6 Simple Strategies To Make Your Blog Content More User Friendly

Make Your Blog Content More User Friendly

In this post I want to share with you six very simple but effective ways to make your blog content more user friendly.

So you love creating content for your blog, yeah me too!  I love sitting down and thinking of what my audience would love to read about next.  So what have I come up with this time?

Well, I want to talk about the content you create for your blog.  There is much talk about how to make your blog content social friendly and SEO friendly and what not, but how about making your blog content more user friendly?

Why would you want to do that?

To keep your readers happy as Larry of course, and to keep them coming back again and again, that’s why.

In this post I’ll outline 5 strategies you can use to make your awesome blog content more user friendly right now!  If you’re relatively new to blogging, these 6 tips will come in very handy for you.

So where do we begin?

How To Make Your Blog Content Super User Friendly

1. Create a killer headline title and compelling opening paragraph

Make it so appealing that your visitors will want to read the rest of your post, or click on the link in their email inbox or RSS feed.  Please check out the following article I wrote a while back about creating killer opening paragraphs for your blog.  Also check out how to write better headline titles.

2. Break up your blog content!

Don’t just publish blocks of unreadable texts, your visitors will take one look, then click off faster than they probably arrived at your page.  Break it up and make your content readable, scannable.

3. Don’t sound like a broken record

and what I mean by this is that if you say something once, make it clear, don’t repeat yourself over and over and over again.  Once your visitors notice that your content is nothing more than just repeated trash written differently, they’ll stop reading your blog.

4. Get out of the box you’re sitting in!

Huh? What? I hear you say.  What I mean by this is write content from your perspective, not from everybody else’s perspectives as found on Google.  Think outside of the box and offer something completely different and unique. Your opinion is what counts; additionally back up your theories at the same time.

5. Use summaries, overviews, conclusions

Help bring small amounts of digestible information together so your visitors can scan important parts of your content quickly, or get an idea of what your content / post is about.

6. Make use of bullet points

…and quote boxes to highlight key points of your blog content.

A short but sweet post for the end of the week folks, I hope you can take something away from it.  Have a great weekend what ever you’re up to.

If you’d like to leave me a comment or add a few more tips on how to make your blog content more user friendly, please do so in the comment section below.

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