3 Internet Marketing Lies that Prevents you from Making Money Online

People today cannot seem to go more than a few minutes without having some kind of access to the Internet today. Whether it is through a desktop computer, a laptop, a smartphone or some kind of tablet device, people are using and surfing the web for work or leisure purposes.

If you have a business or are starting a business, you should realize how important it is for you to use the Internet to your advantage to help your business. While there is a lot of importance to how you market your business on the Internet, there are some myths about Internet marketing that you should be aware of that can help guide you to success.

Internet Marketing Lies

1. It’s Too Late to Jump On The Internet Marketing Band Wagon

One myth that many people hear when they are looking into marketing on the Internet is that that it is too late to get involved in the Internet frenzy now. Many feel that the Internet has become too saturated with businesses selling their wares and services and there really is no room left for anyone to get involved this late in the game. This notion is far from the truth. There can still be a great deal gained by you and your business from marketing your business on the Web.

A unique idea and approach can help your business no matter how many other businesses might be offering the same services. If you have an approach that is going to catch the eye of potential customers, you are going to stand out from the crowd that is already using the Internet to show what they can do.

The main objective in your marketing is to be different from everyone else even if your product or service is similar to what many are doing. It is never too late to try a unique approach.

2. You Need Lots More Traffic and Target New Customers Only

Another myth that is professed by many is that the most important thing regarding your website is the traffic that it generates. Many marketing strategists only look at the number of visitors to a site and deem success or failure based solely on this number.

The problem is that just because you have a lot of visitors to your site does not mean that you have a lot of customers or sales. The main objective is to sell product, not just have people come to your site and leave with nothing to show for it.

Your goal is to create sustained traffic that is going to convert into steady and regular customers. It is okay if you do not get thousands of visitors a day as long as those who are visiting are buying what you are selling. You need to take an approach that not only attracts the traffic, but cultivates it into one that promotes a final sale.

There are many third-party programs that you can use that can help you track where your traffic is coming from. You can then use this information to help you better target specific customers that are getting to you from certain locations. If you find a lot of customers are coming to you from social media sites like Facebook or Twitter, you can then do more marketing in these areas to help convert your traffic into a steady stream of customers.

The myth that you must constantly try to attract only new customers can be a fatal flaw for many businesses. Attracting new customers is an important aspect of using the Internet, but it is not the most important thing.

You need to pay close attention to your current and sustained customer base. This group is your core and can be even more important than bringing new customers in. You want to make sure you can strike a good balance between courting new customers and keeping your current customers happy with your service and products.

The customers who offer you the most in sales and profit and the ones you need treat well. While the common myth is that all customers should be treated equally, the fact is that those who offer you the most profit and the best sales do deserve some special attention. While that does not mean you should completely ignore any part of your customer base, when marketing you do need to make some special notice of those who are consistently among your best customers. Even if it is just something small like offering them a special discount or coupon code, it can help make a big difference by letting them know that you appreciate all their business.

In the same manner that you may treat some customers differently when it comes to marketing, the same is true with your products and services. The usual perception may be that you should treat all of your products and services equally. In reality, there are services and products that provide you a better return on your investment or better profit. Analyze which of these is the most searched for by your customer base and focus in on marketing these services a little more than others that do not offer you the same return.

3. The Only Function of a Website is to Generate Sales

Perhaps an important myth to dispel is the one that says your website is really only there to help you generate sales. While that is one of its main functions, it needs to do much more than that in order to help create those sales. While print ads or radio ads only give you a limited amount of space and time to give information, your website can be the hub of all this information. You want potential customers to come to your site for the information they are looking for and hopefully this will lead to sales of products and services. Make sure your site is a good resource and people will keep coming back.

It can be hard to sort through all of the facts and fiction that may exist regarding the myths about Internet marketing. Sort through the information and pick and choose what things may work best for you. Not every marketing idea works for every business. There is some trial and error involved and you will find something that worked well for you may not work for someone else.


About the Author

Kenneth Ifeanyi is a seasoned internet marketer who runs a blog where he shares on how to get Google traffic plus easy ways to make money online

  • http://www.i-want-to-know-marketing.com Paul Profitt

    The quality of the traffic that you get to your blog, is definitely more important than the quantity. Let’s say for example that you are selling diamond rings at a minimum price of 5 grand per ring on your website. You will probably get a lot less traffic than a blog that writes about the same topic.

    But… providing that the quality of your product is good. Your website will earn you far more money than a blog ranked thousands of places higher.

  • http://www.geekblogtips.com Nishant Srivastava

    There are only two ways to earn from blogging, first get huge traffic on a tech blog, or get good customers on micro niche blogs..
    there are thousands of tech blogs who are earning well from adsense and other ad programs just from traffic.

  • http://www.techiestate.info/ Rajkumar Jonnala

    Hi Fabrizio, great work. I recently started a blog and internet marketing so these 3 tips are very helpful for me. Thanks for sharing another great guest post. :)

  • http://travelwisconsin.us Tracy Ann

    Well it is really important to know these internet marketing lies in order for us not to waste money. Thanks for sharing it.

  • http://websitepromotioncodes.com Sanjay

    If you put personal touch and twist on every method, you’ll gain some money from it. And not everyone’s method will work for you, you need to twist it and work for you. Great post!

  • http://www.AkosFintor.net Akos Fintor

    Hey Kenneth,

    Let me chime in! :)
    Those are very common misconceptions of our society.
    On No.1. There is actually a book written on this subject called “A new customer is born every minute” – not sure who the author is but it is an awesome read.

    No. 2 Traffic is great but It is not a must. Having a “targeted traffic and convert that traffic is the key.
    No. 3 So right, It is not about SELLING but enrich our readers life on some level. That’s our purpose in blogging, online marketing or anything actually. A sale is just a byproduct.

    Very, very well put, my friend.


  • http://ugettingbetter.com/ Donna

    Great insights! I have talked to a lot of people who says it’s too late to get into the Internet business these days. Not true. The internet is evolving by the second. And with all the gadgets that support the Net, now is the best time to get involved . Besides, if you have a business and you do not use the many advantages the Internet offers, you will definitely get left behind…