7 Actionable Tips For Generating Traffic To Your Opt-in Landing Page

When it comes to the cornerstones of blogging or internet marketing, and building an audience, list building and email marketing tops my list any day.

If you’re serious about building a great list, you will do more than just paste an opt-in form in your blog’s sidebar or your website just like everybody else! Serious list builders go beyond the call of duty…

Instead, you will embed your opt-in form just about everywhere that is physically possible on your blog or website; from your about page, to adding a call-to-action below post content, to putting your opt-in form in a pop-up (if that’s your kind of thing) and of course to having a well designed and well optimized landing page for your email opt-in, especially if you’re trading email addresses for something valuable such as an eBook.

Talking of your opt-in landing page, in this post I want to share with you 7 powerful and actionable tips for creating strategies to help you generate leads to your email opt-in landing page, so let’s get cracking.

opt-in landing page tips

How to Generate Traffic and leads to your Opt-in Landing Page

1. Offer something totally irresistible

First and foremost ask yourself, why would anybody want to opt-in to your email newsletter?

Is it because you put out such irresistible content therefore they feel compelled to signing up to your email updates? Quite possibly and hopefully too, but as well as this you should also offer something more in return, something like an eBook or an eCourse, exclusive videos, webinars etc… any content that is useful, valuable and exclusive to them.

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People love useful and valuable content that they can take away, digest, implement and get results from straight away, well reasonably straight away. If you can figure out what that could be in your niche, you’re onto a winner already, so to help you convert more leads into opt-ins, consider providing an incentive.

2. Use Calls-to-action

OK let’s talk about calls-to-action.

You don’t have to get carried away with embedding your email opt-in form everywhere on your blog if you don’t wish to do that, if you want to restrict your opt-in form exclusively for your about page, sidebar and landing page, consider using calls-to-action to create leads to your opt-in landing page instead.

If you’re new to all this and don’t know what a call-to-action is, it’s simply a type of message or graphic element designed to actively entice and convert a user into a lead. You can find out more about calls-to-action in marketing here.

So going back to creating calls-to-action; for example, consider adding some kind of message or graphic element at the end of your posts perhaps in your most popular pages, (example: if you scroll down past the author bio of this post you will see a banner about my list building eBook, that is a call-to-action for a landing page promoting this eBook.

HelloBar for WordPress or something similar is an awesome little tool for displaying a call-to-action message and a link to your opt-in landing page, and grabbing the attention of your visitors, because it is located at the very top of your site at eye-level on every single page of your blog. Check out the one above this blog.

3. Use optimized internal linking

You should also use suitable optimized anchor text links in your blog posts to link to your opt-in landing page. Especially if the content is heavily related, not only will this help you drive targeted visitors to your opt-in page but also improve search engine rankings a little. Don’t forget to diversify your anchor text links too.

Here are some tips for optimizing internal linking:

  • Anchor text relevant keywords, phrases
  • Use link descriptions (let your visitors know where they’re going if they click on a link)
  • Open link in new window (If you want to retain visitors on an existing page)

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4. Guest Blogging

One of the many benefits of guest blogging on high authority and high traffic blogs is to increase targeted referral traffic to your own blog, or in this case how about your opt-in landing page. But don’t just guest blog to drop links, if you’re looking to add a link to your opt-in landing page in the body of content itself, just make sure it’s OK with the blog administrator first, some blog owners despise self-promotional links just be aware of that. If not you can always add your link in the author bio area as you know.

Check out the following post for more guest blogging tips:

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5. Promote using Social Media

Social media is off course a powerful and must-use medium for getting people to flock to your landing page without a doubt. What more could I possibly tell you that you don’t already know about the importance of social media.

A) Facebook Landing Page

Let’s start with Facebook. You might want to consider creating an irresistible offer in your Facebook page to help you create leads to your opt-in landing page, or use Facebook targeted ads, or how about using a Facebook landing page.

Using a Facebook landing is one of my favorite methods of driving people onto my list. There are two options for using a Facebook landing page effectively, you can either paste your email opt-in HTML entirely into the page with your marketing blurb, or generate leads by referring visitors back to your ‘original landing page’ on your blog, by adding some kind of promo ad and a call to action.

My advice would be to experiment to see what gives you the best leads and converts the most, and then optimize your ROI. Check out the following post on how to drive Facebook traffic to your blog pages.

