Blog Traffic Tip #001: Create Killer Headline Titles

100 Smart Blog Traffic TipsOver the next few months I’ll be sharing with you 100 of the most effective ways to get traffic to your blog.  So whether you’ve just started blogging or your’e looking to get a few more hits to your blog, stay tuned as for the next 100 days I’ll be sharing with you a smart blog traffic tip each day.

OK so today’s tip is to create catchy headline titles!

If you’ve ever stood in a newspaper shop, you’ll have no doubt noticed some of the ridiculous headline titles that some newspapers use on the front pages.  You get things like, “Swine Flu, ‘Mass Grave’ Planed”.

It doesn’t stop there, as even the web is notorious for using questionable headline titles, do you remember this one; Obama Calls Libyan President To Thank Him After US Ambassador Murdered” as seen on Fox Nation.

Anyway, whilst I’m not suggesting that it’s a good idea to be inspired to write those kinds of luring and deceiving headline titles for your blog posts, there is certainly something to take away from them; The bottom line is that they grab the reader’s attention regardless of what it is or where it is.

So the next time you sit down to write your next blog post, consider taking some time to craft your headline title carefully.  Think about your audience and what would make them click on the link to read your post, where ever they may see it, but of course be sure to keep it real and absolutely relevant.

How To Create Killer Headline Titles

For more tips on how to get the most from your headline titles, check out my other article on how to write headlines that make you money, and my quick simple tips for writing better headline titles.  I’d also recommend checking out this amazing post on CopyBlogger: 10 Surefire Headline Formulas That Work

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