Unlocking The Mystery: What Does A Social Media Marketer Actually Do?

A social media marketer is a somewhat new career path.  After all, it was not until the early 2000′s that social media even existed.  For this reason, there is still much ambiguity and confusion over what a social media marketer does on a day-to-day basis.

Students interested in starting a career as a social media marketer or older adults wishing to switch careers will be interested to know the precise duties and tasks that social media marketers complete every day.

Social Media Marketer

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What Does A Social Media Marketing Professional Do? Let’s find out…

4 Things A Social Media Marketer Must Have And Do

Generally, a social media professional will perform similar functions no matter where she works.  A marketer must make online social media advertising campaigns that fit with the brand of the client.  He must use analytical tools to keep up with traffic and the effectiveness of each campaign.

Necessary skills

Different employers will require different skills for social media jobs. Generally, however, a certain skill set is required to accomplish the task.

Most social media professionals have a high level of critical thinking to keep up with the rapid changes in the industry.  A social media marketer must be able to think quickly on his feet and prepare for the sudden changes that occur in the online marketing world.

Marketers must also have excellent communication and writing skills, familiarity with all forms of online marketing and social media, and a high level of problem solving skills.

He must post on social media sites and interact with customers and fans of the brand.  He must also work with other online programmers and marketers within the same company or brand.


Because the social media manager is such a versatile position, the person in the position must have a flexible personality.  The person must be calm under pressure and high stress situations.

Social media marketing can change within just a few days, and the marketer must be able to keep up with changes without getting flustered.  The manager may also have to deal with difficult clients, so extreme patience is a must.


On the ground level, special education is generally not required.  However, in marketing positions for larger companies, a marketing, IT, or finance Bachelor’s degree is often required for the position.  Extensive knowledge of social media marketing and online marketing is also necessary.


Even though the social media marketer is a marketing business position, it is also a creative position as well.  Advertising online and in social media is different from advertising in other avenues, and it is the responsibility of the marketer to come up with new approaches to attract new customers and keep existing ones.

A social media marketer has a difficult job. The job mixes a wide variety of tasks, from advertising and marketing to computer IT and programming. This challenging mix makes the job of social media manager challenging at best. The difficulty of the job and the ever-changing nature of the industry make this job one of the most difficult in the online marketing industry.

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