Monday Morning Link Mashup #11 – This Week’s Top Posts From Around The Blogosphere

Monday Morning Link Mashup #11Link Mashup #11 for 21st October 2013 –Well it’s the return of the link mashups…


I’m having a massive deja vu here… I’m sure I’ve said that before! Oh yes I did in the last link mashup #10…Well it’s been a long time and a lot of things have happened since that last link mashup, I’m just so happy to be back doing these awesome link mashups again.

If you’re wondering what’s this all about, well each week I use to publish a post containing links to some of the best posts from around the blogosphere on the subject of online business,blogging, entrepreneurship, social media etc.  I hope to be bringing you a new link mashup every Monday morning without fail.

So what have I found this week that I think you might find an interesting read? Let’s take a look…

#1. 10 Content-Marketing Tools: Learn How to Engage Your Audience the Smart Way
The first post I’m sharing with you was published on by Matthew Toren.  Here he shares 10 valuable tools that will help you with your content marketing, something he quotes every entrepreneur should make valuable use of.  His list contains some great recommendations including, Feedly (which I’d highly recommend) and Quora to name a few… You can check out that post here

#2. Don’t Wait for the New Year, Start Planning Your 2014 – NOW!
OK so the second post I’m sharing with you is a real inspiring one by Chris Ducker, I’m sure many of are familiar with him.  In this post Chris gives good reason why you should consider planning early, in his case planning for 2014 now!  Like I said I found this post inspiring and it kind of made me want to get up and start planning for next year too.  You can read Chris’s post and all about his plans here

#3. Why Deleting 1,000+ Of My Email Subscribers Was The Best Thing I Ever Did!
Just so that you know I don’t just pick any old random posts to be in the link mashups, I pick the one’s that I think was a great read, relevant and worth sharing with you.  So my next recommended piece of reading comes from one of my favourite mainland bloggers, Matt Smith from Online Income Teacher.  In this post Matt shares why it’s a good from time to time to have a good old clean out of your email list.  I delete inactive people on my own list every 6 months or so.  You can read all about why Matt deleted 1,000 subscribers from his email list here

#4. The Insiders Guide to Managing Multiple Businesses
Whether you run multiple businesses or multiple blogs there is definitely some valuable tips to grab from my next recommended post.  This is an article written by Aaron Agius of, you can check out that post here

#5. 5 Self-Made Billionaire Serial Entrepreneurs
OK so my last recommended piece of reading for you in this week’s link mashup is an inspirational post by Zac Johnson, if you’ve been frequenting around the blogosphere for some time you’ll know who this guy is, just visit  Anyways in this post Zac shares the profiles of 5 self-made billionairs and their worth… Can’t get no more inspirational than that eh?  You can check out that post here

Right then… that’s all I have for you for this week’s link mashup.  Over the next 7 days if you come across a great read, it could something you’ve found on the web or perhaps one of your own posts, why not send me the link to it using the contact page?  I’ll take a look and if it’s a good one I’ll add it to next week’s link mashup.

If you want to read any of our old link mashups to find some truly great reads that you might have missed, you can check them out here.  Have a great week folks.

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