WP Comment System + CommentLuv Out, Disqus In: Why I Made The Change

Regular readers of this blog will have no doubt noticed the change in the commenting system this week. Yep, I finally decided to make the change from the default WordPress commenting system with various plugins (CommentLuv and GrowMap Anti Spam, etc) to using the Disqus commenting system.

For those of you not sure what Disqus is? Disqus is a commenting system available for WordPress, Blogger, tumblr, Drupal and also works with HTML and JS. Disqus beautifully promotes real-time, engaging and social shareable conversations on your blog or website.

Ditching WP Default Comment for Disqus

I experimented with Disqus back in the early part of this year for 4 weeks just to see how readers would get on with it and I’ve had some positive response and feedback from many readers, I went back to the default WordPress comment system shortly after as I hadn’t completely made up my mind about it.

Anyways I finally made the decision to ditch the default WP comment system and various plugins once and for all, and for the following reasons which I’ll talk about in this post.

Please be assured that I don’t have anything against either the WP default system or CommentLuv or any other plugins that I removed, I continue to use CommentLuv on my other blog’s and I think it’s a fantastic plugin to encourage engagement.

If you’re not too sure what CommentLuv is then I urge you to take a look at it and if you’re not using it, give it a try on your blog. It works simply by allowing commentators to add a link back to their most recent post on their blogs for commenting on your blog. Not only do they get a valuable backlink, but it helps to increase referral traffic to your blog too. Thousands of bloggers use CommentLuv so there is a growing community there.

Anyways, why did I make the change to Disqus?

I understand that respectively Disqus is NOT for everyone and that there are some issues with using it which I’ll talk about at the end of this post. But here are the reasons why I decided to change to Disqus on this particular blog.

1. Professional Solution

First of all there is no doubt or argument that Disqus is a professional solution for promoting engagement, content interaction, social sharing and all the rest of it all from one place, because it really is. Major sites like CNN, IGN and The Telegraph who use Disqus can’t be wrong.

Non registered users can easily sign in using their email address, Facebook, Twitter or Google+ account to leave a comment or if they prefer they can leave a comment as a guest only.

Disqus is simple to setup using their dedicated WP plugin, and after changing a few settings Disqus automatically adapts to your community and fits seamlessly into the WordPress commenting environment.

My aim with Magnet4Marketing has always been to create a professional blog offering professional tips and advice with awesome content, and Disqus fits in perfectly as a direct replacement for the default WP comment system.

2. No Need for Additional Plugins

One of the other reasons and advantages for using Disqus was that I was able to get rid of a few plugins that I no longer required. The plugins I removed being –

  1. CommentLuv
  2. Subscribe to comments
  3. Growmap Anti-Spambot Plugin
  4. Twitter Link Plugin

Now like I said earlier, all of these plugins are amazing, and they serve well on all my other blog and website projects, but for this particular blog I wanted to have a more cleaner and professional function, and so felt that the WP default comment system with those plugins although worked well, did make the commenting system look somewhat dated and non-professional.

3. Less Spam More Real Comments, seriously…

The other great element about Disqus is that comments are made in real time, and an email notification is sent out to all commentators involved in a discussion, so that means the conversation takes place in real-time as it’s happening as it should, and that is definitely one over the WordPress default commenting system.

Disqus uses it’s own anti-spam algorithm, which becomes smarter and more accurate with time and taking into account your moderation activities. During my 4 weeks test of using Disqus I gradually saw the number of spam comments come down significantly, which is another major plus point, and almost eliminates the need for Akismet.

4. Seamlessly Integrates with Social Media

Social media is a big deal and one of the other major reasons for changing to Disqus is because of the massive integration the platform has with social networking sites, such as signing in with Twitter, Facebook or Google+, sharing discussions on social sites, displaying activities on twitter and more. Moreover all this takes place in one single place, in the comment section of your blog.

Ditching WP Default Comment for Disqus

5. Larger Network

Lastly but not least, Disqus is an ever-growing network, the more bloggers integrate it into their blogs the more commentators register with the site, thus ensuring the network continues to grow and flourish, a larger network could mean more traffic.

So those are just some of the reasons why I personally decided to change the comment system over to Disqus, however remember what I said at the begining, just because I think it’s great it doesn’t mean ts for everyone. There are some minor or major issues (however you want to look at it) that I needed to weigh out first, and I’ll now share them with you.

  1. Comments and moderation are stored on Disqus servers and not on my own, although copies of comments are created in WP.
  2. Disqus scripts could hamper the loading time of my blog, though I’ve not yet tested or monitored this properly.
  3. It could turn some people off commenting on my blog altogether, again not something I’ve seen happen, if anything I’ve seen more comments since using Disqus.

I’m sure there are a few more other niggles but I can’t think of them right now. So please let me know your thoughts on Disqus, are you happy to see it here on this blog or not? do you use it on your blog and if you don’t let us know why. Leave me a comment below as always.

I’ll now leave you with Disqus’s delightful promotional video below.

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