5 Reasons Why YouTube is the Perfect Video Blogging Platform for You

WordPress is known as the best blog publishing platform on the web; it’s used by millions of bloggers worldwide… Similarly YouTube can be seen as the best video blogging platform on the web…

Have you ever tried video blogging, or ever thought about adding video blogging to your conventional blogging practices? Video blogging can be fun and rewarding at the same time, though it’s a lot more challenging and time consuming than writing content on a conventional text-based blog.

YouTube is the perfect place to host your video blog for several reasons, and we’re going to take a look at 5 of them right now in this post.

What is mobile video blogging?

So why should you use YouTube to host your video blog? Let’s take a closer look…

YouTube has the traffic

Reports suggests that YouTube is streaming more than 4 billion online videos every day, yep you’ve guessed it without going into any further reasons as to why YouTube is the perfect video blogging platform for you, it gets a lot of traffic as you might have guessed.

Hosting your video blog on a channel of your own opens you up to a whole new opportunity and traffic source. You can put your original video blog material out and build your own audience with very little marketing efforts.

YouTube has the tools, features and analytics

YouTube has an array of great features available to you as a video blogger. All you have to do is record on your device and upload. YouTube provides powerful editing tools and analytics for you to monitor the amount of hits your video posts are producing, as well as trends and much more.

You can monetize and make money with your YouTube video blog

Just like your WordPress blog, you can also monetize your YouTube hosted video blog, simply by joining YouTube’s partner program. There are also other ways to monetize your YouTube videos, by doing video marketing and creating your own Amazon product video reviews and posting them to your channel with your Amazon affiliate links added in the video description beneath…

You can SEO your videos

Adding good titles, correct tags and a well written description to your videos is just like doing on-page SEO for your WordPress blog posts. The more attention you pay to these features when uploading your video posts, the more likely your video posts will rank well in the search engines right?. You can also get your videos promoted to ‘featured video’ simply by actively engaging in the YouTube community, joining groups and creating more useful original content on your channel.

You can build a loyal following

Finally just like a WordPress blog where you build RSS readers and subscribers, with YouTube you can build channel subscribers. Each time you publish a video, your subscribers are notified and you get instant hits… Check out our top post on how to promote your YouTube channel to get more subscribers.

So if you’re still searching the web for a decent enough video blog hosting service provider, look no further than YouTube.

Have your say?

So are you a video blogger on YouTube, if so share your thoughts, tips and ideas with us in the comment section below. Why not post your YouTube channel URL below also for a little more exposure.

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About Samantha Wright

Samantha Wright is the co-founder of Magnet4Marketing. She occasionally contributes a guest post to the blog, however her main roll is to manage the marketing and advertising side of the business in her spare time. She currently works at Mole Valley Forage Services as a direct sales manager. You can view Samantha's professional profile on LinkedIn.


  1. Hi Samantha, I’m a big fan of using YouTube for promotions too. Right now I’m earning more in AdSense from my YouTube channel than I am from my blog. Even though I get a ton more traffic on my blog it seems as though people are more click happy over on YouTube.
    One tip I’d like to add is to create playlists for your videos and group similar ones together which makes them easier to find.
    Thanks for the tips Samantha.

    • Samantha Wright says:

      Hi Ileane, thank you for your comment :) Wow that is great that you’re earning healthy adsense revenue from YouTube, you have a lot of great content people want to watch which I think helps. Thanks for the additional tip yes creating playlist will certainly help users explore more of your content on YouTube. I’m digging your screencast tutorial by the way :)

  2. Seems very simple but coming up with unique and interesting video is always a big challenge. If your video is not interesting and appealing then you can earn money and build your following.

    • Samantha Wright says:

      Absolutely Aasma like with any content creation it will be challenging. I think you meant to say if your video is not interesting, you can’t earn money right? :)

      • Absolutely, I meant same. If people won’t like your video then it won’t get much attention and you hardly make any money through your video.

  3. And, of course, YouTube is one of the most popular sites that provides its visitors with video, and it will be a big plus for every blogger to use i as video-blogging platform

  4. Youtube really is the most perfect place to share your video, due to traffic and popularity of YouTube you can get more views and opinions.

  5. I love the video editor in Youtube. It allows me to make a movie with my short video clips and music. With Youtube results playing a big part in the google search results page, every blogger/marketer should take Youtube seriously. Do you know if there are any minimum page views/videos to become a Youtube partner?

    • Samantha Wright says:

      Hello Raj thank you for your comment. Good point you’ve made about YouTube results playing a large roll in the Google search results page. As to your question about minimum page/videos requirements I don’t think YouTube has ever actually revealed what the minimums are, I don’t think there is a minimum but I think you need to be seen uploading videos frequently. I also do know that to qualify you have to be seen creating original content and own full ownership of the material you upload for streaming which you probably already know. Hope this helps :)

  6. I admit it, because of the connection to google and this way the capability for analytics, youtube is really the best way to start a video blog. I really like your points, great article.

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