How to Successfully Set your Blog up for Guest Posting

It comes a time for every serious blogger to begin accepting guest posts on their blogs. If you’re thinking about making your blog guest post friendly, this is a sure sign of steady progression in your blogging career. But how do you get started with accepting guest posts on your blog? In this post we’ll look at three ways in which you can successfully set up your blog for guest posting.

What are the benefits of accepting guest posts on your blog?

If you’re relatively new to blogging and don’t fully understand the value of accepting guest posts on your blog, let me explain some of the benefits you can expect.

Set Up Blog for Guest Posting

Regular Consistent Flow of Content

One of the top benefits of accepting guest posts on your blog is that you’re never short of publishing unique and fresh content. If your site is a popular one at that, and has an attractive statistic profile, i.e. high targeted traffic, good page rank, lots of readers, large social media following etc, you can expect to receive a lot of pitches from guest writers.

Free Up your Time

Having a consistent flow of guest posts can free up your time to dedicate in other areas of improving your blog.

Ensure Content Quality

Being a regular blogger means coming up with fresh content frequently which can prove to be challenging at best of times. Guest posts can help eliminate that problem for you.

By accepting guest posts you are ensuring your blog receives not just regular content, but high quality content, which will keep your existing readers happy and attract new ones.

So those are just some of the benefits of accepting guest posts on your blog, now let’s at how YOU can set your blog up for guest posting.

Setting your Blog to Accept Guest Posts

There are essentially three ways to accept guest posts for your blog.

1. Is to make it possible for anyone to register as a contributor in the backend of your blog, add a profile and submit guest posts for consideration.

2. Is to accept posts in word document and publish them on your blog yourself with the author credentials.

3. Create a dedicated guest post submission form through Google Docs and embed it in a static page on your blog.

Let’s take a look at each method in more detail –

Accepting Registrations to your Blog

The first, and one of the most popular methods of setting up blogs for guest posting is to allow for new registrations to your blog’s back end, as a contributor. To do this you need to log into your WordPress dashboard and under settings > general, tick the ‘anyone can register’ box and select ‘contributor’ from the drop down list right beneath it.

When a new user registers for guest posting, they will then be able to create a unique profile and add an author bio and link. They will then have to log in each time to make a new guest post submission. The post will then sit in your pending file for you to review.

Tip: To avoid being bombarded with spammy registrations, leave the default roll for new registrations as ‘subscriber’. You can always upgrade new user accounts later on, once you’ve checked and verified the credibility of new registrations.

Ask Guest Writers to Submit via Word Document

This is one of my preferred methods of accepting guest posts and for several reasons.

a) This method poses a less security threat to the backend of your blog
b) Limits the number of user profiles on your database

Simply ask contributors to submit their guest posts (in your guest post invitation page / post) in word document form via email. You can then review guest posts before publishing them to your site yourself.

Tip: Create a single user profile for guest posting and add some information about guest writing opportunities in the author box. Each time you publish a new guest post, you can use this dedicated author account for it. You can add the author bio and link in the body of content, at the end of the article.

Create a Dedicated Submission Form and Add a Page to your Blog

This is the method that Magnet4Marketing currently uses to accept guest posts. Consider creating your own guest post submission form and embedding it into a static page on your blog. You can be as specific as you want with your form, adding boxes for keywords, bio, post summary, email address etc.

Use Google Docs to achieve this. You can view an example of a submission form by visiting our submission form here.

Tip: Create a link to this submission form page in the main navigation menu of your blog, so users can find it easily.

So let us know which method you currently use, or if you don’t currently use one, which method you’re most likely to use to set up you blog for guest posting. Leave me a comment below.

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  1. I hate guest posting , they are not quality posts.It decreases your blog’s value.

  2. By the way there are some people who blog really well eg Rahul from learn blog tips Amit from Itech code, if such bloggers are acquiring for guest posting you should always be more than happy to allow them.

  3. Samantha Wright says:

    it’s important for newbies to understand that if they want traffic and build authority to their blogs or sites, guest posting is an important part of blog marketing. Ahmad’s statement of guest post’s decreasing blog value is completely untrue, if this was the case then why are all the tops blog’s allowing for guest posts. It’s what you accept to publish on a blog that is important. Great tips for newcomers Fabz :)

  4. Hey Fabrizio, I have few blogs and some of them have really no standing at the moment, I mean no page rank or traffic, I am receiving 10-20 guest post request in all of them since last few months, I think this guest blogging is the hot cake at the moment!

    • Hey Molly, thanks for stopping by. Yes guest posting is hot, since the changes in how we do SEO now demands more from companies looking to guest posting to promote their businesses. I’ve had a big interest in guest posting also recently. Have a great day ;)

  5. Guest posts is a great way to get some exposure and traffic.
    Its good not only for the guest blogger but also for the blog that accepts guest posts.
    by accepting guest posts your blog’s traffic can increase because the guest blogger will also promote his post and thus it is your blog that is promoted.
    Another added advantage of accepting guest posts.
    Thanks for the article. You have written it really well :)

    • Hey Arbaz, great point made, though sometimes a little encouragement is needed to make guest writers promote their published content. Pleased you enjoyed the post here today, have a great day :)

  6. Guest posting can be a good way to build up traffic to you site, especially if the guest posts are of quality content and even more so if the guest poster has their own readers that will follow them to your site. The best thing though is to make sure that you don’t just accept anything, I mean it is your site out there for everyone to see. Nice article very informative about how to get ready and what to do when taking guest posts.

  7. The tips and strategies that you have mentioned here will really help a ot and I know guest posting helps a lot but it is not easy to get the attention of the readers if there is no good content or method to use.

  8. We have had a few requests for guest posting on our site and I have had to turn them down, the material doesn’t help or teach but vaguely covers a topic around what the writer is trying to promote with links back to their services. It is at times a little too self serving. It is important as you say to ensure the quality of the post, otherwise loading your site full of poorly written self serving guest posts can destroy your blog in the long term. Well I think so, others may disagree?

    • Andi that’s one of the ongoing problems I’ve been facing myself, sometimes guest writers will do anything to promote something that isn’t remotely related. I agree with your points strongly, thanks for stopping by :)

  9. Well, I think that we should allow guest posting carefully and attentively, because not all posts can be of high quality and can suit to the theme of your blog or site

  10. What I also do as well is install a plugin called Peter’s Collaboration E-mails. This plugin emails the blog owner when a guest blogger submits a post for review and also emails the guest blogger when the blog owner publish their post.

    Great tips as well.

  11. Really helpful tips, and it is actually what I had been searching for. I’ve just started my new blog, and I have heard so much about the importance of linking to other freelancers. I think I should give your method a try and ask my friends for some testimonials. I unfortunately haven’t done anything like this before, so your useful tips could be very helpful for me. Thanks for sharing them!

  12. Carl Winchester says:

    Guest posting helps a lot in the exposure of your blog as well as getting more traffic and therefore I will encourage bloggers to invest in it. Just make sure that the guest posts that you publish are of high quality.

  13. Hello, I think guest blogging is the proven method of getting quality backlinks as well as high Google Page Rank. Any new blogger should practice guest blogging.

  14. Guest blogging is really a good strategy to get free content, more traffic and exposure. And yes having a blog with good traffic, good page rank and lots of reader etc, can receive lot of requests from guest writers. Thanks for this excellent and useful tips :)

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