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B) Scheduling Tweets on Twitter

Twitter is a great tool for promoting and driving people to your opt-in landing page. HootSuite is the perfect marketing-tool for scheduling actionable calls-to-action tweets throughout the day or week.

Again experiment by sending different messages out at different times of the day to see what works best for you, and keep track of your campaigns using HootSuite.

Don’t forget to enable sharing buttons on your landing page too, to allow your visitors to further promote your page.

6. Use Forum Signatures

Do forum signatures still work? Yes, if you’re an active community member, and have built up a good reputation on a forum site and always regularly strive to provide value and a solution to peoples problems, then a forum signature can certainly help you get trusted visitors back to your landing page.

7. Mention your opt-in to your Podcasts and Video audiences

Finally if you are using other content marketing platforms such as video, slide presentations and podcasting to communicate with your audience, consider adding a verbal call-to-action at the end of your broadcast.

If you’re creating videos to upload to YouTube regardless of the subject matter, consider adding a link in the description box back to your email opt-in page.

Quick Recap

Let’s take a quick glance of what we’ve covered here for increasing leads to your email opt-in landing page:

  1. Offer something irresistible
  2. Use effective calls-to-action
  3. Use an optimized internal linking strategy
  4. Guest blog with consideration
  5. Promote using social media
  6. Use forum signatures
  7. Promote your email opt-in on other content marketing platforms

So there you have it, these are just some of the things you can do to effectively help you promote your email opt-in page. I Hope that this helps and that you can implement a few of them into your list building campaign.

Don’t forget if you haven’t started to think about building an email list for your blog, check out my 10 Smart Steps To Building a Better Email List eBook.

Have a great productive week folks, or if you fancy leaving me a comment and talking about any of these tips and strategies further please do so below.

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  1. Robert Koenig says:

    I appreciate all of this information. I am already utilizing some of these methods, but I definitely can use some more. As much as social media seems to “de-professionalize” a webpage’s appearance, it certainly does do a lot to gain traffic. Thank you for the post.

  2. Hey Fabrizio,

    Among the 7 tips that you gave, I would probably go to guess blogging and social media. Not that I’m not impress with the other methods but I just followed where I know I can do best which is blogging. Silly may it seem, but I guess it’s a choice worth a chance since I’m more comfortable with it.

    • Hi Farrell thanks for stopping by and great to know that you use several methods here to drive visitors to your opt-in landing page. I guess it’s down to what you know how to do best and what you’re familiar with, but sometimes it might be worth stepping out of your ‘comfort zone’. Have a great week mate :)

  3. Hi Fabrizio,
    I like the tips and I’m going to work on the internal optimization link. The anchor link confuses me. I know how to link to other posts that I have written but I’m going to have to learn how to anchor a link. An example would have been a nice addition in your post. But no problem, my friend. I can research it. My next job after I get the anchor right will be coming up with an actionable call to action. Again thanks for the tips.

    • Hi Jennifer, thanks for your comment, I’ll gladly provide an example here.

      An optimized anchor text link is usually a ‘keyword’ that is linked to relevant content for example, list building tips uses the target keyword of list building tips and takes you to a page related to ‘list building’.

      Another example of an optimized anchor link is the ‘title’ which many people don’t add. Not adding a title means their visitors will not know where the link will take them as explained. In the optimized anchor text I provided above I used “Learn How To Build A List” as the title of the link, visitors instantly know where the link will take them.

      Here is an example of an optimized anchor link in a thread -

      1. “…learn how to build an email list more effectively here”

      Instead of using…

      2. “…learn how to build an email list more effectively here

      The second example is a fine example of a NON-optimized anchor link as no keyword of relevance is hyperlinked, and there is no title to the link either.

      Hope that makes some sense, any further questions please don’t hesitate to ask ;)

  4. Great information here. I can definitely back you on this. I have CTAs and some optin forms and plan on putting more on my blog since I feel it’s pretty naked right now LOL… but I have gotten email optins just from the 2 tips you mentioned. Right now I can only imagined if I used them all! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Among these seven, I am most comfortable with using signature on forums, promoting on social media and guest blogging. And so far, the feedback on my site are all satisfactory.


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    7 Actionable Tips for Generating Traffic to Your Opt-in Landing Page…

    When it comes to the cornerstones of blogging or internet marketing, and building an audience, list building and email marketing tops my list any day. Let’s talk about your email opt-in landing page. In this post I want to share with you 7 powerful an…

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