20 Facebook Apps For Improving Brand Visibility Without Contests In 2014

Facebook Apps For Improving Brand Visibility Without Contests

Contests, giveaways, sweepstakes are popular on Facebook.  However, contests last for only 30 days as it would be difficult to run a contest month after month, so you have to find ways to promote your brand on Facebook.

Well in that case, is it impossible to gain brand visibility without the use of contests?

With thousands of social media marketing tools, brands are now able to enhance their Facebook marketing activities even without running contests.

In order to increase the brand engagement on Facebook pages, businesses use various Apps.  Even the newly launched brands prefer to use Facebook apps to make their Fan page productive and attractive in order to gather potential customers.

Facebook serves purposes like maintenance, management, communication, information management, fan engagement etc.

Large collection of Facebook apps at times makes you confuse which one to use and which one to not.  I know you’re probably thinking; right, where should you start in order to improve your Facebook page visibility?

With that thought in mind, here are the 30 best Facebook Apps for brands to improve fan engagement in 2014.  Let’s dive straight in…

Fan Reveal Apps to Excite Fans on Your New Product Release

It is time to ask your customers to like the pages and in exchange reveal your newest products or announce their release dates.

Fans will show interest in the latest features that your product possess.  They will show interest in the whereabouts of your business, will like to know who are your users and will show curiosity about the surprises in your pipeline.

A number of Facebook apps can help you to keep your fans engaged like:

1. SelectrMe, which helps to manage the Facebook fans and friend list

2. Fan of the Week, a way to choose the “fan of the week” and allows you to choose them from the peer-to-peer vote.  You can select the winner manually or let the raw votes decide.

Get Access to Newsletter App

Having a newsletter sign-up app in your Facebook page is an easy way to increase the business visibility.

You can ask fans to like your page in order to reveal the sign-up form.  This is an additional way to communicate with users.  In that case, you can use status updates to tease the newsletter content and then direct the fans to the newsletter sign-up app.

3. Constant Contact is the best newsletter app for Facebook, it’s simple to use and does not allow for many bells and whistles.

4. MailChimp is a promising app that is popular among the notable brands.

Appointment Apps Helps Your Customers to Request Reservations

Small business owners who are popular and have a brand name should use apps that will allow their clients to request or book appointments or reservations via Facebook.  Ask for your clients name, contact number, and call them up to confirm the appointment.

Some of the apps, which you can use to settle appointments with your customer include:

5. Genbook  is the scheduling software that helps you to integrate your Facebook page and schedule appointments right from FB page.

6. Schedulicity is another appointment-setting app that helps you to connect existing clients and helps you to book appointments directly from Facebook.

Having the Contact Us or Customer Support Apps

When you think to promote your page on Facebook, make sure that people feel that its easy to get in touch with you.

The “contact us” app allows customers to send an email to the specific department of your company.  You can then send them to those who handle sales and gives customer support in order to streamline the contact process.  Some apps of this kind include:

7. ContactMe is one of the easy CRM apps to organize and grow your business.

8. Contact Form is one of the free that helps your fans to contact you easily.

Testimonial Apps to Collect Feedbacks from Your Fans

Feedback for your services is the most important part of your business.  You need to collect the feedback from your customer for further improvement.  It is a great way to learn what you possess and what your users expect.

9. UserVoice is a feedback app that helps your fans to provide a suggestion for your service and products and get others to join the discussion and vote on the comments.

10. Fan Voice shows how important are your fans feedback for the business. It does not let you miss a single feedback.

Cause/Charity/Donation App

You can use these apps to let the followers make donations or match up with your company’s donation to charity institutions.

The apps launched by various companies have different features, but the donation has typically something in common like – they will show your history, let your fans know the charities you have done and gives them to the opportunity to share the donation message.

11. Giving Fuel is one of the donations apps that most brand owners like to embrace.

12. Donate is an app from the house of North Social that helps to raise funds on Facebook.

Poll/Survey Apps

Most people like to participate in surveys, and if your business starts using a survey or voting app then you can learn the kind of services that your customers wish.

Use a voting or survey app to reduce the risk of investing in a new product or service.  These apps spark up your brand visibility and more engagement.  Some popular option includes:

13. Poll Daddy helps to create easy survey, poll, quiz and rating system.

14. Involver’s Poll is a great poll option available for the Facebook pages.

Exposure through Other Services

Apps to connect to other platforms and services that you use help fans to have a seamless social media experience with your company via Facebook. What are those apps that you can install in your Facebook Business Page to improve brand Visibility –

15. Video apps like YouTube and Vimeo helps to display videos of your products and services, demos on the new product launch and more. In addition, you can use Flickr for displaying photos from your Flickr account.

16. Twitter app to import the tweets that you want to publish on the Facebook wall.

Apps to Manage Events

To manage the events of your company and promote them via Facebook apps is an apt idea. It is a fair promotion idea for the new products or any live event that you are going to conduct to focus your brand or services.

17. EventSpot is an app from the Constant Contact to promote your events by posting them to your Facebook page. Here, your fans can register and start discussions.

18. Eventbrite is an app helps to promote events and manages ticket-booking services with your event details.

Apps for Geo-Targeting to Facilitate Local Business

LBS (location-based services) and Geo-Targeting are the recent craze, which helps to integrate social and mobile media for local business at every location. Brands can refine their target location with the use of geo-target apps and reach out either to a large audience or narrow audience who are more likely to engage with your posts.

19. Store Locator from the house of Involver is an exceptional geo-target app for the local businesses.

20. Facebook Places and Deals are the two free apps available on Facebook to serve your local business in all possible ways.

There you go! Top 20 Facebook apps to gain brand visibility in 2014 and hopefully beyond.

These are just some of the popular ways by which you can build your presence on Facebook without hosting a contest. Try out the non-contest apps to improve the brand visibility both in the season and in off-season.

If you’ve used, or are using any of these Facebook apps, why not share your experience with the readers of Magnet4Marketing, do leave a comment below.

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    Hello ! These are awesome apps. Many of them are new to me so an informative article I have found here. Moreover I really like “giving fuel”. It’s easy to use and best way to donate on facebook.

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      Hi DD thanks for your comment. I’m familiar with the giving fuel Facebook donation app, though if you’re just starting out with donations on a small business page then the premium can be quite costly in my mind, even the basic package at that. But on the other hand it does offer a lot of great features and deep integration capabilities with Facebook