January 11, 2011

Social Bookmarking: How Much is Enough?

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When it comes to getting the message across to your readers and readers beyond, the social networking sites are somewhat indispensible. At our disposal we have so many to choose from these days, but really how many can we actually use? How much is enough?

The Essential Mix


King of the social networking globe used my mums, dads, sons, daughters, grandpa’s grandmas and practically everyone that exists on the web. Now here’s a good place to be looking. It’s the obvious one out of them all. Facebook has some 500 million users which you could realistically see at as 500 million potential customers. What makes it so unique is the ability to interact with both consumers and other like minded businesses on a more personal level. Recently Facebook has attracted many businesses of all shapes and sizes by offering fan pages and groups. The social media giants have advanced in offering a sophisticated advertising PPC programme, and a new Seamless Messaging System being just round the corner. There are endless Facebook apps to pick from to add to your professional business page from RSS Graffiti to Payvment Ecommerce Storefront. If your business isn’t using Facebook and purely relying on the search engines to bring you customers then you’re simply missing out on a great deal of business to say the lease.


These days you switch the radio on or see it on the news; everyone’s tweeting and of course you should be too. Tweeting is sharing short and timely messages and links to resourceful posts, articles and anything else that takes your fancy to a targeted audience known as your followers. In my mind using Facebook and Twitter combined should be more than enough to get drive targeted traffic to your business website. However there are a few more!


I personally like Digg and I think it should definitely be on the list. With Digg you can share practically any useful links again with a group of followers, however unless you have a substantial amount of followers then its going to be real hard any message across. I find that getting someone to follow you on Digg these days is like trying to squeeze water from a stone, but then again I haven’t really spent much time focusing on the subject itself. So to recap, Digg simply allows you to share useful links, internet pages and resources on the web to your followers who has the ability to read, continue sharing by voting or simply burying your resource should they not enjoy it.

Stumble Upon

I’ve only recently started to integrate Stumble Upon on my blog so I’m not really sure what to think of it to be honest. Stumble Upon basically allows you to find, share and rate internet pages in a similar way to Digg. You will notice that it appears on many share & follow icons on other blogs and website and so to speak you may find it useful to add this to your list.

In my ideal world I would say this is enough to go with however as mentioned there are so many others you could consider using. Sharing via email is another popular one, Reddit, LinkedIn, Ecademy, SWOM to name a few others that could also be worth look into. Probably the most important one of them all that shouldn’t really fall into this article category is the RSS. RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication that allows readers to subscriber to your newsfeed and be kept up to date with all your latest posts without having to visit your website. My advice would be if you’re starting out not to get involved too much with adding all of them to your arsenal. The one’s I’ve out lined in this post would be the one’s I’d concentrate on having for now and as you progress with your blog or website you can eventually add a few more.

Where are the best places to display social bookmarking links?

Personally if you’re using social bookmarking icons on your website I’d say the top or right sidebar would be the best place, perhaps on your homepage. Displaying them on your product pages is another great place if you have an ecommerce based website; this allows consumers to share products to families and friends promoting them further. Bloggers tend to display theirs primarily close to the top and or the bottom of their posts which I guess works well.

About Fabrizio Van Marciano

Fabrizio Van Marciano is a fulltime international selling artist and blogger working from home. His insight into online business marketing and website design has lead him on the path to becoming one of the UK's biggest selling modern contemporary artists with over 3,000 original canvas paintings sold worldwide. You can follow Fabrizio on Twitter & Facebook.


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