Key Points To Take Away From Matt Cutts Recent Post On Guest Blogging For SEO

The Death Of Guest Blogging For SEO

I’m sure by now many of you will have read the article by Matt Cutts spelling the tragic end of guest blogging for SEO.  If you missed that article, you can catch up with it here.

Anyways I just wanted to reflect and highlight some key points that article left in my mind, regarding the acceptance of guest posts on my own blog, and of course if you accept guest posts on your blog too, I’d love to hear your thoughts on the subject.

We all know how valuable guest blogging can be or in Matt Cutts belief, “use to be”, at the same time, if like myself you welcome guest articles on your blog, you’ll also appreciate that a lot of what Mr Cutts says in his post makes a lot of sense.

Everyday I get pitched guest articles, and most of them end up in the trash pile.  The email that Mr Cutts received and used in his example of a pitch, is exactly the kind of stuff I have been seeing in my inbox week in and week out, and I’m sure I speak for many other blog owners too.

There is so much crap being pitched for guest posts these days, especially from content writers working on behalf of companies and marketing individuals, and SEO agencies and what not, I actually think to myself, the quality is so low these days, is there any actual point in publishing guest articles on my blog anymore?

Anyways after careful consideration, I have personally decided to continue to accept guest posts for now, however I also felt that I needed to make some additional changes to our guest post guidelines.

If you’re accepting guest posts on your blog too, no doubt you’re also getting a lot of crap being pitched to you, so here are some of the things to take away from reading Matt’s post.

Matt Cutts Says Guest Blogging Is Over! Here’s What You Should Do…

1. Say a big fat ‘NO’ to low quality guest posts from companies, marketing and SEO individuals and agencies - Like Mr Cutts says, there are still many great guest bloggers out there, so with that in mind, I’d recommend you consider accepting posts only from people you “trust” and have a connection with.

Where possible, you should seriously consider avoiding publishing guest content that hasn’t been written by the individual pitching the guest post to you, or content created by folks in marketing or SEO, because chances are the quality of those articles will be relatively low, especially when compared to a guest post submitted by a reputable blogger that you know very well, and one that has a credible guest blogging history on other popular blogs. Low quality guest posts are intended for the purpose of obtaining one thing only, for SEO gains and backlinks.

2. Relationship building and trust matters - Check this out, if a guest blogger has never before made contact with you…

Or have never left a single comment on your blog…

Or have not made an effort to connect with you on social sites…

Or have tried to connect with you by email prior to pitching you a guest post!  I’d also be very sceptical in wanting to publish a guest post from that person, unless of course they can prove that they have a credible guest blogging profile.

Trust should come first, and the only way to build trust in blogging is by “connecting” and building relationships with like minded people in your niche.

Guest Blogging For SEO Is Dead

3. Go the no-follow way - This is optional and I see a lot of fellow bloggers doing this on their blogs.  If you’ve been accepting guest posts on your blog for some time now, go back and take a look at some of your old articles, really see whether they offer any real value or not, if they don’t then consider de-indexing them, really!

Whilst you’re at it, check the author bio for any spammy looking links to unrelated sites, and seriously consider making them all no-follow.  I’ve been checking all the guest articles on my blog this week, and I was surprised at what I found.  Your guest bloggers should also be made aware that any links published in their author bio will from now on be no-followed.

matt cutts

4. Make your guidelines very clear - If you’re continuing to accept guest posts on your blog, which I think you should, just ensure that your guidelines are clear so that there are no confusions amongst genuine folks that are interested in writing for your blog.

Having a clear cut set of guidelines can also help in discouraging some authors who want to guest blog for the pure benefit of improving pagerank and increasing backlinks, and further encourage authors who are looking to increase exposure, increase brand visibility and to strengthen their authority in the blogosphere through high quality guest blogging.

That last tip should echo over and over again in your head…

So there you have it folks, guest blogging isn’t dead! Guest blogging for SEO is dead, that’s what Mr Cutts is portraying in his post anyways, and that’s what I believe too.

In reverse to all this, if you yourself are pitching guest posts to other budding bloggers to promote your own content, you shouldn’t be doing it for SEO gains or to increase pagerank, but more over to help you increase exposure to your blog and increase your authority as an expert.  These tips should serve great purpose if you’re thinking about guest blogging on other blogs.

So what are your thoughts on Matt Cutts recent post on guest blogging for SEO? What are your thoughts on my key points to take away here, do you have anything else to add? Do you completely disagree with everything that’s being said about guest blogging for SEO gains?  Please leave me a comment below as always.

Have a great week troops :)


matt cutts

  • Kaloyan Banev

    When Matt Cutts say something, everybody start jumping to conclusions without reading the between the lines.

    • / Fabrizio Van Marciano

      Thanks for your comment Kaloyan, even though I think the majority would feel better being safe than sorry. It is absolutely true in the sense that guest blogging has become a lot spammy these days, so isn’t it right to just be precautious?

      • Andi the Minion

        Very true Fabrizio, most people would prefer to be safe than sorry especially if they have invested a lot of time, effort and money to build a business, they are set to lose a lot.

        Guest blogging is nothing more than a link building project for many now, yes in the past you got the link and the writers wanted the link but real bloggers also wanted exposure and to build networks.

        Marketers were not bothered with all of the work that came with writing content until the Google updates then it became a necessary hassle for them and as you say guest blogging is now drenched with spammy posts unfortunately. :-(

        • / Fabrizio Van Marciano

          Hi Andi thanks for reading my post mate, great to see you here. Mate you said it, I couldn’t agree more with your second paragraph. One of the changes I’ve made with this blog is make links in the author bio no-follow. Not something I wanted to do, but whilst I was doing so, I couldn’t believe the number of spammy links that I found in some bios. :(

    • Sean Gallahar

      I agree. It is so easy to make conclusions right off the bat; but once you read article twice and understand what the writer said, the picture is much clearer. I think a lot of those assumptions come from just skimming the article without reading it fully.

      • / Fabrizio Van Marciano

        Hi Sean thanks for your comment. I appreciate what you’re saying mate, but most of the bloggers I talk to are saying they’re now taking even more care when accepting guest posts. Reading between the lines or not, or making assumptions or not, I don’t think we’re prepared to take anymore risks at that, especially when there are marketers and companies out there who couldn’t give a hoot about the amount of work we’ve put into building our blogging businesses, all they seem to care to think about is the backlinks they’ll by submitting crappy self promotional irrelevant or regurgitated crap. I do actually believe that a lot of bloggers will start to either get tighter on their guest blogging guidelines or even consider shutting down accepting guest posts on their blogs.

  • / Fabrizio Van Marciano

    Hi Adrienne, always a pleasure to read your comments here on my blog as they’re always insightful. I hear you on this one and your strategy seems to be working wonders for you. Maybe more of us should consider doing this instead of wasting time writing guidelines and what not.

    I’ve thought about inviting bloggers to guest write on my blog in the past, one of the reasons I didn’t pursue this option was mainly because of fear, fear of people saying no, or that the blog wasn’t good enough for them to write on.

    Anyways you’ve certainly given me some food for thought for the future though. I know Darren Rowse from ProBlogger starting doing this on his blog a while ago and it seems to be working well for him too.

    All is well with me Adrienne, though I’m finding it incredibly hard to keep this blog up and running as I’m so busy with other areas of my life and business, but I might just have to go for the one post per month option like you ha ha :)

    Anyways you have a great week too.


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  • Arti Sharma

    Hey Fabrizio, you are right i think guest blogging is still here if we work well and Matt Cutts also says that with no-follow link its not affected to Page ranks thanks for sharing.