6 Top Tips To Explode Your Email Opt-ins in 2013

In this post I want to share with you 6 essential tips that will help you explode your email opt-ins in 2013…

Do you want to know what the best online method is for converting your prospects into paying customers?

Old school email marketing

It doesn’t just work; it can potentially be the difference between a successful and profitable business, and a not so successful and profitable one.  Pretty simple stuff right?

Email marketing is one vital ingredient that every online marketer, blogger should be doing.  I could end this post with just that.

But there’s more you’ll be thankful to know…

My Mission

I began my mission to start building a list for my blog back in mid 2011, around 8 months after I launched this blog.

To date the Magnet4Marketing blog has accumulated 1,192 active email subscribers, and currently the rate of new subscribers to my blog is around 10 to 15 per day.

Only 6 months ago I was doing around 4 to 5 new opt-ins per day.  As they say the proof is in the pudding, so you’re welcome to check out the screen grab below to see my most recent opt-ins for the last few days…


Click image to enlarge

You see, whilst my search engine traffic took a downward plunge late last year due to Panda and Penguin, I made it my absolute mission to do everything I could to increase my email opt-ins, as I no longer wanted to solely rely on the search engines, namely Google, for the bulk of my traffic.

Basically what I’m trying to say is that; after all the hard work I’ve put into doing everything by the book as far as SEO was concerned, I felt as if I’d been let down heavily by Google…

And so in this post I’m going to share with you my top 6 tips that has and still is helping me right now, to achieve the 10 to 15 new email subscribers per day rate.  I’m positive that these tips can also help you to explode your email opt-ins on your own blog too…

OK, so let’s begin…

My Top Tips to Explode your Email Opt-ins

1. Opt-In Forms

The first and most obvious tool in your arsenal for exploding your email opt-ins in 2013 is your trusty opt-in form itself.

I’m not going to go into detail about design and layout and branding, those are essential elements, but what is the most important I’ve found is the placement of the email opt-in form.

On the homepage of your website, where a lot of your visitors are going to arrive first, is the perfect placement for your email opt-in form.  So what’s new you’re probably thinking… Well most people are still not doing just that and as a result are missing out… Here are some golden bullet pointers for putting your email opt-in form on the home page of your blog.

  • Always place your opt-in above the fold
  • Place your opt-in bang in the center of your home page at eye level if possible… (You might need to use a static page in your WordPress blog)
  • Make it realy simple for people to opt-in (Don’t use that annoying CAPTCHA feature, or tick this box and that box rubbish either…)

There are numerous plugins available on the market to help you achieve a desirable opt-in form, plugins such as OptinSkin by Glen Allsop.

Alternatively, you can purchase a premium WordPress theme that comes complete with email opt-in form as a widget, and can be placed in the most visible spot on your blog.  The themes that can help you do this are the Generate child theme and (in)SPYR theme created for Genesis theme framework.

2. eBook

Create your own eBook and use it as an incentive to encourage people to opt-in to your email newsletter.  If you’ve been reading the blog recently you’ll know I created a couple of useful posts on eBook creation.  You can check these posts out below -

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3. Landing page

A landing page is the perfect place to provide good reasons why people should opt-in to your email updates.  If you’re giving away a useful incentive like a free eBook, a landing page is the perfect place to highlight some of the features and benefits of your eBook.

If you want some tips on creating awesome content and improving copywriting on your landing page, check out the following post -

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4. Forum signature

If you participate on online forums, which you should be, consider adding an anchor text link to your email opt-in page such as your landing page, with a short description.  You can add this anchor text link to your forum signatures.

5. Social media

My 5th tip for you is to promote your landing page, blog home page containing your email opt-in form on social media sites.  As simple as that might sound, you really do need to persevere with promoting through social media.  Here’s my personal and unique strategy for promoting my landing page and blog home page on social media sites.  Yep that’s right, I’m sharing my strategy with you…

  1. Tweet landing page with email opt-in once per day (My Twitter Account)
  2. Create a retweet campaign through JustRetweet once per week (Aim for around 50 retweets)
  3. Add featured post to email opt-in landing page to Facebook business page
  4. Share on StumbleUpon (su.pr) weekly
  5. Pin cover photo of eBook and link to landing page on Pinterest once
  6. Share eBook promotional post with opt-in on suitable Facebook groups

6. Guest blog your way to explode your email opt-ins

Finally we get to the mother of all tips, guest blogging.  Simply select 2 or 3 content relevant, high traffic, high domain authority blogs and guest post on them like your life depends on it.  Create a unique author bio for each blog you’re guest blogging on and let readers know that if they enjoyed reading your post, they can subscribe to your latest updates via email.  Don’t forget to add a link to your opt-in landing page if you’re using one.

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 Share your thoughts

Well those are essentially my tips for increasing my email opt-ins and they have worked well for me, and I don’t get much traffic as I used to these days.  It doesn’t matter whether your blog gets 100 visits per day or 1,000 visits per day, if you have optimized every strategy the best you can to increase opt-in conversions, you’ll succeed.

If you’re just starting out with list building and want more tips, check out this awesome post for newbies -

Read: 20 List Building Tips for Newbies

Let me know your thoughts on my tips and personal strategies, or perhaps you have some value to add to this post.  Please do so in the comment section below as always.



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    Yes definitely it will prove helpful for you because with these options you can achieve your target in less time and you can learn unique ideas as well.

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    I must say Signatures works really well, I using signatures wherever I can , Like in Emails, Forum, I always add Logo of my Blog, my twitter profile and subscription link to my Blog.

    • says

      Hi Nishant, yes signatures in emails are so essential, I missed that one on the list. WiseStamp is a great tool for adding signature to emails and if you have an iPhone you can also customize your signature for your emails in the settings.

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    All 6 tips are relevant and effective. I know many people will benefit from what you have here and I am sure that people would like to know more additional info like me.

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    Hi Fabrizio, your 6 tips are very effective ones. I’m really going to benefit from your these tips for building my email list, thanks.

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    Hi Fabrizio nice 6 tips i must say, but i liked point no 4 Share on StumbleUpon (su.pr) weekly the most because most users are sticking to Facebook and twitter and not going for other social media tools like StumbleUpon which is a great tool as well and getting popular day by day….

  6. Robert Koenig says

    Great tips. I suppose trying all methods at once is overkill, but I’ll have to start trying these methods out to see what’s most effective.

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    I see e-book strategy is working out well with many blogs. It can be created by the blog owner or it is an premium e-book, no matter the e-mail subscriptions get increased due to e-books.