3 Proven Steps to Boost Your Blog Subscribers

In this post you will learn three effective ways to boost your blog subscribers - If your online blog is something you invest so much time into, then you would definitely know the importance of blog traffic.

As a blogger, your primary goal is to attract readership and turning the readers into subscribers. Since, the content you put on the blog is the primary constituent for attracting blog traffic, it is also the one to turn your one-time visitors into subscribers.

Even though, the attributes of good quality and uniqueness of content cannot be underestimated. But still the subscriber count is a metric which every blogger aims to achieve. Following are some of the ways to boost your blog subscribers.

1. Giving Valuable Incentives

You can give good incentives to your visitors or blog readers. It is not necessary for you to create that incentive element on your own.

These incentives can be such as, gifting a free e-book, video, podcast, etc. as a goodwill gift. But make sure that it is of something of importance for the visitor to encourage him or her into becoming blog subscriber. That incentive should also have the qualities of:

(i) Uniqueness: That product must be unique to make the visitor feel privileged to subscribe to your blog.

(ii) High Value: That product must be of high value to make your blog appear as worthy for
subscription to the visitor.

But note that these incentive items should not be a one-time take away luxury.

Some clever subscribers might subscribe and then unsubscribe immediately after acquiring your digital incentive. So, give away your product or incentive in parts. e.g. this can be done by allowing a subscriber to get first few chapters of an e-book. Then, you can call for a certain action before gifting them the subsequent part(s) of it. In the long term, the subscribers of a specific niche would also share your digital product with other similar users.

The digital product would bear your blog website address or identity, and this would consequently propagate your mission and vision. And hence, indirectly helping your purpose of being known in the community, attracting new visitors and finally turning them into subscribers.

Boost your Blog Subscribers

2. Strong Networking

You as a blogger should never aim at becoming a standalone blogger. Your blog must be connected to other blogs and known to the community for attracting traffic. This therefore, calls for building blog networks and relationships with other bloggers. Particularly, building relations with well known blogs have high attached value.

The blogging community would start giving you more purchase and importance, thus adding to your reputation. This consequently would bring more traffic to your blog and help the community in knowing and subscribing to your blog.

You can also write for other blogs as a guest writer which would further open up the opportunities for attracting readership.

3. Call to Action and Subscription Importance

Just make sure that you are displaying the call to action link at the right place and in right manner. It can be simple text, a button, or an image. The incorporation of this should be in email opt-in form and also with RSS subscription link.

Also elaborate precisely yet shortly on what users would get if they for subscribing to your blog. Use catchy phrases such as; ‘Want to know more – Subscribe immediately’ or ‘Subscribe to us – get great offers’, etc. can be put in appropriate locations on the page. This is of paramount importance as the visitors at times want to subscribe but they have to search for the subscription link on the page. So, place the link in an easily viewable place to cash-in the impressed viewers and readily turning them into your subscribers.

What do you do to boost your blog subscribers? Share your ideas with us in the comment section below as always!

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  1. says

    Hi Anoop,
    I like the idea of giving incentives in parts rather than a full service in just one go.but i am confused at the same time that will readers want the services in parts ?? I guess most of them will disagree,i know why you are saying it,but may be the new readers will never understand the concept behind this.

    • says

      Aditya – There’s many thing that you can offer in parts. You can even divide the product like eCourse and give them away in certain time interval. Let them complete the task first and most of the subscribers curiously ask for another part of the course (or product).

      Thanks for your comment! :)

  2. says

    Nice post Anoop. This is the first time I am reading your post and must say that you have included great points in the write up. I am trying all of the above mentioned ways except the giveaways. I guess it is high time to start a giveaway now :P
    Let me collect a few subscribers for my blog :)

    • says

      Shiwangi – I’m glad to know that you liked the post.

      Remember to offer something that has ‘high value’ and ‘unique’. This way you can attract more subscribers as you’ll offer something new unlike other general product :)

      Good luck!

    • says

      Hey Mohit – Before you decide to offer an eBook don’t forget to plan what subject of book to offer. Make sure that the book you’re going to offer highly relavant to your blog niche. Also, confirm the best placement of subscription option with the book with a compelling title.

      I hope for your success!

  3. says

    Hi Anoop!
    i like your ideas.mainly give incentetives to your bloggers.i think it is the best strategie to boost your blog so that your blog reader attract to your blog and subscribe it.
    thanks for joining this blog.

  4. says

    This is important part specially when you are posting new blog. Because this is the way from where you can get too many visitors on your blog for increase your blog popularity.

  5. says

    Giving incentives is a new concept for getting more traffic that I have learned from this post and I will make sure that I utilize it very well. Hope that will help me get more subscribers.

  6. says

    Thank you, this is brilliant, you have included some very useful tips. I agree that you should give incentives to your readers, this will you will get more subscribers if they are valuable. Also strong networking is important, the obvious ones are facebook and twitter, they are both great for interacting with others.

    • says

      Hi Kimberlee,

      Nice idea! Social networking could be a great tool to gather related people and help to increase blog visitors and subscribers. But we should know how to use it in right way.

      Nice to know you found my post useful :)

  7. says

    Yes – I do agree. Having a user easily subscribe and share posts and or other content is key to having a good presence in the various targeted social media communities, and will help to increase traffic and subscribers as well as increased exposure in the various communities and networks as well as the different search engines.

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