Simple Ways To Optimize Your To-Do List

If you really want to achieve your objectives a ‘to-do’ list is an absolute necessity I’m sure most of you would agree, especially if you work from home and already have a lot on your plate each day.

But here’s the question, how many items on your list would you say are actually things that are geared towards helping you reach your primary objectives or reaching your end goals? Go and take a look…

Each evening I sit down and create a list of things to do for the next day, but recently I started to notice that I’ve been adding new things onto my list that aren’t essentially important, things that are not focused towards helping me reach my goals, things that you could call ‘fluff’.

As a result I’m working much longer than I need to be, and I’m not really completing the top priority stuff that is aimed towards helping me reach my goals.

If you’re finding yourself in a similar pickle here’s how to optimize your to-do list more effectively –

How to #Optimize your To-Do #List

1. Prioritize tasks - Think about your ‘end goal’ or what you want to achieve long term, and put everything that is aimed towards helping you achieving those goals as top priority on your to do list, if possible put in small brackets what goal each task is driven towards reaching as a reminder.

2. Remove the fluff - If you have other ‘non essential’ items on your list ask yourself this, and be brutally honest with yourself; ‘Do I really need to be spending my time doing this other stuff?’ If the answer is no, remove them off your list, or if they’re items you need to do but aren’t really important, put them off for another day.

3. Create a deadline - Next set aside some time or create a deadline for which you want to complete your list within or by.  For example 1 hour each day and so on!  Setting deadlines is useful for helping you stay motivated and focused throughout.

4. Group your tasks - Finally organize your list in manageable groups, i.e. social networking in one group, content creation in another, guest blogging, link building, networking and so on…  This way you can see at a glance which groups are close to completion and which needs more work on.

Optimizing your list like this will help you manage your time more efficiently and help you prioritize the important things that you need to get done.  At the end of each working day, you’ll feel a massive sense of achievement, feel super motivated and fall into the habit of becoming more focused on completing your daily or weekly tasks, job done.

OK in addition to optimizing your to do list, here’s a little video that you might find useful where I share some tips on how to stay organized when working from home :) Enjoy…

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