Link Mashup #10 – Top Posts of the Last 4 Weeks

Link Mashup #10 for 22nd October 2012 – Well it’s the return of the Link Mashup… Yay! And I must sincerely apologize to you guys for the delay in getting one out to you in a timely fashion. Here’s my honest reason…

I’ve been pretty busy with finishing off my new eBook, as well as doing web projects for a couple of clients. My other online businesses are also heading into their busy season, so I’m kind of finding myself strapped for time getting the posts out as frequent as I want to, but like everything else, I’m working on it. It’s all good fun though right?

OK so I’ve collected some great posts over the last 3 weeks or so, but before I start pointing you off to different areas of the web for some recommended reading, here’s a quick reminder why I put together a resource post which I call ‘the link mashup‘.

Every few weeks or so I roundup the top posts from the blogosphere, posts that I believe is worth reading and that can help you on your quest for online business and blogging success, and therefore recommend them to you to read. Posts are naturally focused on the topics of online marketing, blogging, SEO and link building, social media, internet entrepreneurship and making money online.

So without further ado, let’s get started on link mashup number 10.

Link Mashup #10

Link Mashup for the Last 4 Weeks!

Online Marketing

How to build a Stronger Business
Let’s start off with a post from one of my favourite marketing blogs In this post Jim Connolly shares a short but thought provoking insight on how we can build a stronger business by identifying areas where we need to improve on, rather than placing all our focus and attention on the things we’re already proficient at. You can read the rest of Jim’s post here –

13 Steps to Relationship Marketing Success I Learned While Getting My Hair Cut
My second recommendation is a great article and also a great story by blogger Jens-Peter-Berget. In his post Jens shares his unlikely experience with a barber, and whilst getting his hair cut learns the true value of relationship marketing. You can read Jens post on Adrienne Smith’s blog here –

Blogging Tips

10 Tips How You Can Keep Your Blog Visitors A Bit Longer On Your Blog
Kharim Thomlinson’s post on is our top choice of blogging tips post of the last 3 weeks. In this post Kharim shares 10 tips for helping you retain visitors time spent on your blog. Kharim points out some basic and often over looked elements that can help you keep your readers longer on your blog at any time. Read Kharim’s post here –

7 Things You Should Avoid in Your Posts and Articles
This is an essential and insightful piece of reading for all levels of bloggers looking to improve their content writing skills. In this post by Monica Madej posted on, Monica shares 7 things you should avoid at all costs in your posts and articles. You can continue to read Monica’s post here –


Interaction between SEO and Email Marketing
Our 5th selection in our link mashup is a guest post on, which looks at the interaction and closing relationship between SEO and email marketing. You can continue reading this post here –

Top 10 SEO Optimization Tips: Getting 1st Rank on Google!
Continuing on our top SEO posts, this is a post you can’t afford to miss. Here, Ehsan Ullah shares 10 valuable search engine optimization tips for ranking 1st on Google for your targeting keyword. You can follow the post here –

Social Media

Social Media Time Management Tools
Here is another essential piece of reading by Nathalie Lussier of, also another one of my favourite blogs. In this post Nathalie shares some cool and useful tools, as well as tips for applying better time management to your social media endeavors. You can continue following Nathalie’s post here –

Internet Entrepreneurship / Make Money Online

Top 3 Reasons Why Most Bloggers are Unable to Make a Living Online
OK we’re on the subject of monetization and making a living from blogging, or rather not as this post written by Harshit Singhal on would suggest. Harshit shares 3 reasons why most bloggers fail to make a living online from their blogs, a must read if you consider yourself one of them. You can follow Harshit’s post here –

Well folks that is all I have for you in this edition of our Link Mashup. I will somehow try and make it a fortnightly event again, let me know your thoughts in the selection above if you want to leave me a comment below. Enjoy :)

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  1. Hello Fabrizio,

    All your posts are stunning and breath taking. They have a loads of information to learn and share.’7 Things You Should Avoid in Your Posts and Articles’ is really one of the best I could read and learn a lot.Thanks again for sharing this treasure with us.
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  2. mohit says:

    i have read all the posts and learned so much from them.

  3. shubham says:

    thanks a lot for this post has due to my busy schedule i was not knowing that i have missed ” Top 3 Reasons Why Most Bloggers are Unable to Make a Living Online ” but now i am going to read it. :) :)
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  4. Samantha Wright says:

    Hey Fabzy, great to see the link mashup back in action, great selection of posts too. Hopefully it will be frequent again.

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