New eBook Launch: Get Creating Smarter eBooks For Bloggers For Just $1

Hey folks hope you're all having a great week, if you're a regular reader of M4M you may recall that at the start of this year, I set out some goals to aim for, and one of my goals was to launch a series of new eBooks.

A few days ago I completed the revision of an eBook I launched late last year, the 8 Cornerstones Of Blogging, which is still going from strength to strength.  And so today folks I'm pleased to announce the launch of my brand NEW 38-page eBook for 2014.

​I present to you The Ultimate Bloggers Guide To Creating Smarter eBooks.  

In a nutshell this is my personal strategy guide for writing and publishing your very own awesome eBooks for your blog.

Now I'm really not going to rant on for the next 2,000 words trying to sell this to you, that's not what I'm about, but all I will say is that it is a remarkable guide and resource that I'm sure you're all going to love getting your hands on, especially if you want to learn how to create the best possible eBooks for your blog, the kind of eBooks that will convert into sales or increase your email opt-in conversions.  You can grab your copy for just $1 for a limited time only.

What's Inside?​

Creating Smarter eBooks contains 10 carefully crafted chapters covering the following essential areas of eBook creation.  Here's what I've included in this guide:

  • Why you should consider creating your own eBooks for your blog, the benefits...
  • Researching for a topic idea for your eBook, tips and tricks
  • Where to get QUALITY content for your eBook
  • How to write, put together and organize your eBook content nicely
  • Creating an awesome eBook cover design, tips and tricks using free online tools
  • Converting your eBook into a downloadable PDF, ePUB, Kindle formats
  • What to do with your eBook (sell it or give it away?, pros and cons)
  • Creating buzz and curiosity before launching your eBook into the blogosphere
  • Preparing your landing / sales pages, writing your launch post for your eBook
  • Marketing and promoting your eBook, personal tips and strategies, plus much more...

Who is Creating Smarter eBooks for?

This little guide is aimed at all newbies and dedicated bloggers who really want to learn how to create powerful and valuable eBooks to add to their blogs.  

I will teach you how to create the kind of eBooks that are going to make a huge impact on your audience, and furthermore provide your tribe with even more value than ever before!  

The key to successful blogging is all about creating irresistible content and value for your readers, that's what's going to help you create a loyal blog audience, and an eBook is just 'one' perfect way to doing just that.

Why Create An eBook?​

​If you're serious about blogging, and you ultimately want to serve your blog readers the best you can, drive more targeted traffic to your blog, make even more money from your blog, build and strengthen your relationships with your audience, then creating an eBook will help you achieve all of those things, it's simple.

How To Get Your Copy

OK to get your copy of Creating Smarter eBooks all you have to do is hit the 'Buy It Now' button below, you'll get instant access after you purchase.  It will set you back just $1, however this offer is only available for the first 7 days, after that the price will increase to $5.99, so don't miss out on this opportunity.  For more information and to check out the chapters in greater detail, please click here.


If you've already purchased my eBook, thank you so much, I truly appreciate it.  I kindly ask that you leave me some feedback in the comment section below should you wish to.  Was the guide helpful?  Was the strategies simple to understand and take action upon?  Was there anything missing, or would like me to cover in more depth, anything that I can add in future revisions of this guide?

Thanks for all your support - Fabrizio

    "Creating Smarter eBooks". Get Your Copy Today For Just $1

    The Ultimate Bloggers Guide to Creating Smarter eBooks is available for just $1 for a limited time only. You will receive instant access to your download link once payment has been made.

    Please note that this eBook comes in PDF, so you'll need to have Adobe PDF reader installed on your device to view it.​