February 27, 2011

10 Must-Use Free Online Webmaster Tools!

Anyone with significant experience in creating, marketing and promoting a website will tell you that having the tools to do the job is a complete godsend. Some webmaster tools can be pretty costly, whether you’re paying for an online subscription service or looking to source out an advanced but expensive software to do the job for you. How about finding some free tools online instead? Well we’ll save you the time and hassle; here are 10 Must-Use free online webmaster tools that you should consider bookmarking for future reference.

Submit Express

Use Submit Express to submit your website to over 70 popular search engines including Google, Yahoo and Bing. This should only be used if your website is relatively new and hasn’t yet been crawled or indexed by the search engines.

Link Popularity Checker

Building backlinks to your website is an important part of SEO and improving your search engine ranking. You should consider using a link popularity checker once a month to view the number of backlinks your website has achieved. Since this is a slow growth process, avoid the temptation of checking on a daily basis as this will only lead you to disappointment. Instead concentrate your efforts on building quality backlinks and checking each month whilst making a record of your growing numbers.

PR Checker

As your website becomes more and more popular, your page rank will increase accordingly, 0 being not ranked and 10 being the highest rank. This is something that happens very slowly and also depending on how much marketing and promoting justice you give your site. So from time to time keep an eye out on your page rank by using the PR checker.

Google Analytics

This is a very popular and useful online tool that allows you to assess your website’s traffic growth and trends, as well as improve your ROI. With Google Analytics you don’t only have access to your traffic growth, but you can also find where your traffic source is coming from as well as setting-goals and analysing the effectiveness of using a PPC programme such as Google AdWords.


Using a SiteMeter widget on your website or blog will give your visitors, readers and potential advertisers an indication into how much traffic your blog or website is receiving. Much different from the Analytics as this is information is made available to anyone visiting your website via a click on your SiteMeter icon.

Google Keyword Tool

The Google keyword tool is ideal for accessing and analysing keywords to use on your website, or for finding a niche for your blog. Use the Google keyword tool to check the number of monthly queries and level of competition of a keyword or key phrase before considering using it.

Meta Tag Analyzer

The MTA tool is ideal for analyzing the properties of your website or webpage from title, description and keywords as well as robots. You can also check the webpage analysis for number of URL’s, the size of the webpage, and the webpage loading time. The web analysis page result also displays the keywords found in the anchor tags and also the number of times found. The MTA tool is a brilliant little tool for making small changes to the SEO sections of your website or webpage.

Keyword Ranking

This tool is essentially useful for finding your SERPS (search engine results positions) on relevant or targeted keywords.

Search Engine Saturation

If you want to find out how many pages from your website has been indexed by the search engines then use this tool. This tool is ideal for determining which pages require some extra SEO attention.

Yahoo Site Explorer

Finally we come to Yahoo Site Explorer. This bit of kit is brilliant for exploring both the external and internal links on your website. It gives you a detailed listing of the pages your web URL is linked to, as well as the URL’s on your website that has been indexed by the search engines.

So that’s the list! What free online tools do you use that we haven’t listed here? Feel free to share them with us in the comments box below.

Image courtesy of graur razvan ionut / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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Fabrizio Van Marciano is a successful artist and blogger working from his home in North Cornwall, UK. His insight into online business marketing, web design and self-promotion has lead him to become one of the UK's biggest selling modern contemporary artists with over 3,000 original canvas paintings sold worldwide. Fabrizio now shares his tips, advice and tutorials on all aspects of internet business marketing, blogging tips, WordPress, internet tech reviews and much more. You can follow Fabrizio on Twitter & Facebook.


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