3 Simple Ways To Make Your Blog Unique And Stand Out From The Crowd

Want to learn how to make your blog unique? Read on… Blogs pop up and then disappear again off the blogosphere radar faster than we can keep up with them.

Some blog niches are still young and developing with very little competition, whilst others have become completely stuffed and totally saturated, or maybe that’s what we’re led to believe.

Just to go off topic, one of the things I absolutely love doing of a late evening, especially if it’s a clear night, is going out and sitting in the garden to watch the stars in the night sky… I could watch them for hours…

Just as there are billions of stars out there in our universe, there are millions of blogs in the blogosphere, and you wouldn’t say the universe is saturated would you? So I believe that the blogosphere isn’t saturated, just a lot more exciting as there are many new blogs waiting to be discovered, just as there are many new stars in the universe waiting to be discovered too.

So, there is nothing wrong with starting yet another blog on how to make money online, in fact it’s encouraging to see, just as long as that blog isn’t planning to play the same old bullshit record as the rest of the ‘make money online’ blogs out there.

If I had to share only 3 ways in which to make your blog unique and make it stand out from the rest of the crowd, it would have to be the following –

Make your blog unique

3 Ways To Make Your Blog Unique

1. Develop your own unique writing style, develop your voice

Having a unique writing style is like having a voice for your blog. People can tell a lot from the way in which you come across in your blog posts, so don’t try and create a false representation of yourself or even worst, copy somebody else’s style as you’ll never keep it up, instead focus on developing your own voice and your own writing style.

One of the things I enjoy telling people starting out in blogging, when developing a unique writing style is, imagine as if they had to talk to their audience like in a video blog, instead of writing to them in a blog post, how would they sound like? Would they be themselves, funny, calm, collective and so forth… or would they pretend to be someone they’re not?

Write as you would speak.

2. Always provide fresh alternatives

One of the challenges that comes with starting a blog in a competitive niche is to try and not play the same record as every other blog out there, in other words, sounding the same, writing the same old mundane repetitive generic rubbish, you know the kind, here are some examples –

  1. How to install WordPress
  2. How to get more traffic to your blog
  3. How to write a blog post
  4. How to make money blogging

There are literally tons of posts like these all over the blogosphere, why would anyone want to subscribe to your blog to read your version of how to write a blog post?

…Unless of course you can provide fresh alternatives, stuff that’s completely out of the box, unheard of, different and useful.

3. Have a ‘Unique thing’ going on

Finally, my last tip to make your blog unique is have a ‘unique thing’ going on that no one else has, it could be absolutely anything, a unique theme, a unique logo, a unique domain name, a unique way in which you write your blog post intros or what ever.

When you’re unique and different from everybody else in the big bad pond, people will remember you well.

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  1. says

    Hello Fabrizio,

    Great Points! Being unique is best way to stand out.

    If I want to become a real blogger then I’ve to blog in my own way, there’s no rule that say’s, ‘You’ve to do what everyone is doing.’. Here you are free to let your heart run free and say what you want to say.

    Create your own unique personality, be you, and do what only you can do.

    Be unique, do unique, and success is yours. :)

    • says

      Hey Romy, absolutely right, there are two paths in each and everyone’s lives, the one we all take which is our comfort zone, and the other is the one we pave ourselves.

      A blog with individuality and personality will go a long way. A prime example of that kind of blog is the Smart Passive Income blog.

  2. says

    Hi Fabrizio,

    Shout and loud! Appreciate!

    I need to publish another post ‘How to install wordpress’ and recently I’ve done ‘How to buy domain name and set name servers’. Funny!

    But I’m targeting to newbies or aspiring bloggers and set out to create a complete (as much as I can ;) ) ‘how to blog’ series. I’d started from what is a blog and discussing up towards for these 12 posts in ‘how to blog’. Hope you won’t kick my a$$

    Oh ya! be yourself! That’s what I always believe in. Thanks for this moving post!

    • says

      Sureash… Of course I’m not going to kick your arse… I love how to posts they’re one of my favorite types of posts to write. What I meant was there are many posts that give the same old sh!t about how to install WordPress for example, but if you can make it fun, simple to follow and completely different from how Joe Blog’s is doing it, then you’re on a good run. And luckily there are thousands upon thousands of newbies out there that will benefit :)

      • says

        Ahh! Greatly relieved!
        I wish if I could target my local traffic, but its so sad that PayPal and other online payment methods does not work in my country. So, they can’t buy domain names from GoDaddy nor hosting from HostGator. Its really a sh1t for bloggers in Nepal.

  3. says

    Hi Fabrizio,
    You are absolutely right about the quality content. There are several instances where I have seen the same word-press tutorials being created for “n” number of products and also on blogs.

    Creating unique content is very difficult but what matters is at the end it gets rewarded :)


    • says

      Hey Phanindra thanks for stopping by mate, glad you’re agreeing with me on this one. I’m glad I’m not the only one who notices repetitive content in the blogosphere :) Have a great day.

  4. Robert Koenig says

    It’s true when you say that most bloggers are running over the same topics with nothing new to offer. Adding in any recent news stories can also help freshen blog posts.

  5. says

    Hello Fabrizio!

    One thing I have read over and over is to be unique and be yourself. I think that is the most important thing when it comes to writing a successful blog.

    Also writing about something you are passionate about and know a lot about and want to share with others. There is nothing worse than reading a blog from someone who claims to be an expert, and you, as a non-expert know more than them! That being said, I loved your post and all of your points are very valid and could take a new blogger a long way in the right direction!

    • says

      Hi Ron, first of all no one should ever claim that they are an expert in anything, unless they can prove it… I’ve been blogging for over 4 years and I never consider myself an expert in anything, I do however consider myself experienced. Becoming an expert requires and immense amount of experience, knowledge and above all skills to make things work.

      Have a great day mate :)

  6. says

    Content Uniqueness is the feature of writing any blog. In order to attract the attention of search engines, you will need to develop unique content and substance. A headline or simple sentence is not going to generate the interest of readers or help with search engine ranking. Be sure to archive old blog posts to develop a large portal of similarly-themed content.

  7. says

    Hi Fabrizio, I think the best way to achieve this is to ensure that content is original and as per the expectation of the end reader. In today’s world readers want original and exciting content and for it keep them coming back and engaging more.

  8. says

    Writing on a personal way is also one big help in writing a unique blog. A reader will feel more connected to the post she’s reading if it is personal enough to be engaging.

  9. says

    Making your blog design unique and writing DETAILED posts too often also makes your blog stand out from the crowd.

    It’s easy to get noticed when you know what you’re talking about, because people listen from experts, not from the noobs (sad, but truth!)

  10. Lee says

    Making your blog slightly different to everyone else is the big one for me. There is no point just following the crowd and not achieving anything better to be different and have a bit of something different to say.

    Great advice lee