Kicking the Habit: How to Waste Less Time Looking At Your Stats

Kicking the Habit: How to Waste Less Time Looking At Your Stats

Don’t get me wrong, I love to sit and look at my online stats, whether it’s my traffic stats, new email subscribers, Google AdSense earnings and other affiliate earnings, Webmaster stats, page speed and performance stats, YouTube videos hits, podcast downloads, the list goes on.

Checking all those things is important I know, but doing it too often throughout the day really is a waste of your valuable time don’t you think?  Time that you could be spending doing more productive things with your blog or your online business.

So how can you help yourself kick the habit?  How can you spend less time looking at your stats?  Here are some tips for you.

3 Ways To Waste Less Time Looking At Your Stats

#1. Create a plan of action – By this I mean before your day starts, sit down and plan out everything that you want to get done before the working day has ended.  Create a to-do list, set out your goals and objectives.  What ever time you have to devote to your blog or your business, whether you’re at it part-time or full-time, make every minute count.

Even if you have a few minutes to spare at the end of the day, don’t be tempted to use it to go and check your stats, go and do something else; read and comment on some blogs, post something cool on your Facebook page, or create your to-do list for the next day.

#2. Set aside some time for checking your stats – Instead of logging into your Google Analytics or AdSense account every waking hour, set aside some time to do it after you’ve accomplished all your other goals and objectives for the day.  Try and discipline yourself to only checking your stats once a day as well.  If you accomplish all your daily objectives, you’ll feel as if you’ve earned the right to check your stats, you will feel positive about doing so if you know what I mean.

#3. Find another worthy habit to start – By this I mean go out and find another ‘worthy online addiction’ to get yourself entangled into, rather than waste time checking your stats every second of the day.  Pick a ‘productive addition’ rather than pick something that’s going to make you waste even more time.  For example, start writing an eBook and engross yourself into it each time you feel the urge to go and check your stats.  Watch a few inspiring YouTube videos even or tune into one of your favourite podcasts.

Breaking the habit of anything isn’t easy I know, but it’s up to you to discipline yourself if you really want to make better use of your time.

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