5 Reasons Why Facebook Bought Instagram

Just recently, social networking giant Facebook (Affiliate link) has surprised many when it made its largest company acquisition to date: Instagram. The only question is why. In this article, we will tackle five reasons why Facebook bought Instagram.

1. People use Facebook to look at others’ photos and they want to keep it that way.

Mr. Zuckerberg said it himself: his company’s focus is for people to use Facebook to experience the best photo-sharing capabilities within their network. With Instagram now part of their family, they can achieve their goal better—with cool filters that can instantaneously be applied to mobile phone photos before uploading. Facebook is keen in adapting to what Instagram has brought into the world: an artistic and photographic revolution.

2. Instagram is a building hype

Since its launch two years ago, Instagram as a mobile application has grown rapidly with a solid user base. From App-store, it has branched out to be available in the Android Market, only padding the number of users further.

What builds the hype is that it can make your boring photos look professionally taken with its gimmicky filters that improve the quality of the shots whether taken at that frame or from the existing library. Photos can be speedily be uploaded to a number of popular networks, friends and followers (or strangers) making the free app become quite a sensation.


3. Buying is cheaper than developing a new app from scratch.

With over half of its 800+ million users using both its desktop and mobile versions, Facebook’s main aim is to keep the user interface of its mobile application simplified, as compared to the web design which looks so packed and heavy with applications and features. In fact, in an attempt to make it more streamlined and intuitive than its desktop counterpart, Facebook has separated the Messenger into another app for chatting.

Will it make another more efficient mobile solution for photo capturing and sharing? That’s the part we’re not sure of. However, this is where Instagram fits perfectly into the scheme. Building another dedicated app which would not probably equal or surpass Instagram’s eminence in photo-sharing will just bring losses for the company in terms of money, time and effort.

4. Instagram’s strengths can be improved and used for Facebook’s advantage.

Facebook is big in photos; it stores and controls exponentially more photos than all other photo storage services on the web. But as yet, it has not given interesting features that will let users display photos in itself and to other social media. Its mobile offering for photo taking and sharing has been built-in to the apps, which is something that Facebook may want to change.

Instagram makes it easy to share personal photos, giving users that ego boost of being a good photographer as they can take better edited or filtered pictures. This simplicity in usage is something that Facebook needs in its ecosystem.

5. The move is to secure advantage against Pinterest.

Both Pinterest and Facebook are building on branding value but on different platforms. While Facebook is heavy on posting through status messages, group messages and photo albums, Pinterest is intense on pinning visuals to link relevant content and images to people’s interests. Branding specialists say that Pinterest’s strategy and form is far more effective above all else, especially for online marketers. But since it does not function on mobile phones through an app, its users are restricted in viewing content only through the web or desktop model.

To monopolize the social media world, Facebook bought Instagram which has a great deal of traffic with its social integration and share-ability. This is to hold people captive if the trend is geared toward visual-based sites.

Instagram is Facebook’s first and largest acquisition and it’s a very good buy. To get full value for this mammoth investment, Facebook would need to pull in some of Instagram’s data and features to its own and. To some degree, the Instagram mobile experience can be now cloaked as the newly improved, clean and simple Facebook photo-sharing galore.

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  1. Reese says:

    I know a lot of people were outraged by facebook buying Instagram. I personally think it is a wise business move that is both beneficial to facebook and instagram. I don’t see how things are going to be bad for instagram in the future because of this move.
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