12 Things That Can Demotivate You As A Blogger

What keeps you motivated as a blogger

Question: What motivates you as a blogger?  What makes you want to stay focused on reaching your blogging goals and objectives?  Staying focused and motivated is a vital part of the whole blogging process.  If you’re not inspired or if something is preventing you from getting motivated, you won’t feel like doing much at all with your blog.

  • You won’t feel like writing…
  • You won’t feel like replying to comments, guest post inquiries and replying to other important emails…
  • You won’t feel like promoting your blog and engaging with your audience on social media sites
  • You probably won’t even feel like turning your computer on…

So what are some of the things that can demotivate you as a blogger? Let’s take a look.

  1. Low traffic, readers, comments on your blog.
  2. Zero or low income created from your blog.
  3. No one sharing your content on social media sites.
  4. Facing writers block
  5. Personal issues outside of your blogging circle.
  6. Lack of ideas for something fresh, unique, different and original to write about.
  7. No objectives or blogging goals to aim for (Read: Tips On Setting Your Own Blogging Goals).
  8. No money to invest back into your blogging business.
  9. Negativity received from other bloggers or generally people around you.
  10. Lack of sleep, poor diet and not enough exercise.
  11. Loss of interest with your blog (lack of passion, or you picked a challenging niche to blog in).
  12. Lack of having enough time to work on your blog, maybe due to other commitments in your life.
  13. Lack of support from your family, friends, doubting what you’re doing is actually worth it.

So these are just some of the things that can dent your motivation for blogging.  I have faced some of these issues myself in the past, some I’m still dealing with.  The most important thing to remember is that whatever is stopping you or demotivating you to stay focused on your blog, you really have to ask yourself the question, how badly do you want this, how badly do you want to succeed.  If you really want to make a success of blogging, then you’ll have to try fix the issues that are causing you to feel demotivated.

First step, stand back, look at the big picture from a distance and assess things carefully.  Once you’ve done that check out this amazing article on how to keep motivated.

Share with me what keeps you motivated as a blogger

I’d really love to hear if you have anything else on your mind that we could add to this list.  What do you do to keep yourself motivated as a blogger? Please do share your thoughts, tips, ideas and the things that you do to keep motivated.  Leave me a comment below.

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