Google’s Matt Cutts Explains How To Decide Which Links To Remove

In recent times webmasters have had to play the huge ‘guessing game’ in deciding which links are bad and which links are good, what links should they leave and what links should they remove, and until now Google has done very little to help webmasters figure that out.

If you’ve seen a message in your Google Webmaster Tools dashboard about unnatural linking, I bet you’ve gone from being the collective and calm mode to full throttle panic mode, and in despair you’ve probably gone and requested for the removal of a ton of links that you weren’t too sure were good or bad.

Google are quick on the trot to tell webmasters that they might have some links that they don’t like or might appear ‘unnatural’, but offer little to help webmasters try and figure out which links to remove.

I’ve personally never received any messages from Google about unnatural linking yet, however having carried out a thorough check of my link profile back in December, using the Link Research Tool, I discovered that I had quite a few number of links which indeed appeared suspicious, and so to speak ‘unnatural’.  You can check out my post on Link Research Tools Link Detox tool.

You can also check out what tactics and strategies I’ve been using to build my link profile here - How I Easily Build Authority Links to Magnet4Marketing

Anyways I wanted to share with you this video where Matt Cutts, (head of Google’s web spam team, just in case you’re wondering…) provides some insightful answers to the following question -

Google Webmaster Tools says I have “unnatural links,” but gives little help as to which specific links are bad. Since I have never purchased links, I don’t know which ones to have removed, and I’m scared of removing good ones, which will hurt my traffic. Suggestions?

So what does Matt have to say? watch to see…

So, do you think Google is doing enough to help webmasters identify good and bad links? Leave me a comment and let me know your thoughts below as always?

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  1. Google seriously needs a hard kicking in the rear end, yes they are playing games, with peoples businesses. And they can afford not to give a damn about it. What is Matt exactly excited about? It doesn’t sound like a solution to helping people out identifying bad links at all, but we’ll have to wait and see.

  2. Robert Koening says:

    Google has a tough job and I think they are doing well with creating organic web searching, but they need to be careful with marking links as bad when they are not.

  3. As good as Google’s algorithm may be, it is bound to not be perfect. Some links of mine have fallen by the way site and are considered bad, even though I for the life of me cannot figure out why! Hopefully their analysis will only continue to improve with time.

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