8 Essential Social Media Marketing Tips For New And Established Businesses For 2014

Essential Social Media Marketing Tips For New Businesses

Whether you’re a small start-up or an established company looking to increase sales and recognition with an online presence, social media may help you boost your overall brand and profits.

There are a few incredibly popular social sites that are free and easy to join, and with literally billions of users, you’re looking at an incredibly expansive potential base of fans and customers.

Social media marketing, while not that difficult, still stands as a foreign concept to many businesspeople in today’s world. With the right tips, however, you should be able to transform a few campaign tactics into big returns.

Social Media Marketing Tips You Need To Know About

1: Use a Site’s Tag Features

Social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn have tagging features which allow you to tag other users and brands.

Socially, this is used with photos and for the proverbial “shout-out” to a friend.  In a business environment, however, you can tag other brands and groups related to your business to foster relationships, to increase your overall depth and reach, and to put yourself in the direct line of sight of your niche.

2: Use Hashtags Effectively

Starting on Twitter but now having spread to Facebook and Google (G+, YouTube), hashtags are clickable, searchable terms that can help any social media marketer cover a lot of ground for little to no cost, and with very little effort.

Using a tag that’s related directly to your niche, or even creating a tag and using it consistently, can make your brand available in more searches and make you far more noticeable to people searching around your niche.

3: Offer Your Own Features

Marketers using social media sites like Facebook have a great opportunity to use a wide assortment of apps for contests and promotions.

Creating something that’s truly unique and wholly yours will allow you to stand out while enticing others to opt into your network.

Offering your own contests will build a base and help word spread in order to increase your brand exposure.  Try creating themed contests that are relevant to the season, that offer games and puzzles, and other engaging, interactive promotions.

4: Focus on Images

A great tip to use as a social media marketer is to focus a little more on images than text-based posts and updates.  This is especially helpful in the mobile realm, where everything is more streamlined and where screens are incredibly detailed for their size.

High-quality images that are pertinent to your niche can tell a story in numerous ways.  Apart from photos with text messages and/or links inside of them, you can also use memes to up your engagement numbers, and infographics to tell a story with the use of pictures.

5: Engage People to Engage Others

Social media marketing is all about the engagement.  You want as many people as possible opting into your network, clicking through your links, and sharing your material with their friends.

A good tip to use here is to actually engage with the express purpose of having people share your material.  Polls, quizzes, puzzles, games, and other interactive materials are great for this.  But simply creating a high-quality image or video and asking people to share it also works.  It works incredibly well when you add incentive to the sharing process, allowing people to earn rewards for sharing your material.

6: Keep an Eye on Your Competition

As a marketer, you not only have to focus on the ads and posts you’re putting out there, but you have to pay attention to what your competition is doing.

Keep an eye on your competitors to ensure that they’re not stealing your ideas and that you’re not stealing theirs (inadvertently or on purpose). You can also keep an eye out for some good tips. Maybe your well is dry but your competition is still pulling people in. See what it is they’re doing and allow it to inspire a new campaign maneuver on your end.

7: Go with the Goldilocks Site Approach

There are a lot of social networking sites out there.  In fact, there are too many to actually join and hold down effectively.  So what you’re looking for with social networking is the Goldilocks approach.  You don’t want too few sites, but you definitely don’t want too many.

Start out with the basic three: Facebook, Twitter, and a photo or video sharing site and work to get in a rhythm there.  You may be able to add other sites after you get the hang of it, like a LinkedIn or Pinterest. But never overextend yourself.

8: Use a Site’s Search Features

Most social networking sites will have advanced search features, like Facebook’s Graph Search. Check out the short video below to learn more about Graph Search and it’s uses for business.

Using these search features allows you to find different preferences of different groups and users.  This will enable much better marketing for a much lower cost. You can advertise directly to people and meet their particular needs when you know what it is they want.

Realistically, you could find over 800 tips out there to help you with your social media marketing campaign.  However, it’s important to start somewhere to build up a strong plan of action.

Begin by using these eight tips to help you navigate social media.  Once you begin to experience success, then you can branch out and get more creative.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading through my tips, if you have any questions or want to discuss any of them in greater depth, please kindly leave a comment below.

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