with creating the kind of content that will automatically attract natural backlinks, traffic and readers to your blog!

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  • Ryan Biddulph

    Interviews are a huge traffic builder Fabrizio, especially when you chat with a pro. Excellent 3 tips here!

    • / Fabrizio Van Marciano

      Hi Ryan thanks a bunch for visiting mate, appreciate your comment. Yes I’ve heard that interviews are a great way to get traffic so that’s something on my list to do in the coming months for the blog :) Glad you enjoyed the tips here today.