56 Ways To Get More People To Like Your Facebook Fan Page

Facebook is without a shadow of a doubt one of the most, if not the most powerful ‘marketing platform’ on the social web for many businesses.  It’s great to see more and more businesses large and small taking advantage of this ever growing global community, to help them reach out to new audiences and create more leads.  If you’ve just started out with Facebook for your business, I’d love to know how you’re getting on with building fans and attracting new likes.  It can be a real challenge at times, which is why in this post I want to share with you 56 stomping ways to get more people to like your Facebook fan page.

like your facebook fan page


OK, lets begin with our 56 Facebook Marketing Tips

1. Tweet a message to your Twitter followers periodically asking them to become a fan of your Facebook business page, if you receive new followers on Twitter regularly, doing this twice a month is a great way to get people to like your Facebook fan page.  You could post something like this – ‘Join Magnet4Marketing on Facebook and start engaging with us!’

2. Suggest your FB page to your college friends and your family members.

3. Offer a FREE incentive for people to like your page.

4. Add your FB page URL to your online signature in forums

5. Add your FB URL to your LinkedIn profile

6. Use your FB URL as your website link in Twitter

7. Create a FB like box to add to your blog or your website.

8. Use BuyTargetedFans.com to buy targeted FB fans  (DO not do this)

8. Add a FB profile badge to your website or blog posts.

10. Tag photos on your profile with your FB profile.

11. Add your FB URL to your business cards.

12. Print t-shirts with your FB URL printed on the front and reverse.

13. Get a FB URL car bumper sticker.

14. Add your FB URL to all your email marketing newsletters.

15. Use FB ads to advertise your fan page.

16. Ask your friends to invite their friends to like your page.

17. Create a FB landing page, with a custom URL.

18. When commenting on blog posts use your FB URL instead of your web or blog address.

19. Create a custom Facebook URL using Pretty Link plugin for WordPress.

20. Use share and follow plugin for WordPress.

21. Chat to your friends about your blog on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.

22. Create an blog contest and make the entry requirement to like your page on Facebook.

23. Blog about topics related to your FB fan page.

24. Create articles and post it to your FB fan page ‘Notes’ section.

25. Add your FB URL to your business directory company profiles.

26. Add your FB URL at the end of your blog posts.

27. Use the famous like button at the top of your web pages.

28. Ask your recent customers to like your page, send them a courtesy email thanking them for their business and that they can also find you on Facebook.

29. Do article marketing and use your FB URL in the author box.

30. Create a 125×125 ad and use BuySellAds.com to advertise and promote your FB page on other blogs.

31. Digg your FB fan page.

32. Invite your email contacts to join your FB fan page (Gmail no longer supported)

33. Watermark your images before uploading to FB.

34. Add your FB URL to your customer receipts and invoices, compliment slips and letterheads.

35. Create promotional giveaways on Facebook (Not sure if this is actually allowed)

36. Post links to interesting topics that are outside of your blog’s content.

37. Organize a charitable event and promote it through your Facebook page.

38. Submit your FB URL to social network directories.

39. Add your FB URL to your SWOM profile.

40. Add your FB URL to your Google Places listing.

41. Use other PPC to promote your page.

42. Create surveys and polls on your FB page.


44. Add your FB URL to your Hubb Pages profile.

45. Add your FB URL to your Google Knol account.

46. Use your FB URL as your BlueTooth username on your mobile phone in public places. (If desperate)

47. Get a custom laptop skin with your FB timeline cover photo and URL.

48. Post a ‘how to’ video on YouTube with your FB URL posted in the credits.

49. Add your FB profile to your ME page in your eBay seller account.

50. Create car window decals with your FB URL printed on it.

51. Use Facebook apps.

52. Enable the Facebook comment feature in your landing page.

53. Get fans to join via SMS. Users sends a text message to 32665 (FBOOK) with the words “like yourusername”.

54. Add a FB marketing page to your blog.

55. Create an offer that is only available from your FB fan page encouraging new people to join.

56. Add the share button to your posts and pages.

So there you have it folks, follow these cool and fun tips and you’ll soon be enjoying more fans on Facebook, but above all if you do nothing else on this list, remember to actively engage with your fans… ask questions, post polls, pick one fan out and email them, treat your fans as individuals and not as another statistic.  OK your turn.

Perhaps you have some tips you want to share about getting more fans to your Facebook page, please do share them below in the comment box as always.

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