Forget About Google PageRank, Focus On These Strategies Instead!

Forget About Google PageRank! Focus On These Instead

So we got a PageRank update when we were made to believe that there wasn’t going to be one, but Matt Cutts said he would be surprised if there was one going to happen before the end of this year, he didn’t actually boldly state that there wasn’t going to be one.

Anyways I see so many bloggers and website owners raving on about Google’s recent PageRank update like it’s the next best thing since sliced bread, wow does Google PageRank matter that much to some people?

OK I thought I’d join the rat race too and start a rant about Google PageRank over here on Magnet4Marketing, but not in a sense that I’m directly promoting that you should focus on increasing page rank and do nothing else.

Maybe that’s the problem right there, it just seems that there are so many bloggers fixed on the belief that Google PageRank is the be-all and end-all, when in fact it’s not.  Don’t get me wrong, I know it’s important, but my view is that it’s not something we should be focusing all our energies trying to improve. There are plenty of other ranking algorithms one should aim at increasing or improving on, such as Alexa traffic rank, SEO rank, page and domain authority.

If you’re a newbie here, just for the record, Google RageRank has absolutely nothing to do with how your website or blog is performing in terms of search engine placement and traffic.  There are dozens of sites with high PageRank with relatively low traffic, I’ve seen plenty of them and I also happen to own one, a 2 year old site with N/A PageRank but receiving more search engine traffic than this blog even.

Anyways having said all of that, just in case you’re wondering what factors determines PageRank increase for your site, Let’s take a look a some below.

  • Number of keywords and phrases targeted for your site
  • Number of quality do-follow links from high PR sites
  • Content quality and usefulness
  • Number of links from social sites (Often overlooked)
  • Site performance and page loading times
  • Strengths of your internal linking structure
  • Site authority and more…

You can check your site’s page rank here: Check PageRank

OK, so instead of stressing out over Google PageRank score and feeling down that yours has dropped or anticipating when the next big update is going to happen, focus your efforts on working on these instead –

1. Creating high quality content – Create actionable, useful and resourceful content that provides a solution for your users.  Don’t forget that high quality content doesn’t go unnoticed, what I mean by this is that there’s a greater chance of other sites linking back to your valuable content as resource, so focus on quality and usefulness.

2. Increasing social signals – Build backlinks from social sites, and not just from Facebook and Google+, but Pinterest, StumbleUpon,, Storify etc.  Make more effort on creating attention grabbing and compelling titles and description when posting content to Facebook and Google+, and work to increase the level of engagement on your pages and any social groups you’re part of to promote social sharing.

3. Improving user interface – Make your site and it’s content super user friendly, not just for Google, but more importantly for your end users.  Have a clean design and layout with good navigation structure, and focus on optimizing your page loading times.

4. Increasing number of high quality backlinks – Not just from high PR sites, but more importantly from authoritative sites and blogs within your niche, which is why guest blogging in my mind is the most effective strategy for link building.

5. Build your audienceOptimize your email opt-in boxes and lead capture pages to build your email list.

6. Improve your on-page SEOImprove the on-page SEO of your essential pages on your blog, do a quick website analysis for each page to see where improvements can be made..

So there you have it, I hope that’s some food for thought for you.  Just in case you’re wondering, the page rank for this particular blog dropped from PR3 to PR2, but the drop hasn’t disheartened me at all.

Recent Page Rank

Note: Just to be clear, the views on whether I think Google PageRank is still important or not are mine solely, based on what I’ve learned and experienced.  If you have your own thoughts you’d like to share with me, please do so in the comment section below, I’d love to hear them.

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