How to Write Great Content for your Blog

Writing content for your blog on a frequent basis is challenging enough as we know, writing quality content is an even bigger challenge for many bloggers. There are many blog’s on the web that fail to progress simply because of the lack of having great content. Readers don’t stay on a site that has useless content, pretty simple stuff to understand right?

So how do you create great content on a regular basis? Today I want to share with you 5 essential tips and tricks that will help you create better content for your blog, content that your readers will love coming back for more of, and content that will hep you increase traffic and help you build a personal brand.

Write Great Content for your Blog: Stay Topic Focused

One of the biggest challenges as a blogger is to stay on topic. One of the things you should have established when you started your blog is the niche or industry in which you want to specialise in writing about. Ensure that when creating content for your blog that you stay on topic. Write more for your readers and less for yourself.

Write Great Content for your Blog: Attraction Marketing

What is attraction marketing and how does it become involved in blogging. Well to me attraction marketing is about ‘captivating your audience’, not just with well written content but the way you artistically or attractively portrait that content. Create eye catching headline titles, use paragraphs, use H1, H2 and H3 tags, optimize your images, and use other forms of media to back up your content. Make your content attractive, simple.

Of course attraction marketing can spread much wider than this, but we’ll discuss this further in another post.

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Write Great Content for your Blog: Be Engaging

A blog without engagement is a dead blog… So ensure you make it possible to attract readers attention and foremost their engagement. Ask questions, ask them to leave comments, make it easy for them to comment and share your content with their social networking friends and other contacts.

Write Great Content for your Blog: Apply Search Engine Optimization

SEO is without a doubt the heart of your blog’s success. The majority of your blog’s traffic will come from the search engines, so ensure you make search engine optimization a top priority, both on-page and off-page.

Write Great Content for your Blog: Focus on Quality not Quantity

Finally place huge emphasis on quality and not quantity. A blog with 100 quality posts is much more likely to get a lot more traffic that leads to success than a blog with 500 posts.

I hope these 5 tips will serve you well in your quest to create better content for your blog. Perhaps you have your own tips and suggestions to share, feel free to add them in the comments sections below.

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