12 Essential iPhone Apps for Bloggers

Top iPhone Apps for Bloggers – One of the biggest phenomenons of the modern digital world was the arrival of smartphones, in particular, the iPhone. It completely revolutionized the mobile phone industry. The second biggest revolution on wireless devices is apps… Apps have quickly changed the way we access and use information, tools and features. More and more companies are investing in app development. Some speculate that one day websites will no longer have a prominent purpose and that consumers will be using apps a lot more than websites? What are your thoughts on this?

For bloggers the iPhone has been a godsend, it means that we can now take our blogging ventures absolutely anywhere we want… the instant we get a post idea, the moment we want to keep tabs on our social media interactions, send emails, pay for services, make money even… the iPhone or smartphone equipped with the necessary apps is our Savior.

Talking of iPhone apps, below are what I believe to be the 12 most important and must have iPhone apps for bloggers, or more over, the avid mobile blogger.

iPhone apps for bloggers

Top 12 iPhone Apps for Bloggers


Top of the list is no other than the WordPress app; this app is available on both iPad and iPhone. Having this app on your iPhone means you can pretty much access and update your blog at your convenient from anywhere in the world. You can post or edit existing posts, add pages, review, moderate and reply to comments and view stats. You can also take photos with your iPhone’s camera and post them into your posts conveniently. No avid WordPress blogger with an iPhone should be without this app…

Analytics Pro for iPhone

Analytics Pro for iPhone is an awesome app, if you’re like me and love keeping tabs on your blog statics with Google Analytics then the Analytics Pro is a must have app. It boasts all the features you need to access your traffic data whilst on the go. This is a premium app that will set you back around 5 or 6 bucks but worth every cent of it.

CBAPP (ClickBank App)

The CBAPP, short for ClickBank App is a must have app if you’re a ClickBank affiliate and promote ClickBank products on your blog. The app enables you to view daily sales, generate reports on weekly sales, paychecks and analytics, a great app for keeping tabs on your CB earnings whilst you’re on the move.


Not to rule out your social media activities, the HootSuite app will save you time and effort when it comes to posting messages on Facebook or scheduling tweets on Twitter. You can also manage LinkedIn and Foursquare accounts, saving you time and space downloading the individual apps for each social network.


The PayPal app is one of my favourites; it’s easy to use, secure and has an attractive interface. It’s also a must have app for any blogger wanting to keep a check on their balance, transfer funds or pay for services whilst being on the move. From an affiliate blogger’s perspective this app is a life saver, thanks PayPal.


This is a must have productivity app that will help you as a blogger stay organized, and generally improve your productivity from your iPhone.

Air Sharing

There are two versions of Air Sharing, one for the iPhone and one for the iPad. The iPhone version boasts some great features such as the ability to drag and drop files between your device and your computer using Wi-Fi and much more. Your iPhone acts as a wireless hard disk.


WriteRoom is another great premium app created for writers. If you’re looking for a distraction free place to write your next compelling blog post, then this app is a must. Features include word count, custom line height, print and email and much more…

Quick AdSense

Quick AdSense is another one of my favourite apps for the iPhone, I prefer this one much over the iEarn app. This app will enable you to quickly access and check your Google AdSense account and earnings. It uses the OAuth technology to authenticate with AdSense securely. Best app for AdSense in my mind.


BlogPress is a great premium text editing tool like no other. It enables you to post to your blog and integrates with Flickr, Picasa, and YouTube to let you upload images and video media easily. You can also link BlogPress with your Facebook and Twitter accounts for seamless social media sharing. One of the great things with BlogPress is that it’s compatible to work with all mainstream blogging platforms including WordPress and Blogger.


Byline is an essential app for getting the latest news from your favourite websites and blogs. It uses Google Reader to subscribe to feeds, enabling you to stay synced with all the relevant and up to date news. A great app for helping you generate new ideas for content for your blog whilst being on the move, a must have app in any case.


Finally but not least is Tumblr, the popular micro-blogging platform available as an app. This is an essential free app for those already using Tumblr and who wish to be able to update their accounts with text, images and videos or link posts all whilst being on the move.

Well that’s my list of top iPhone apps for bloggers – If you use any of these top apps for your iPhone, why not share your thoughts and experiences with them in the comment section below, or perhaps you have a few more you’d like to add to the list.

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  1. When I had an iPhone for my previous job, I just loved its functionality the apps available to handle your social media sharing when you are away from your computer. However, I didn’t know about some you mentioned and I will have to check those out. For instance, having an app to manage my blog is perfect if I can respond to comments and make simple changes if I can’t access my computer. Thanks for sharing these and I will be sure to pass this on!

  2. All these applications can greatly simplify the life of every blogger, because they can save much time and give many opportunities. I like most of them

  3. These apps on my iPhone will help me much in blogging. Yes, now i can control my blog from anywhere. So, i don’t need to go out without maintaining time and preparation. It’s obviously a great news for bloggers. Thanks for this informative post.

  4. Heidi Jenkins says:

    Really nice applications. With apps like those you a blogger can be able to update their site and stay in touch with followers no matter where they are. It is a powerful device.

  5. These apps can make one’s life much more simple, that’s why I’ve switched to an iPhone from my old nokia. These kind of apps are really useful, it isn’t some IT bullshit.

  6. all of them are nt so good …….i’ve used some of dem …….
    but still some of apps were great ………
    gd work

  7. I agree with Divas even I don’t like all the Apps..

  8. Jennifer says:

    With apps like those you a blogger can be able to update their site and stay in touch with followers no matter where they are. Thanks that you’ve shared.

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