5 Simple Steps To A Clutter Free WordPress Blog

Create A Clutter Free WordPress BlogThe ultimate objective of a blog is to provide readers with valuable and resourceful content. Yet we see so many WordPress blogs crammed other shiny and fancy things that a lot of people aren’t interested in, the biggest one them all are forceful ads! You know the type, the ones that fill the entire computer screen as a massive pop-up and takes ages to load. Ads amongst other distractions make a blog look cluttered, so in this post I want to share with you 5 simple tips to help make you create a clutter free WordPress blog.

Less distractions means your audience can focus more on your content.

1. Clean up your sidebar - Only have the essential widgets on display in your sidebar, get rid of any unnecessary widgets such as ads and banners, stat counters, blogrolls and other needless fluff.

2. Clean up your header - Is your blog logo looking lost next to that massive flashing header banner you’ve got running besides it? You’re probably unaware that it might be a distraction and putting off readers, so consider getting rid of it.

3. Clean up your content - A lot of bloggers are taking the approach that AdSense and ads in general makes no sense! I’m one of them, they might work well on niche websites I’d agree, but if you value your blog readers and your content, why point them to another website with AdSense for the sake of a few cents?

4. Get rid of pop-ups - Pop ups whether they’re an ad or simply an opt-in form is not only a distraction, but it can also put your visitors off from staying on your blog. If you really want to use a pop-up opt-in form try and delay the execution response for at least 30 seconds or so, or and limit it to only appear on the first page your visitors come to.

5. Use a clutter free minimalist theme - Finally if you want to go all the way with creating a clutter free environment on your blog, consider swapping your current colorful all-singing, all-dancing WordPress theme for a minimalist theme, such as the Minimum theme by StudioPress.

Follow these 5 simple steps and you and your readers can enjoy a clutter free WordPress blog! Let me know your thoughts and reactions in the comment section below as always, enjoy the rest of your week troops :)

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  1. Thanks Fabrizio, these are all great tips for any blogger to consider.

  2. Robert Koenig says:

    It really is kind of amazing how much stuff is there when you first start a WordPress page; and most of it is unnecessary. Thanks for the extra tips!

  3. anju katiyar says:

    Thanks Fabrizio, tremendous work seriously…

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