The Power Of Saying Thank You: How Often Do You Say It?

This post was somewhat inspired by Pat Flynn from the Smart Passive Income blog, one of the things Pat never stops doing is saying thank you!

So how often do you say thank you or do you let your audience know that you truly appreciate them? Not enough times? Read on…

It is so important to say ‘thank you’ in blogging or in your online business to remind your audience and customers that you are there and that you’re 100% human, and not just a person hiding behind a website.

It is so important to let your audience feel connected with you, especially if you’re the kind of blogger that likes to mystically fade into the background, occasionally making an appearance and responding to ‘one’ of the many hundreds of comments on your blog.

The biggest importance of saying thanks is because you have to realize (and I’m sure you do without question), that without the presence of your loyal audience, you wouldn’t be where you are today, assuming you’ve found reasonable success with your blog or online business!

The power of saying thank you...

So when’s the best time to say thank you?

You can give thanks anytime it’s more important to say it than not to.  However if you’re struggling to find a reason to thank someone, here are some suggestions for you.

  • Give thanks when someone shares a blog post through social media or email… - You don’t have to say thank you to every single personal that shares something on your blog or website.  When people retweet my blog posts I’ll occasionally send out a thank you tweet adding their twitter ID into the tweet itself every few days or so.  I do the same with Facebook shares and Google+1′s especially!
  • Give thanks when someone leaves a valuable comment on your blog - Another great opportunity to give thanks is when valuable comments are left on your blog.  If someone appreciates the content they’ve read on your blog and they’re thanking you in their comment don’t just ignore them!  Respond back and thank them for their kind words and tell them YOU appreciate them for reading and providing you with feedback, or from time to time, just drop someone a personal email to let them know you appreciate them for taking the time to visit your blog and leaving a valuable comment, you could also ask for feedback on your site or blog in general.  This all goes a long way towards strengthening you relationships with your audience.
  • Give thanks at the end of your blog posts – Sometimes when I’m finishing a post I’ll add a little message below the post thanking people for reading, if you’re a regular reader of this blog you’ll notice that sometimes I’ll put something like ‘have a great week ahead’ or ‘enjoy your weekend’.  This has worked tremendously for the blog and often I’ll get a personal email myself from a commentator saying that they truly enjoyed reading my post, and to have a great day too.  I love it!
  • Give thanks when someone makes a purchase of one of your products or uses your services – This is an even BIGGER opportunity for you to say thank you and show gratification, and that’s when someone makes a purchase of one of your products or services!  This should go without saying as giving thanks here means you’re letting your customers know that they’ve made the right decision.  You’re letting them know should they need any assistance you’re there to provide them with it.  It just ensures and reinforces your ability to provide great customer and after-sales service, that’s what the power of saying thank you can do in my mind.

So you see saying thank you is so important for many great reasons, for building solid relationships, increasing customer loyalty and generally for letting your audience know YOU ARE THERE and you truly appreciate them taking the time to visit, read, share your content or make a purchase.

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading this short but sweet post once again, I truly appreciate you as you know, have an awesome and productive week ahead.

Over and out for now – Fabrizio



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