The Rules Are Changing, Our Guest Blogging Guidelines For 2014

Guest blogging guidelines for 2014

After a successful year with plenty of guest writers showing huge amounts of interest in writing for Magnet4Marketing, we’re almost ready to shut down for the Christmas holidays.  I’d like to thank everyone who has contributed with a valuable guest post over the last 12 months, you know who you are.

Anyways I want to let everyone know about some changes we’re implementing on how we’re going to be reviewing guest posts submitted to Magnet4Marketing in 2014.  Guest content is on the increase, and as were receiving more and more submissions on a daily basis, we’re also having to reject a lot of them too, so I feel this post should help anybody who is genuinely interested in wanting to successfully guest post on M4M in 2014.

I don’t need to rant on about how valuable guest blogging is as I’m sure you’re all well aware of how important it is to you and your blog marketing efforts, but the rules are changing.  We’ve just updated the guidelines page and have added the additional rules which addresses links in author bios.

  • We no longer accept anchor text links in author bio of less than 3 keywords.
  • We will not accept links in author bio that points to unrelated web properties, i.e. weight loss sites, legal sites, trade and construction related sites, education or distant learning sites, PPC / SEO company websites, or any other commercially orientated websites.  You can view the full list on our guest blogging information page, the link is below.
  • Anchor text links in author bio must be somewhat related to our blog’s niche, i.e. blogging, online marketing, small business services, social media, copywriting, search engine optimization (none commercial), video marketing, link building, etc)
  • Author bio must contain a link to one of your social media profiles, preferably Google+.

In addition to those rules above, we’ve also added the following rules in our content quality guidelines.

  1. No generic content – Guest posts must provide something new and fresh for our audience to read, if you’re offering tips for example they must be actionable.
  2. Call to action – Your guest post must promote engagement and have a ‘call to action’ added at the end of the article.
  3. Use of bullet points – Don’t be afraid to use well placed bullet points or numerical orders in your guest post content, we love those and want to see them in your submissions.
  4. Links or resources – Guest posts must not just be a plain block of text.  Adding valuable resources, links to related content on the web from other reputable websites (i.e from sites like copyblogger, problogger, search engine land, etc) will help you get a guest post approved on our blog.  In addition your guest posts must contain one of the following: use of videos, slide presentations, podcasts, images or infographics.
  5. Readability is poor – Again your content cannot be a bold plain block of text like we’ve been seeing lots of lately, it needs to be broken up into digestible paragraphs.  We’re looking for content that can be easily read and understood by a wide audience.

So those are the new rules that have been added to our existing guest blogging guidelines for 2014.  If you’d like to find out more, check out our guest blog information page here >> Write For Us.

OK folks, that’s all from me until 2014.  Hopefully we’ll have a couple of great guest posts lined up for you between this post and my next post in 2014.

Have an awesome Christmas holiday if you celebrate it.  All the best

Fabrizio Van Marciano
Founder, CEO and Chief Editor

  • Terungwa Akaahan

    Guest posting is sure a great way to rise higher in the blogosphere. However, due to its fragrant abuses, it has become imperative that bloggers who are actually serious set strict guild lines cast in stone…Only these guild lines will save us from publishers who simply want links and traffic and are not concerned about any valued added.

    I completely concur with the list!


    • / Fabrizio Van Marciano

      Thanks Terungwa, I’m glad you agree. Since changing the guidelines I’ve been seeing a lot less spammy guest posts being submitted which is great news :)