Here We Grow Again – More Ways Elance Can Boost Your Business

This post was submitted by James Martell, and it provides some tips on how to use Elance to boost your business

Success doesn’t typically happen overnight, but it’s become a realistically attainable goal for many online entrepreneurs. Growing a business on the web can be a rocky road, but the journey doesn’t have to be fraught with peril. New business owners tend to spend their advertising budget in all the wrong places.

It can be tempting to drop $100 on Facebook Sponsored Stories, but unless you have a product that sells itself, you’re better off trying to increase your word of mouth revenue. This isn’t to discount Facebook at all, but there are more stable avenues available to you and your growing business.

Increasing your word of mouth revenue doesn’t mean hitting the streets and passing out flyers, or bombarding your Facebook friends with invites. This process is often unsuccessful and results in a lot of wasted time. Instead, it’s recommend that you consider outsourcing the most time-consuming aspects of growing your online business.

If you’re not spending enough time being productive, you need to look at what’s filling up your work schedule. How much time are you spending personally responding to emails? How many nights have you spent tirelessly writing articles to promote your affiliate marketing blog? It’s almost silly these days to spend any significant amount of time on doing actual work, as long as you’ve laid a foundation and know where to find reliable contractors.

Elance Professionals

After all, Didn’t You Start This Business So You Wouldn’t Have to Work?

That’s where Elance comes in – it’s a website that connects contractors with business owners who are looking to outsource the boring, mundane, time-consuming, or expert-oriented tasks. Tired of responding to customers? Hire an email receptionist. You can even hire a remote assistant who will do everything from booking your flights, to scheduling your client meetings and shopping for Amazon gifts for the family you’ve been ignoring.

Elance is a fantastic service that will meet the needs of any business looking to explore online outsourcing, and here are some tips to make the whole process go smooth.

Making Elance Work For You

  • Let Elance handle the tax details – Rather than hire a full-time employee that may be more of a financial drain on your business than your needs can handle, hire through Elance as much as possible, their W2 services makes it simple to hire contractors from around the world without the hassle of tax forms.
  • Predict potential problems – This is where a detailed work order becomes vital.  When working up your step-by-step process, consider what areas your contractor may have trouble with.  Things like lingo and branding that comes natural to you may not occur so easily for another, anticipate these blanks and fill them before problems have a chance to happen. By providing a detailed work order your contractors can refer back to it time and again, cutting down time wasted volleying emails.
  • Touch base regularly – Contractors often juggle several projects at once, some of which may not have a deadline for several weeks away.  Don’t just sit back and figure no news is good news, check in with your team frequently to ensure everyone’s needs are being met.
  • Reward loyalty – When you find a great contractor, don’t let them go!  Hire them again, give positive feedback, and let them know how much you appreciate their hard work and dedication.  This will invariably lead to a positive working relationship for both of you, as well as some referrals down the road.
  • Reinvest oftenElance provides a tremendous array of services, not strictly writing, but all manner of business development.  Hire as often as you can for every facet of your business, this will help your business grow by leaps and bounds.  Then come back and hire some more to keep the momentum going.

Elance is for Average Joe’s Too

Even if your business is nothing more than a Facebook page and a blog dedicated to your darling toddlers who say the darndest things, hiring a contractor to create a website  and perfectly coordinated WordPress theme for you should cost relatively nothing compared to what it was several years ago.

Cheap manufacturing labour isn’t the only thing being outsourced to third world countries these days. You really can find someone who will answer your emails for dollars a day, simply because the exchange rate works out in their favor. That’s the Elance world! It’s worked for me, and it can work for you too.

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About the Author:

Freelance writer Rachel Cook has found tremendous success with Elance in the few short months that she’s been a member.  So much success, in fact, that she’s been able to quit her day job and relocate to a quaint coffee farm on the big island of Hawaii. She enjoys working from home because it allows her to enjoy scenic views without the hassle of a commute.  Committed to learning something new each and every day, Rachel can often be found browsing the wealth of information at if she’s not already occupied with the demanding task of entertaining her cat, Patches.

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  1. Hi,
    I must say that this Elance is doing a great thing, more specifically helping you to do a lot of works.I really liked reading your post and found it informative too. Thanks for the share!!

  2. Samantha Wright says:

    Elance sounds like a great opportunity for freelancers. I believe a lot of readers will benefit from reading the tips in your guest post Rachel, thanks for sharing. – great addition as always Fabzy.

  3. The Elance can work better for business then you because they are special in this field from you.All the work done by proper manner with fully knowledge.Freelancer can get good because specially and contacts can take him away him at good level.
    This post are attracting some points which are good for everyone’s business.

  4. Elance seems to boost every type of business easily…..I am thinking that if it has business so easy then the competition will get tough.

  5. I’ve never come across Elance before so this is quite an eye opener for me too. I agree with Aditya’s statement though but I guess it’s about building a solid portfolio that stands out from the crowd. Great tips and guest post :)

    • Yes Fab,But building a solid portfolio will let others to reconsider theirs and automatically the competition will get tough.Although not directly but it will affect the business.

  6. Having used Elance a few times I would recommend people give it a try, when you find someone who can do a great job for you saving time and money then you want to keep using them. There are so many people on sites like Elance and ODesk these days you will need to do your homework but with Skype a quick interview can have you knowing how great a person really is at speaking and typing in English.

    What you can get done from your own home by people you have never met before is truly amazing. :-)

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