The Art And Power Of Brand Storytelling

“Bring out the best in your brand by telling a story about it.”

Consumers are being given information overload through all types of media, everywhere, anytime.  Thus, most of us are likely to ignore these ads no matter how appealing they may be. This brought a harsh time for marketing strategists and they found a strategy that catered exactly to their needs.

Using storytelling to reach your prospects has become a desirable activity for companies. Companies share their stories which the prospects find amusing. These stories relate customers to the brand on more personal grounds than they did via other forms of marketing. Not only the TV commercials and radio, but brand storytelling is a brilliant idea for Internet marketing also.

Here are 7 powerful ways to tell your brand story to your target audience

Brand Storytelling

  • Build credibility and interest for your business by demonstrating how your business overcame challenges. Its struggle to success if presented with appropriate media like images, videos etc can lead to a great impact on the audience.
  • Highlight the individuals and teams who led the business to success and share their personal stories and experiences. This helps giving your organization, a human face.
  • Demonstrate your team’s unique talent and perspective. Provide advice and insight to your industry. This will ensure your expertise in the field to the prospects.
  • Share your personal struggle and experience of when you begin to execute the idea of establishing a business. A great story of origin can make the world go round. Mark Zuckerberg’s story of origin of Facebook is an enormous example.
  • To make your business or brand’s story truly stand out, translate its ideals into more than mere words. Providing interactive options – e.g., apps, video games, customizable visuals or videos, surveys, quizzes or user-generated content programs – will boost audience engagement and enhance learning and retention.
  • Share not only your past experiences, but also your vision. Discuss about your future aspects and where would you expect the company to reach.
  • Touch upon something that drives or inspires you and use it to explain your brand’s positioning.

Here’s Nike’s own story of success. Nike leveraged the sentiments by spreading the message that anyone who can win is an athlete.

The Livestrong campaign is based on Lance Armstrong’s achievements. The campaign marked a significant social media presence and was very successful. The LiveStrong channel on Youtube motivates the cancer-stricken people by giving them messages like “unity is strength, knowledge is power and attitude is everything!”. The video has been viewed more than two million times so far and its Twitter feed has gathered 250,000+ followers till date. Also their Facebook page has crossed 1.5 million Likes. This is a great example of a difference a story can make as it gets social.

Here are some tips regarding how to go about Online Brand Storytelling:

  • Work out a strategy and take your plan through that way.
  • Maintain message consistency and credibility. Do not include false and unrealistic facts.
  • Keep it as interesting as possible.
  • Try to include an emotional and touching arc.
  • Make the most of images, Infographics and videos.
  • Do not preach. Make sure that your story is not like a marketing or advertising copy.
  • Do not lie. Always include a genuine story and experiences.

The above mentioned example of Nike storytelling campaign depicts that a properly planned campaign with a touching story can bring in huge publicity and profits.  This is an utterly useful technique to get noticed on internet and gain more prospects. Go ahead, spread your word. The time is yours.

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    Thanks a lot for sharing.

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