5 Amazing Ways To Make Your Ecommerce Product Pages Stand Out

How to make your product pages stand out

This week we’re going to be talking about eCommerce and what I want to focus on is your website’s ‘product pages’, so if you’re in the process of setting up an online shop or perhaps you already own an eCommerce website, what ever your case may be, if you want to increase sales this post is just for you.

Firstly though, for those of you who already run an eCommerce website and have many product pages, let me ask you this:

Do you think or feel that your product detail pages, are currently converting as many visitors into sales as it should be, or as you would like them to be?

Maybe, no, yes, you don’t know?

As some of you may or may not know, asides from running this busy blog, I also run an eCommerce website in the arts industry.  Recently though I’ve been looking at my own website and thinking of ways of how to improve and make my product pages stand out more, not just to my site’s visitors, but to make them stand out in the search engine search results too.

So let’s imagine for a few minutes that you have an eCommerce website and you want to improve your product pages to increase sales.

Firstly you need to identify where you’d like to make improvements.  Maybe your content isn’t up to scratch or appears too salesy, maybe the images of your products aren’t as high quality as it should be, maybe you could improve your on-page SEO.

What ever the case may be, in addition to the ways you’d like to improve your product pages, I’ve outlined below 5 Amazing ways to make your eCommerce product pages stand out more.

Let’s dive straight in.

How To Make Your Product Pages Stand Out On Your Ecommerce Website

#1. Make your product details page ‘title’ more appealing to your visitors

When people search for your products via the search engines, the first thing they tend to read is the title of the page in the search results, would you agree?  If you do agree, you’ll also agree that this title needs to be 100% accurate and compelling enough to make them want to click on your listing.

So my tip for you here is, when creating compelling product detail page ‘titles’, is to not just incorporate your target keywords, but also add some key selling points too, for example you could use phrases like “brand new” or “only one left” or “latest”.

Also I can’t elaborate enough on the subject of accuracy! Never deceive your visitors by using misleading product page titles, and avoid at all times using big name brands in your titles to get attention, unless of course you’re selling a brand item.

If you take a look at some of the product detail pages on eBay or Amazon or any big eCommerce website, you’ll see how much effort is placed into creating such compelling and attention grabbing product page titles, so ensure your page titles stands out just as well.

#2. Get creative with your product details page ‘description’

Now let’s talk about your product descriptions.

First of all, one of the many problems small and large eCommerce websites faced when Google Panda was rolled out, was the issue of duplicate content across thousands of product pages.  Products that were the same, but with different options such as sizes, colors, features etc all having the same description or pieces of content written for them.

Check out this short video by Matt Cutts where he talks about duplicate content issues on product pages.

As I said, I run a small art website and I have many artwork listed of the same color, the same theme but in different sizes and dimensions, so one of my problems was that I used the same description across all the artworks I had for sale on my site, the only thing different was the ‘size description’.

It doesn’t matter what your eCommerce website is about or what it sells, you should try and create unique pieces of content for each of your product pages, or if that sounds too challenging, try and create a single page for one product with well written content, and with added drop down options for sizes, colors, quantities etc, all within the same page.

Secondly I would suggest you look at your description closely and ask yourself the following question:

Are my product descriptions great pieces of content, compelling enough to entice visitors to make a purchase?

If your answer is “no, not really”, then seriously think about your ‘content marketing’ strategy for your product pages.

I want to share with you my content strategy for my eCommerce website product pages below.

In each of my product details page, (for each piece of artwork I have for sale) I use story telling as my description.

I don’t waffle on too much about sizes, colors and the quality of my artwork over my competitors etc, though some of that is important, instead I tell people what inspired me to create a piece of artwork, the mood I was in and where the artwork is based on, especially if it’s a local scene or landmark.

I sell my passion for creating artwork rather than oversell the features and benefits if that makes sense.  In my belief that’s what great content marketing actually is, using story telling to convert visitors into sales.

#3. Use high quality images

Images play such an important roll in eCommerce that in my eyes it’s well and truly underestimated.  Sure content is king and needs to be compelling, but people want to see the products you’re selling clearly, without having to squint or adjust their monitor settings.

If you’re taking photos of your own products, it doesn’t hurt to do a little editing before uploading them to your website, just to enhance them a little.

I always recommend using large high quality JPEG or PNG images of your products.  If you’re going to use PNG images I’d recommend that you optimize and shrink the files before uploading them to your product pages, for faster page loading.

#4. Demonstrate your products using video in your product pages

In addition to using high quality images, you should also consider creating and adding a short product insight video to your product pages.  Now one of the great things about using video medium is that your visitors or customers can see your products being used in the flesh, and you can demonstrate many things that you can’t really achieve with using a few images.

Please do check out the following short video below by Matt Winn of Volusion on how to make product videos that sell.

#5. Make the ‘buying process’ and ‘experience’ real simple and pleasurable for your customers

OK so my final top tip for you in this week’s post to make your ecommerce product pages stand out, is to make the process of buying products from your website really simple and pleasurable for your customers.

Use large bold ‘buy now’, ‘add to cart’, ‘view cart’ and ‘checkout’ buttons, because keep in mind those who use mobile devices to shop online, they don’t want to try and click on a tiny add to cart link, so that’s where having large bold buttons come in.

In addition, give them complete peace of mind when shopping on your site by using a reliable and reputable online payment gateway service such as PayPal or Google Checkout.  As much as some of you might hate PayPal for what ever reason, keep in mind that these are trusted online payment services, people trust PayPal regardless of what you might think, and writing from experience, using something as reputable as PayPal can help you increase sales.

OK so that’s all the tips I have for you in this week’s post.  Follow these 5 simple methods and your eCommerce product pages won’t just stand out from your competitors, they’ll also be converting more visitors into profitable sales, and ultimately who doesn’t want more sales?

Quick recap time…

  • Create compelling and accurate pages titles for your product pages.
  • Beef up and get creative your your product page content (descriptions)
  • Use high quality images
  • Create and add product insight videos to your pages
  • Create a unique shopping experience for your customers regardless of the device they’re using to shop on

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Over to you

As always I’m open to your own suggestions, if you want to share your own tips and ideas for making product pages more visible online and user friendly to increase sales, perhaps you have an online store too and have your own strategy, please share your comments with me below.  Have a great productive week troops, see you next week!