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If you remember in the last traffic and income report (July) I mentioned that we would be releasing a new revised edition of our 101 Blog Traffic Tips eBook.  Well I’m pleased to announce that today we’re releasing more than just a revised copy, but also a completely re-worked and re-titled eBook the 170 Blog Traffic Tips guide!

Do I hear a dull round of applause there? Fine… it’s only taken me 4 weeks :) I’m just kidding don’t mention it…

This is the third revision since the guide was released back in the summer of 2011.  But I think it would be fair for me to state that this guide is much more than just a revision, in fact 60% of 170 Blog Traffic Tips has been rewritten.  There are exactly 174 tips and ideas on generating traffic to your blog in this all new guide.

170 Blog Traffic Tips

So what’s new?

Everything really… there’s a new fancy cover, new graphs and tons of images, infographics and more… There is certainly more nourishment in this guide than there was in the last version, taking into consideration the recent changes in ‘search’ (Panda and Penguin shenanigans) and all the new sites and tools that are now available to us.

Not only have we added more than 40 new tips on traffic generation, but we’ve also re-structured the existing 130 tips.  There is also a ton load of fresh ‘gold dust’ content on blog promotion, link building, copywriting, SEO and more.  Plus all the valuable links to resources for bloggers you’d expect.

Who is this Guide for?

If you’re new to blogging or even if you’ve been blogging for a short while, this guide is an essential read and must-have to add to your collection of free resources.  If you’re an experienced blogger which I know a lot of the readers here are, you know what?  You can still get some value from this guide.

One thing I’ve learned in blogging is that you can’t possibly remember everything to do to promote your blog, there are simply too many things to get done, so if anything you can look upon this eBook as a great reference guide.

I know I’m probably starting to sound like a desperate salesman here but 170 Blog Traffic Tips will cost you nothing, as I’m still giving it away for free, just like the last version of this guide…  So I don’t need to sell anything to you.

Why did I create this eBook and why is it free?


  • I want to continue to give something back to the blogging community.  I know my regular readers reasonably well, well perhaps not that well but you know what I mean, and I know the ones that visit frequently and continue to provide value to the community, without your loyalty, this blog would have got nowhere…  So this is my continued thanks…  And I’ll only continue to update this guide and provide it for free for as long as I can.
  • I love giving stuff for free (Really I do).  I get a great sense of satisfaction when I give something away…
  • I’ve always believed in what goes around, comes around, (i.e. I scratch your back now and perhaps one day you can scratch mine) you’ll find that this is tip number 100 in the guide…

One of the other reasons why I wanted to severely update this guide and provide it to you free of charge is because, as you know from reading my post on Search Engine Traffic VS Referral Traffic, I’m making every effort to try and increase traffic to my blog from other sources and streams other than the search engines, and one of those methods is by building an email list.

So far the Blog Traffic Tips guide has converted over 1,000 of you to subscribe to my email newsletter in the last 12 months, so whilst it’s free to you, I am getting something back in return, your email address… :)   There’s no point in beating around the bush about it is there, say it how it is I’ve always been told.  And with your email address, I’ll continue to provide you with nothing but awesome, useful and resourceful content.

Anyway, if you want a copy of my new eBook, the 170 Blog Traffic Tips all you have to do is come and see me for one…  No not really I was joking there…

All you have to do is pop your email address in the box below and hit the download button; the rest will be taken care of.  You will of course be asked to confirm your email address before being taken to the special download page I’ve created. Don’t worry; your email address won’t be sold off to the feds or worst still… pirates, as always we value your privacy.

Thanks once again for your continued support and all the best for 2012…

P.s if you’ve already downloaded this eBook why not leave me a testimonial in the form of a comment below.


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  1. The 170 tips book sounds look like amazing and I think it will surely help me to increase the traffic of my blog,Anyway,thanks for providing us these powerful 170 tips.

  2. First time, when downloading an eBook from your blog. Hopefully, I’ll find awesome stuff, and what that I should.

  3. Samantha Wright says:

    Great job Fabzy I’m sure there will be lots of great tips for bloggers to take away from this guide. Best of luck with it all.

  4. Hi Fabrizio,

    Another wonderful post from you. Your efforts are remarkable and commendable. Nobody would give away such a treasure for free. I will definitely read this guide for the efforts you have put to share your knowledge and experiences. Thanks a lot my friend for posting this.


  5. great 170 tips……. it will surely help me alot . thanks

  6. Thanks for being generous Fabz! no wonder you have lots of followers. thanks for the ebook.

    • Hey Becca, thanks for stopping by and subscribing and downloading my eBook. Hope you get as much goodness out of it as I have for my blog. Do come back and let us know how you’ve found the guide.

  7. Hi Fabrizio,
    I must appreciate the new e-book release containing all the important blog traffic tips which would definitely help a lot. I must say that I also like reading the purpose of creating this e-book and why it is made free. Thanks for the share!!

  8. Hey Fab,
    You got a lot of stuff in there mate.Just downloaded your eBook.What a great timing.I was searching from the past few days about the blogging tips as i am writing my first blog content.This will help me in large.Thanks a ton :)

    And congrats for the launch of your eBook.Hope more people will learn things from it.

  9. Congratulations on your achievement! I am seriously thinking of making a free ebook with some tips from my experience in the idea to bring maybe some new traffic to my blogs.

  10. Owsum Book. Proves great helpful content.

  11. I’mI sure this book has helped a lot of bloggers. Too bad it’s not available anymore. :(


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