Ideas On How To Reward Your Blog Readers For Their Loyalty

Reward Your Blog Readers

Whether you run a personal or small business blog, having loyal readers that take the time out of their busy daily routine to visit, read, share and engage with your blog content frequently is the ultimate reward for any blogger.

If you have a great bunch of followers and readers of your blog, I’m sure you’re doing all you can to show your appreciation to them.  But if you’re one of those bloggers who just likes to sit and watch the comments come rolling in, rarely ever mixing in or engaging with anyone, maybe it’s about time you changed your ways!  I mean surely it wouldn’t harm “your reputation” from time to time to reward your readers for their loyalty?

Offering rewards to your blog readers is a great way to let them know just how much you care and appreciate them for taking the time to visit your blog, read and share your content.  It’s a great way of saying thank you for helping me grow my blog.

OK, so if you’re struggling for ideas on how to reward your readers, below are six simple, yet extremely popular and effective marketing ideas, to help you give something back to your loyal blog audience.  Let’s get started!

6 Amazing Ways To Reward Your Loyal Blog Readers

#1. Host a monthly blog contest with a great prize.

Everybody loves contests and in blogging, a contest can not only be a perfect way to reward your readers, but also a great way to get your community together, interacting with one another on your blog, especially if the prize is right.  These days “money” seems to be an extremely popular prize for many blog contests, but understandably not every blogger can afford to give away money, especially if they’re yet to make money from blogging.

Blog contests attracts traffic, promotes sharing, comments and entices new visitors to signup, especially if you make it a habit to host a great contest regularly, like once a month.

#2. Provide free exclusive content frequently.

Another excellent way to reward your blog readers is to provide them with exclusive content, hot stuff that can’t be found anywhere else on your blog.  The exclusive content can be in the form of a free downloadable eBook available to subscribers only, a series of useful video tutorials, some valuable podcast shows, an e-course or what ever else you’d like it to be.

#3. Offer exclusive discounts off your premium products.

If you have premium products of your own that you sell on your blog (eBooks, WordPress themes or plugins, email courses etc), consider offering some exclusive “members only” discount off your product range, host special discount days on important dates such as the 4th of July, Black Friday and Cyber Monday, or when your blog celebrates a new milestone or a birthday even.

#4. Give away your products for free!

The alternative from offering discounts is to actually give your products away for free!  Here’s an example:

Each month, pick out one of your top commentators or email subscribers, and offer them your latest eBook or e-Course or premium WordPress plugin for free.

Then blog about it and in your post reveal the name of the lucky person who received your free product and outline why they received it, then just watch how many people signup your next email newsletter, or start commenting on your blog so that they can be in with the chance of being selected for next month’s giveaway.

You can also use this strategy with giving away any other incentives such as books from Amazon etc.

#5. Provide free services or consultation.

If you offer a service through your blog, perhaps some blog consultation, content writing services or theme customization services, logo design or whatever else, consider offering a free service to one of your subscribers or top commentators.

Get in touch with them and explain to them that you’ve picked them out as the ‘member of the month’ and you’d like to offer them some help or some free services for their loyalty.  If they accept and it all goes well, you can blog about it and state that next month you’ll be picking out another top commentator eligible for your free services or expert assistance.

What this does is actually encourage new people to signup to your email newsletter and promote your current audience to comment on your blog more frequently.

#6. Pick one loyal reader or commentator each month and send them a free Amazon gift card.

Another suggestion to reward your loyal blog readers is to give away some free gift cards.  Everybody loves shopping on Amazon, in fact I’ve been going a bit crazy myself lately with buying Kindle ebooks on Amazon.

Anyways you could purchase some $10 gift card and email them to a handful of your top commentators, maybe your top 5 commentators of the month or so.  It might be worth making contact with them first to see whether they can accept your online gift card or not.

These are just some ideas for rewarding your blog readers for their continued loyalty to your blog, but the possibilities are endless.  What ever you choose to do, remember that loyalty rewards can help visitors or subscribers pay more attention to your content and be even more loyal to you and your blog in the future.

Let me know your thoughts

I’d love to hear your thoughts on my tips above.  Do you use any of these methods to reward your blog readers?  Or perhaps you don’t think it’s necessary to reward your readers!  Let me know what you’re thinking of, leave me a comment below as always.


  • Geri Richmond

    Hi Fabrizio,
    These are all really great ideas. What kinds of contest do you put on your blog for your subscribers? Thanks so much for all the tips. :-)

    Geri Richmond

    • / Fabrizio Van Marciano

      Hi Geri, thanks for visiting, great to see you here again. I love hosting giveaways and when possible I usually give away something like a premium WordPress theme package like Genesis, or some premium eBooks. Though I have noticed a lot of bloggers giving away cash as contest prizes, that’s something I might consider doing in the near future when I can warrant such a giveaway lol. What about yourself?


  • Marc Andre

    Point number 6 is an interesting idea that I have never considered. Thanks for the advice!

    • / Fabrizio Van Marciano

      Hey Marc you’re welcome, glad you enjoyed the tips. When I started off with this blog, I used number 6 quite a lot, it can really work well if you’re consistent with your blog rewards, like each month always giveaway a gift.