3 Tips To Make Your YouTube Videos Look More Professional

3 Tips To Make Your YouTube Videos Look More Professional

If you’re a regular reader of Magnet4Marketing you may have read about my personal blogging goals for 2014, and one of my goals for this blog is to have an effective content strategy, not just creating content on the blog, but also creating audio content (podcasts) and YouTube videos.

We’re in the 3rd week of January and so far I’ve managed 1 podcast episode (episode 6), and 3 YouTube videos for the blog, so I’m pleased with the start so far.

Anyways in this post we’re going to talk about YouTube.

Whether you’re into video blogging (creating vlogs), or into creating on-screen tutorials or video product reviews, no YouTube video is truly complete without some additional professional finishing touches, and in this post I’m going to share with you three of my favorite tips to make your YouTube videos look more professional.

There are of course hundreds of tips I could share with you, but I just want to focus on three in this particular post.

I’m not going to talk about video recording equipment and editing software or in this post, we’ve covered some of these topics already before.  You might want to check out the following post:

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So let’s make a start.

1. Create and add a video intro and outro

What is a video intro and outro? Well if you’ve watched enough videos on YouTube you should know by now.

Generally an intro piece is the first 10 or 15 seconds (sometimes longer) of a video.  An intro video is usually for the purpose of brand promotion (containing a company or website logo), as well as to tell audiences what the video is about, author details etc.

An outro video (the ending of a video) usually provides credits to the video and content creator, sometimes video sponsors and perhaps some links to a website or social platform.

Both the intro and outro of a video can be accompanied by audio content of some sort, whether it’s some background music, sound effects or a voice over.

So now you have an idea of what intros and outros are, here’s my first tip!

Create your own video intro and outro, you’ll be darned well surprised how much more professional this can make your videos look to viewers.  It also shows your audience that you’ve taken the time and effort to create a reasonably professional looking intro for your video, letting them know that you care about your ‘brand’ and more over, their user experience.

When I watch a video on YouTube and I’m greeted with a nice intro I’ll usually stick around because it looks professional, so therefore the content must be great! but that’s just me.

I know what you’re probably thinking, creating an intro video can’t be simple or cheap in that matter?

Well, you don’t need to waste a ton of money or be a video graphic designer to create a professional intro for your YouTube videos, a little creative flare with some basic photo editing software and a little background music can go a long way.

Just look at the intros to my videos on YouTube, they’re no way over the top, they’re very basic yet I feel that they makes my videos look a little bit more professional and to any viewer, it appears that I care about the layout of my video content.

But I’m not creative! I hear you say…

If you’ don’t have a single creative bone in you, there are some great online tools you can use to help you create your ultimate intro video.  Check out IntroChamp for example, the site has a ton of great intro theme templates where you can just add your own text and drop in your website logo to create your cool intro video, and in HD too.  Check out the short video below.

Tip: Your intro section shouldn’t be long, I would recommend no more than about 15 seconds in length, the shorter the better.

2. Cue background music

If you don’t want to use background music to your videos, that’s cool nobody is forcing you.  But I’ll go as far as saying that adding some ambient music to your video background can not only help make your videos appear more professional, but also help to draw viewers into your video content, music has the power to do that!

I tend to use music in the intro and outro parts of my videos, and occasionally throughout the entire video, especially on my shorter videos.

Getting hold of music can be a bit of a challenge though, the music that I use on Magnet4Marketing videos are sourced from iStockphoto, but there are plenty of other places online you can find music such as freesoundtrackmusic.com and beatpick.com.  You might also want to consider hiring a professional musician or if you’re musically creative yourself, consider making your own background music.


OK here are some tips for adding music to your YouTube video content.

  1. Use quality audio only.
  2. If purchasing music online, familiarize yourself with the rights of use.
  3. If using background music in your video content, make it subtle, not overpowering where you cant hear what you or the person is talking about.
  4. Use music that fits the length of your video nicely.

3. Editing

My final tip for you is what ever you do, whether you add intros or music or not, is to never upload your videos raw and use them as they are, especially if your videos are long.

Viewers have extremely short attention spans, so be sure to edit out any unwanted fluff from your video content to make it more user friendly and digestible before uploading them to YouTube.

Here’s another little tip to save time on editing:  Try and record your video in parts, that’s something I’ve been doing for a long time now, just hitting the stop, save and restart button now and again can make the process of editing later on a lot less stressful.

Also you don’t need to own expensive video editing software’s to achieve the results you want for your videos, you can use Windows Movie Maker or for Mac users, iMovie.

YouTube itself have some very basic video editing tools you can use as well.  Check out the little tutorial below on using YouTube’s video editing tools.

So let’s quickly recap!

  1. Create a cool intro (promote your brand)
  2. Add an outro (add credits, links to your website or blog)
  3. Use music in your video content.
  4. Edit out unwanted fluff and make your video content more user friendly.

Use these three simple but extremely effective steps and you’ll have more professional looking videos your viewers will enjoy watching.

So that’s all I have for you in this post, of course I’ve left plenty of room for you guys to share your own tips on how to make your YouTube videos look more professional, so please feel free to share your tips with me in the comment section below.

Have a great week.

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