How to Reject Guest Posts Without Ruining Someone’s Life

Like every other reasonably successful blogger out there, I get a lot of pitches every single day from people wanting to submit guest posts on my blog, particularly this one, regretfully though I have to reject a lot of them for various reasons.  Sieving through guest post submissions has to be one of the most time consuming tasks for any blogger.

Anyways, part of the review and approval process is replying to guest authors to tell them whether their post is good enough or not.  On the subject of ‘not good enough’ sometimes it can be really hard to send a rejection email to someone who has their hopes set high on getting a guest post published on your blog, we all ‘fear rejection’ when guest blogging, so how do you let someone down gently without making them feel too bad about things?

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How To Reject Guest Posts The Professional Way…

How to Reject Guest Posts

1. First of all thank them for taking the time out to submit a guest post to you.

2. Then explain that you’ve carefully read through their article and that at this stage in time, you cannot accept their post for what ever reasons, usually due to quality issues, content copied from somewhere else, guidelines not being respected or content is to self-promoting etc.

3. Next just mention to them that should they wish to be considered next time, to make sure that they follow any criteria you set out.  You may even reconsider accepting their post if they were to rewrite the article or submit to you a completely different one.

4. Then follow this with a link to your guest blogging information and guidelines page, as well as a few links to some of the best guest articles already published on your blog as examples for them to use as a guide.

5. Lastly sign off politely.

Follow these five simple steps each time you reject a guest post and have to send out a rejection email.  At times you will come across the odd writer who will moan and complain about anything, and tell you that you’re wrong no matter how nice you are to them, just be professional about it and you’ll come out on top.

Again another short post for you folks but hopefully the tips will be valuable to you.

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  • Maketta

    Hello Fabrizio,

    Great blog post! If you are courteous and polite you can’t go wrong. It’s not what you say that counts but how you say it. That really goes a long way. Thanks for sharing your insights with us!

    • / Fabrizio Van Marciano

      Hi Maketta, welcome to the blog and you’re most welcome, you’re absolutely right, having the right ‘professional’ mannerism is crucially important.