6 Tips for Optimizing your RSS

Before we begin looking at tips for optimizing your RSS - If you’re completely new to blogging and don’t know what the RSS fuss is all about, RSS simply stands for Really Simple Syndication and it is a family of web feed formats that is automatically updated regularly. So in blogging this is usually in the form of blog posts. Each time you publish a blog post, whoever is subscribed to your RSS feed, be it via book marking or email, they’ll automatically be updated or notified of the new post. In a nutshell that is the simplest way to understand RSS…

What do we mean when we say optimizing your RSS? Let me explain –

When I’m talking about optimizing your RSS I mean taking steps to ensure that your RSS is performing effectively, to attract new subscribers to your content, aka your blog. Let’s take a look –

Optimizing your RSS

Tips for Optimizing your RSS

1. Bowl them over with mind blowing and content awesomeness…

First thing’s first, if you don’t provide exceptionally great quality and resourceful content, the 5 remaining tips below will be worthless to you…

2. Offer full RSS

Offer your readers both options for subscribing either by RSS bookmarking, or email opt-in for RSS updates.

3. Make it unique

Think about the design of your RSS icon and the design of your RSS email opt-in form. Make it unique; add some extra texts or incentives for enticing readers to subscribe. Don’t bombard it so that it looks like a billboard ad, just make it stand out.

4. Make it Visible & Easy subscribe

Whilst you can make your RSS unique, don’t paddle backwards by making it a challenge for readers to find your RSS subscriber icon or opt-in.

I’ve visited many blogs where I’ve enjoyed reading the content, but felt so damn frustrated because I couldn’t find the RSS subscription form or icon. In the footer is a no!, hidden in a page somewhere else on your blog no, no, no!, not having any… worst still! Top of the side bar and below your posts is often the best places for having RSS icon and subscriber form.

Also make it easy for readers to subscribe, don’t give them questionnaires or a list of radial buttons to check, just make it really simple.

5. Let them know what it’s all about

Don’t assume that everyone knows what that big orange square RSS logo means. Consider teaching your readers about RSS; write a couple of posts or do a video tutorial explaining what it’s all about and the value of subscribing to an RSS feed. Education is the best policy in any blogging niche

6. Don’t give them too many other options

My last tip is for those who want to greatly increase their RSS subscriber count. Don’t offer your readers too many other options for subscribing. You’ll see many bloggers putting RSS icon with social icons and everything else, this isn’t a bad thing at all so please don’t get me wrong here, but if your really want to increase subscribers, place RSS close to the top in your sidebar and place the rest i.e. Facebook, Twitter and YouTube further down below.

So just to recap the tips for optimizing your RSS using bullet points, because we all love bullet points right? yeah… I thought so…

  • Give readers awesome content
  • Offer full RSS
  • Make it unique, visible and easy to subscribe
  • Let your readers know what RSS really is
  • Don’t give readers too many other options (If you want to increase RSS subscribers)

What do you think?

Well those are my tips for optimizing your RSS and getting the best out of using it to get more subscribers. I now want to hear your thoughts, or perhaps you have your own tips you’d like to share. Please do so in the comment section below as always. Oh before I forget… You can subscribe to our RSS here or from the opt-in in the sidebar :)

- Fabrizio

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  1. says

    Hi Fabrizio bro……
    what I think that we need to educate people about the RSS feed and its importance.
    Most of the people don’t know about it.
    Your article is first step towards educating them.
    I am also going to do the same.

    • says

      Hi Sandeep, thanks for sharing your thoughts on the post. I’m so pleased you’re with me on this, it is absoultly true, I did a mini survey amongst my own friends recently, about 8 of them, I showed them a picture of the RSS logo and asked them if they knew what it was, not one of them got it right. Have a great day mate.

  2. Samantha Wright says

    Hey Fabzy, great list of tips as usual. and you made me laugh, yes we all love bullet points ha ha. I agree with you here a lot people don’t know what the rss logo means and you make a very good statement to educate people about it.

  3. says

    Hey Fab,
    Your bullets have hit me hard mate :) and i wish it will hit hard to all who wants to know about what RSS feed exactly means.
    I like your idea to place the RSS feed icon on top but one thing is confusing my mind.

    What if some site has all social media icons on the top…?

    • says

      Hey Aditya, thanks for your question. To be honest a lot of blogs place all their icons at the top with their social media, there is nothing wrong with that I use to do it. But on one of my blog’s I found that when I placed just the RSS at the top on it’s own, I received many more subscribers. Have you tried doing this yourself? Let me know.

  4. says

    Hey Fabrizio,
    I appreciate all your post. I really find it very unique and interesting to read and also to comment on it. Apart from this, I think the tips on RSS feeds are definitely very important for all of us to know. RSS plays an important role. I like the fourth point that you said of making it visible and easily subscribe. This is infact very true I feel. Thanks for the share!!

    • says

      Hi Aditi, thanks, yeah I agree. I have very strong feelings for point 4 too. How many times have you subscribed to a feed and felt it was a mission to not only find it but then another challenge to subscribe? It should be clear and simple. Ideally someone should be able to subscribe within a couple of clicks, and without having to scroll down.

  5. Bhushan says

    It is good to have all icons on top of page,if readers has no idea about icons then it is easy for subscriber to make a attention by submitting these tabs on upper side of page.
    Rss feeds works very good for SEO.

  6. says

    Hey Fabrizio,
    Another great post. I visited the blog after a long time and was surprised to see the rocking theme, plus the amazing posts.
    Optimizing RSS is a very important thing to keep in mind and compelling your readers to roll themselves in is another thing that we should work on.
    Thanks for the post :) :)

  7. says

    As usual, this is a very good post. The tips on optimizing the RSS are very useful. In order to increase the number of subscribers, RSS optimization is something you can never ignore. Thanks for sharing these tips.

  8. Anna says

    Really cool tips, I totally understand why it is so important. Anyone could tell me please, how can I change my rss feed? I am not into IT things:)

  9. says

    Great post, I especially like the part about not giving readers too many other options. Recently I removed a lot of the fluff from my sidebar in the name of what really matters to me, RSS and Twitter.

    • says

      Hi Jon, thanks for stopping by. I am pleased you agree with me about the icon situation. I do like a clean sidebar where readers aren’t baffled with tons of options for subscribing, but I guess that’s just me. Also it is very effective, I am big on email list building and building RSS subscribers :) Twitter is important to me too – Have a great day.

  10. Shane says

    I believe RSS is better way to keep readers for long time. If blog site consist with rss readers can mark blog site as favourite site.

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