3 Really Simple Reasons Why RSS Still Matters

As some of you may know I’ve become somewhat obsessed with email marketing and list building.  I don’t just actively engage in list building, but I blog about it frequently, I’ve written an eBook about building an email list and I’m also halfway through recording episode 5 of the Magnet4Marketing Podcast, which talks about email marketing and list building.


Whilst I strongly believe that building an email list is one of the key ingredients to successful blogging or doing business online, I also don’t overlook the importance of increasing RSS subscribers too, especially since I’ve noticed that quite a few bloggers are now using ‘email opt-in’ only through their email service provider and have ditched displaying their subscribe via RSS option.

Today I’m going to share 3 simple reasons why I think RSS still matters.

RSS Still Matters to your Blogging Success

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Why RSS Still Matters…

1. it’s cost effective

Let’s face it; sending out a monthly email newsletter or email marketing campaign to your list isn’t exactly cheap, even at $15 per month that’s probably more than your average monthly web hosting bill.

Whilst email still has huge advantages over RSS, i.e. customization for design and content, scheduled sending etc, RSS is extremely cost effective, it’s totally free and that for me is the number one reason why RSS still matters.  Not everyone is able to start building an email list straight away, you might want to start in your own time, that’s where offering RSS subscription option comes in.

People can subscribe to your RSS via email because they want to be able to access your content without having to visit your blog each time you update it, and it’s costing you nothing in return.

2. It takes care of itself

Creating an email marketing campaign or newsletter is time consuming.  You’ve got to think about design and layout, what content to include, adding call to action, links blah, blah, blah…

With your RSS subscribers, you never have to use up valuable time dedicated to creating and sending your email updates.  RSS is automated, you publish content on your blog and your subscriber’s gets a copy sent directly to their inbox, done and dusted, which brings me to reason number three…

3. Its 100% spam proof

With RSS your inbox delivery rate is 100%, which email marketing really can’t compete against.  That means your email RSS subscribers will never miss anything you put out.  It’s in their inbox for them to see, they don’t have to go and fish it out from their spam folder.

More over, people who subscribe to your RSS via email will never, ever have to worry about getting spammed themselves, not that you would do such a thing in any case.

So there you have it, 3 short and simple reasons, and a friendly reminder as to why RSS still matters.  Not offering RSS on your blog? Get over to feedburner.com and get started…  Once you’re done, you can subscribe to my email updates via RSS here.


  1. says

    Well convincing article. My thoughts are same RSS still matters a lot and there are people who prefer RSS over other things. And as you said the best thing about RSS is that we don’t need to lay our fingers on it, It’s completely automated and that’s quite relief, We can use our important time in taking care of some other works..

    Anyways, As always you shared some good stuffs. Retweeted it. :)

    • says

      Hey Enstine thanks, I’m glad you agree with me mate :) A serious blog will not just have an option for opting into conventional email but also RSS too. A few years ago everyone was displaying the big old orange square RSS icon, these days I don’t see many of them.