5 Of The Biggest Myths In Blogging You Need To Seriously Forget About

Myths in BloggingThis is a nice short one for you, consider it a midweek break post. Here are 5 of the biggest myths in blogging you should seriously forget about -

  1. Blogging daily or more frequently means more traffic - Not entirely true, perhaps in some cases but in all honesty, creating awesome, resourceful and shareable content means more traffic, readers and more conversations, even if you’re only pushing out ‘one blog post once per week’ like me! If you already have pillar content on your blog with good search engine rankings, chances are you don’t need to post everyday for more traffic.
  2. You should save your best content for guest blogs - I hear this one a lot around the blogosphere and I have to completely disagree. I say save the very best content for your own blog, and the good content for guest blogs. Give your blog the credibility it deserves, why would you want to give another blog the authority?
  3. You should always write epic long blog posts - Nope you shouldn’t, unless of course all you’re trying to do is please Google! Please your readers instead… In any case, some bloggers prefer to write 2,000 word posts that might get read, or perhaps just gets read and then is forgotten about, whilst other bloggers prefer to write just a few paragraphs that will resonate with their audience and attract hundreds of comments and social shares, and of course vice-versa. It’s completely ‘ones preference’, but the general rule is ‘write for your audience’.
  4. Blogging is for losers - What’s that all about? this one really gripes me, but then again I have to keep reminding myself that blogging is only for losers if they themselves have failed at blogging
  5. Great content gets found - Eventually it does, but in all honesty again, you can be the most prolific writer in the world, writing the most amazing content ever, but if no one knows about your amazing content then no one is going to care about it… Engagement and conversation is key to getting your content found and shared.

OK over to you. Do you know of any other myths in blogging that you’d like to add to this SHORT but sweet list? Leave me a comment below as always.

Enjoy the rest of your week folks :)

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  1. writing lenghty posts doesnt mean superior content and yes blogging daily will not help you to get more traffic but your SEO techniques and engagement with readers will. definitely some great points are mentioned in this post

    • Hi Prabhat, thanks for your comment mate. Great engaging and shareable content and SEO goes hand in hand, I must confess. It can be quite challenging to keep readers interests with lengthy posts in my mind, which is why I believe that bite-size pieces of content is essential when creating long posts.

  2. I totally agree that the five listed are all myths. Why would be blogging for losers? Blogging is an awesome thing to do if you are really in love with it and this is absolutely not for losers.

    • Connor I agree with you though there are a lot of people claiming that bloggers are for loser in such a way as in they sacrifice time spent with their friends and family to work on their blogs, or they call in sick to go to work or college because they’re working on their blogs, or they sleep in until 11 in the morning then wake up and work on their blogs lol. And with blogging having such a low success rate, for some people blogging are for losers, but I guess only if you let it.

      Have a great week mate :)

  3. I’ve started and dumped several BLOGs and personal website over the years. A couple were actual businesses I had at the time. I believe there are two ways to look at blogging: A planned niche to make money, and a personal journal for the fun of it.

    I have a couple of BLOGs, both as creative outlets. There is no advertising and no plans to make money. I need a creative outlet and this works for me.
    Making money on the Internet is a horse in a different race.

  4. I absolutely agree with your 2nd point, the best posts have to appear on the own blog, it is the (and it has to be) the flagship of your business, so it has to show the best image of you. Guest posting is really useful for generating some traffic and reach a wider audience, but we all have to take care about our own followers first and appreciate their loyalty.

    • Spot on Laura, exactly what I mean, I try and publish most of my best content on my blog however sometimes I’ll put a lot of work into a great post and use it as a guest post. I’m not saying that we should leave the crappy content for guest blogs, but good content that gets attention and shared.

      Thanks for stopping by :)

  5. “Blogging daily or more frequently means more traffic” I always thought that this would work, and i have to say it does work! Sinds I’ve had a new post everyday on my blog I’ve had more traffic!

  6. Hello Fabrizio,
    What a wonderful and well sorted out post. I totally agree with you on your first tip. when i started blogging, i got advice from a blogger whom i respects that it is best to post everyday. Yes i did follow his advice at some point i stopped and checked other blogs out and not all were blogging daily.
    you need to give your posts intervals so it can reach to as many fans as possible. Thanks for this lovely post and do have a pleasant weekend ahead…

    • Hi Babanature very good point mate, that’s something I mentioned a while back about writing less frequently and focusing more on quality. In my mind blogging is 20% creating content and 80% promoting it I’ve said that always, and you just reinforced that statement, yes we have to take time to promote our content on other blogs and allow our connections on social sites to find read and share the content.

      Personally for me I would hate to have to create new content everyday only to have a few engaging comments and few social shares on them. I know it’s not how everybody works but for me it’s important to post less and engage more.

  7. Thanks Fabrizio,
    Yeah I agree that why I am blogging and comment to people who has great content and post. I bookmarked ur blog. I will see what u have.


  8. Hey Fabrizio a good post indeed. I was recently asked by one fellow blogger to give my best shot/post to guest blogging but I felt he was wrong. And there you go you have proved me right too. You are also right to say engagement and conversation are of utmost importance, too.

  9. Totally agree with your points Fabrizio.
    If you write long content, it has to be really engaging. Anything less makes you the loser. No one is ready to sit on you blog and not gain anything.

    Hope you are having a great week!

    • Absolutely Enstine, its kind of weird because the whole point of blogging is to promote conversations and you’re right. When I visit a blog for the first time the first thing I look for are comments, and social share counts. If nothing like that even exists I don’t really tend to hang around.

  10. “Great content gets found”, I always thought this is true. Then I realized that you still need to exert effort to promote/optimize your blog so that people will find the great contents that you have on your blog. What I did was I joined several bloggers group and exchange visits with them.

  11. Hi Fabrizio,
    In general, I don’t like hard and fast rules. Like every other part of your business, it really depends on your customers, your clients and your brand. If one thing isn’t working, try something else. This isn’t to say tips from other bloggers are useless. But only experimenting with your own audience will let you know which ideas translate for you.

  12. Hey Fabrizio,

    Nice post, thanks for sharing these myths in blogging. Yes, writing long content is not always a good option as sometimes long posts can cause readers to get bored and go elsewhere.

  13. We must be concise in our posts. As sometimes lengthy post makes our readers get bored. Nice post thanks for sharing it.

  14. You said you should roll out great content on your blog itself and you made a perfect example with this killer post.
    Congo bro.


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