Magnet4Marketing Top Posts Of 2013

Magnet4Marketing Top Posts Of 2013

Well we’ve come to the end of another year and what a year it’s been.  I’m halfway through writing the blog’s end of year report and what’s in store for 2013, that post will be out in late December.  For now, here is a list of the very best content published on Magnet4Marketing throughout 2013.  This list includes top guest posts submitted where we’ve had the pleasure of publishing on the site.

5 Surefire Tactics To Double Your Blog Traffic Fast (Guest post)
This is a top post on traffic generation from guest writer Michael Chibuzer.  In this timeless article Michael shares 5 strategies that is guaranteed to drive high quality traffic to your blog fast.
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Essential Do’s And Don’ts Of Internet Marketing (Guest post)
This is another great post submitted by guest blogger Sonia Jackson, here Sonia gives us a very useful list of 20 things to do and not do in the world of modern internet marketing.  Well worth the read if you missed this one.
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How To Make The Most Of Little Traffic You Have
This is a post by myself, where I talk about making the most of little traffic you get to your blog.  I also discuss some issues of how Google Panda was responsible for drop in traffic to Magnet4Marketing and what we planned to do to try and recover.
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3 Simple Ways To Make Your Blog Unique & Stand Out From The Crowd
This is another post by myself and in this one I provide some top tips on how to create a blog that is unique and different from every other blog in the blogosphere.  Part of what makes a blog successful is that it stands out from the noisy crowd.
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3 Things To Consider Before You Quit Blogging
Do you need to quit blogging? Do you simply have no other choice but to quit? Back in December of 2012 I seriously considered quitting blogging because of work and life commitments! Continue reading to find out what changed my mind, and if you’re thinking of quitting your blog, please read this post first.
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6 Simple Tips For Increasing Facebook Traffic To Your Blog (Case Study)
My case study on how I increased Facebook traffic to my blog by 446%.  Here I reveal six very simple but extremely effective marketing strategies which I’m still using today! Facebook has been the number on top referral traffic source to this blog since this post went out.
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9 Things To Say ‘No’ To When Building A Successful Online Business
Here is another post that was received greatly by the Magnet4Marketing audience, in this post I share some of the things to seriously avoid when building an online business that you hope to achieve success with someday.
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7 Amazing Business Ideas For The First Time Internet Entrepreneur
Starting an online business has to be one of the most exciting ventures ever, and that’s hugely thanks to the phenomenon of the internet, this information super-highway combined with hundreds of tools available to anyone, has already provided so many people with the opportunity of earning a full time living from home… Click the link to read more.
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5 Smart Ways To Optimize Your Internal Anchor Text Links
In this short post I share with you some of the things I’ve been doing to optimize the anchor text on my blog, from using variations of internal links texts to linking to relevant content on your blog, it’s all covered here in this post.
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How To Write Short Posts That Make A BIG Impact
This is one of the shortest posts I’ve written on Magnet4Marketing, and not the last. I’m a big fan of writing all lengths of content from 2k long posts to articles that only contain 200 words, regardless what Google feels about thin content… It’s the usefulness that counts in my mind.  In this post I share with you 6 essential bullet-point tips on how to create short posts that resonate loudly with your audience.
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5 Incredibly Hard And Stupid Ways To Make Money Online (Guest post)
This was a great guest post received and the only post published in the entire month of August.  This post was submitted by Rohan and provides 5 well tried and tested methods of making money online.  Blogging happens to be on the list as one of the most stupid ways to make a living online… Read the full post here | Tweet this post

3 Little Things You Can Do To Improve Your Writing Skills
If you’re just starting out as a writer, from a beginner’s perspective, it takes many hours, days, weeks, month’s and even years of practice to become the skilled and creative writer you want to be.  Here are some tips that can help you along the way.  Another short post from me, but well worth the read…
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This Simple SEO Tip Will Revolutionize Your Online Business (Guest post)
A well written and highly detailed guest post by blogger Dan Stelter, sharing a simple SEO strategy that can help catapult your online business ahead of your competitors.  A must read and share post. Continue reading here | Tweet this post

And that wraps up our list of top posts of 2013 on Magnet4Marketing, but before we sign off, we’ve saved the very best for last.  The most resourceful and well placed together piece of content published on our blog in 2013 is indeed a guest post, and this one was submitted by Glori Surban titled:

Where to Get (And How To Use) Relevant Statistics For Your Small Business Blog and you can check out her guest post right here. Be nice and consider tweeting her post also.

OK thanks to all guest bloggers who took the time and effort to submit quality, valuable and resourceful content to be published on the blog throughout 2013.  For you readers, if you missed any of these gems out, then get reading.  Enjoy.

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  • Adrienne

    Hey Fabrizio,

    What a great list and of course we just recently connected so I haven’t read all of these posts. Gosh, if I had to make my own list I think I’d be in trouble. Not that I think they’re all great but I have so many I wouldn’t know which ones to chose.

    This list looks great though and if I can ever find some time I’d like to read a few of these.

    Thanks for sharing them and I hope you’ve had a great 2013. The new year will be here before you know it right! Here’s to finishing out this week first though, have a good one.


    • / Fabrizio Van Marciano

      Adrienne thanks for visiting again, I’m honored more than you’ll believe :) Yes I can imagine that there would be a lot of great content in your list of top posts for 2013. It was quite difficult to put this little list together with so many great contributions from guest writers.

      2013 has been the most memorable year for me in terms of personal life goals achieved, we’ve moved into our newly renovated home, I saw my baby girl come into this world, I won custody of my son :) and my fiance passed her driving test at the age of 32 hooray, great year.

      Blogging and business wise though it’s been a tough one but it hasn’t been bad, the sites aren’t making much money as it use to since ‘the Google effect’ but never-mind.

      2014 however will be the year I do something that changes my life, I don’t know what but I can smell it lol :) There will be some big and tough decisions to make as doing business online is concerned.

      Anyways Adrienne, thanks so much for stopping by, have a great Christmas, you and your family.

      All the best Fabrizio