5 Ways How Bad Companies Can Instantly Improve Customer Service

Do you have any idea what good customer service means to your business? Positive customer feedback is so important these days, because without them your business will simply fail to grow and prosper.

I was on the telephone just yesterday to a heating company, as I wanted to get a new wood burning stove installed into our house which we’re currently renovating. I won’t mention the company’s name here, but their customer service was to put it simple… Crap right from the start!

Initially I left a message on their answerphone and since they didn’t get back to me, I called them back, only to be greeted by a rude and arrogant women. The first thing she said after a brief and unpleasant introduction was

‘do you have any idea how busy we are mate?’

What the…? Did I hear right?

OK I won’t bore you with the rest of the telephone conversation you can imagine how it ended. All this got me thinking… How can some businesses afford to have crap customer service? If that was my company how would I improve customer service?

Improve Customer Service

  1. Get back to customers as soon as possible when they leave a voice mail, email or SMS (Simples…, every lead is an opportunity to make money)
  2. Get a website and add some contact details… Although I’d heard many good things about this particular company some years ago, and had seen one of their work vans out and about quite often, their customer services must have obviously gone downhill fast, finding a contact number or address was a real challenge, to top it all off, they didn’t even have a website. If that was my company I would ensure that my business had some form of online presence that displayed valid contact details clearly.
  3. Improve telephone manner (and response), a must.
  4. Provide customer support through social media, i.e. a Facebook page, since everyone’s on Facebook, and every other business has a Facebook page.
  5. Follow up with a courtesy call, whether by email or telephone to ask for customer feedback.

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  1. Hi Fabrizio, I really hate those companies who are not customer services orientated. I really enjoyed reading your tips here, thanks.

  2. To improve customer service a company should get back to their customers. They should have some kind of Customer Relationship Management software installed that will tell them when and where to contact a customer.

  3. giving good information friend thanks for sharing.

  4. Hi Fabrizio, very nice post on improving customer service, something every company should focus more on doing. Thanks for sharing buddy.

  5. You are right here when you talked about getting back to customers as it is the only way to hear them and get to know their feedback too. thanks a ton for this article.

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