Blogging And WordPress Tips From Around The Blogosphere [Add Your Suggestions]

As you know one of the biggest topics that we love to discuss here on Magnet4Marketing is of course blogging. Yep, we love to write about and share with you all the top tips and strategies for building an awesome blog, from WordPress tips and tutorials to content creation tips. From tips for improving your writing to blog customization tips and much more.

But as well as our own content, we know that there’s also a host of other awesome content out there from other budding bloggers that love to share their own tips and strategies on blogging. That could also be you!

If you happen to know a really cool blog post that you’ve recently read, or perhaps you have one yourself that you’ve just published on your blog and think it deserves to be listed in the list below, do add it (See image below). Feel free to suggest and share your blogging tips posts and get more backlinks, traffic and new readers checking out your content.

If you love the list I’ve created with Listly, why not embed this list into a blog post on your own blog and get your readers interacting with the content even further.

Add your Blogging tips post

Don’t forget to bookmark this post so that you can come back to it later and check out what’s recently been added, and read more awesome posts offering blogging tips.

OK if you have any questions about adding a suggestion to the list above or anything else for that matter, please feel free to leave me a comment below as always :) Keep an eye out as I’ll be adding more lists using Listly in the future on different topics related to our blog, but for now enjoy.


  • Pramod

    great idea brother ! Cant wait to see and go-through the links that would be posted here .. This would surely be very helpful to newbie blogger like me.

    Best wishes,

  • Abdur Rakib

    Nice idea for getting backlinks. I will share it. Thanks.