How to Submit A Guest Post To Magnet4Marketing

Hey folks I hope you’re having a great start to 2013 with your quest for blogging success, and that you’re well and truly on your way to achieving your goals and objectives for the year, though I know its early days yet.

Anyways one of my objectives this year is to add more guest writers to the blog, especially now that I have less time me to keep the blog updated frequently with fresh content, due to other commitments surrounding work and life.  So I wanted to create this sticky post to show you just how easy it is to submit a guest post to Magnet4Marketing.

Submit a Guest Post Option 1 (Regular contributors)

The first option are for those who wish to become a regular writer of this blog, i.e. by submitting a guest post at least once per month, so here’s what you have to do to get started –

Step One

Click on the Write for us link at the top of the page in the navigation bar of this site.  See image below.

On the guest blogging information page here you can check out the site’s statistics and reasons why guest blogging is so important to the development and success of your own blog, as well as why you should consider guest blogging for us.  To start guest blogging regularly simply signup using Facebook, Twitter or Google+ social login, or click on the image below to signup now.

Social Login

Once you’re inside you will donated with a subscriber profile, which will be populated automatically with some of your basic information gathered from your social profile, however you still need to fill in your full name and add a super unique bio about yourself, as well as add 2 do-follow links of your choice in your bio.

This blog uses the Fanciest Author Box plugin so don’t forget to add URL’s to your Twitter, Google+ Facebook and Linkedin profiles too. See image below.

You can check out what the Fancier Author Box looks like below this post by viewing my author author box.

Step Two

Once you have everything in place, simply contact me with your guest author name and email address so that I can identify you, I will then upgrade your account from ‘Subscriber’ to ‘Contributor’.  When your account has been updated, I’ll send you a notification by email so that you can submit your post for approval.

Advantages of becoming a regular guest writer

  • We allow for 1 dofollow link in your post to resources or to a post on your blog
  • We allow for 2 dofollow links in your author box
  • We use fancier author box (Google Authorship, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn)

Submit a Guest Post Option 2 (Non-regular guest writers)

We also have an option for non regular guest writers, (no companies please).  However this option gives you less benefits in return.  To submit a one off guest post for our consideration, simply go to the write for us link at the top of this post as in option 1, and scroll all the way down the page until you see the guest post submission form.

Fill in the form with your guest post and information and hit submit, it’s simple.  Your guest post will usually be moderated within 48 hours.  We will let you know the outcome within this time and if all is well we will schedule your post for going live within 3-5 days.

Advantages of submitting a one-off guest post

  • 1 do-follow link in your author box only

As with any blog that offers guest blogging opportunities there are some essential guidelines to be followed, again you can find all the information you need on the guest blogging information and guidelines page.

Submit a Guest Post

Well I hope I’ve made it really simple for you guys to submit your guest posts to the blog, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask me in the comment section below.  Look forward to reading your posts here soon.

Hey everyone, I’m Fabrizio Van Marciano and I’m just a regular bloke, doing his thing in the expanding universe we call the blogosphere. I’m the founder and editor here at I'm also the author of 170 Blog Traffic Tips; a FREE guide I created to help you get tons of traffic to your blog.

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