Essential Guidelines For Effective Internet Advertising

Here are a few guidelines that you may use as tips and general information about online advertising that you were probably unaware of.

The Internet is a largely unmonitored playground for the good, the bad, and the worse.

This means that you may take the darker path the Internet advertising if you like, but even if you do not then it is still good to know that it exists.

The guidelines below are not set in stone, but they will help you run a better campaign and save you time or money on things you may have attempted otherwise.

Let’s get started…

9 Top Internet Advertising Tips

Effective Internet Advertising Tips

1. Subliminal advertising is rife

It is illegal to put subliminal advertising into music and video, but the Internet is a big playground that is unmonitored by the people who are supposed to stop it.

That is why so many audio and video tracks will auto-start when you enter a website. They are hoping that you will listen long enough for the subliminal messages to take hold.

This is not an endorsement for you to start inserting subliminal messages into your media, but be aware that others do. If you want to figure out who is doing it, then it is the videos that you just somehow cannot take your eyes off until they are finished.

2. Do not aim for viral

Viral content is very unpredictable, except for the fact that it is hard to make anything go viral — especially if you are trying to sell something.

You could create free content for a year and never see it go viral, so trying to weave a marketing message into that too is just making it harder for yourself!

If you aim to go viral then you are going to spend a lot of time creating content that nobody sees. Also, you cannot predict a viral interpretation.

There are many viral images that originated as adverts for a company but were repurposed for use by people spreading their own funny messages.

3. Keep it interesting

Tattoo this on the palms of your hands and slap yourself whilst the ink is still wet. The problem that Google has caused is that it demands fresh content and new updates on a regular basis. This makes online providers create any old content for the sake of having content on their website.

This content is typically hollow or repetitive, which is why there are so many article rewrites on the Internet. But, advertising and SEO should be kept separate.

Uploading content on Facebook for the sake of having content is not advertising, and the same goes for website updates.

Good advertising needs to be seen, and the only way it will be seen (i.e. more than glanced at) is if it is interesting.

4. Visual advertising only appeals to certain people

This is another message that people need to get through their dumb heads. Just because YouTube is popular, or Pinterest has a lot of viewers does not mean you need to keep going down the same visual route with your advertising.

Some people heavily prefer reading to videos because people cannot stand the waiting around to get an answer. For that matter, why do marketing videos have introductions? Do you know anyone who happily sits through the “HI, we are….blah blah” bit?

Mix up your marketing methods with images, text, audio, video, social media marketing, direct contact, email, IM, affiliate advertising, tutorials, question & answer sessions, surveys, competitions, etc.

5. Teaching a person does not mean selling to them

This is an annoying little Internet trend that simply will not die. People want to advertise things so they set up instructional articles, audio or videos and they think they are advertising their company because they have their website name on it.

That is not the way it works.

The only way you are going to sell your product via an instructional video is to create a desire for your product. For example, if you sell fiberglass matt and resin, then show people how to make a mold on YouTube.

People who want to make a mold will look up your tutorial and then buy your products so that they can copy what you did.

Creating a tutorial on how to bake the perfect cake and having a link to your street fighting website is not going to sell anything to anyone.

6. Content for the sake of content is not advertising

This comes back to creating SEO content in order to keep yourself at the top of the search engine results pages.

Advertising should have a goal (other than search engine rankings), and the marketing material needs to achieve that goal in a measurable way. If you cannot measure the success of your advert, then you are not advertising (or growing the brand).

7. Drip-Drip marketing is harder than you think

You may think that this type of advertising is easy because you can place your adverts on hundreds of websites. But, there are hundreds of thousands of websites.

Having someone exposed to your advert as many as seven times is almost impossible unless you have a very big marketing budget.

8. A single advert that is well placed may be all you need

Just one advert that is placed on the correct website is going to be more effective than all of your online marketing combined. For example, if you are advertising a movie, then putting that advert on a video blog hosted by a well known movie reviewer may be the only advert you ever need.

The movie the Pacific Rim was advertised on review sites almost exclusively, and it did very well (the fact it was a good movie helped too).

9. Build trust before you try to build credibility

People do not buy from those long one-page adverts because they cannot trust them. Even if you advertised a well known and beloved brand, people would simply not buy because they do not trust the advertising format.

Get people to trust your company, your message, your message format and your product before you try to sell to them. Don’t tell people how great your product is before you have convinced them to trust you.

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