9 Things To Say ‘No’ To When Building A Successful Online Business

If you’re just starting out on the journey of building your first successful online business, I wish you the very best of luck. I know that the prospects are unknown, it’s like anything I suppose, you just don’t know what’s in store along the way, but yet you remain positive.

You’re going to be responsible for making some tough decisions as a new internet entrepreneur. Some things will require you to say ‘yes’ I’m going to do that… whilst you’re also going to have to learn to say ‘no’, I’m not going to do that, from time to time.

Building a Successful Online Business

On the subject of saying NO, here are 9 things to say ‘no’ to, when building a successful online business.

  1. ‘No I’m not going to put it on hold any longer’ – Don’t hold back, make a start today, if you’ve been planning to start your business for some time, there will never be a better time than now.
  2. ‘No I’m not going to put all my eggs in one basket’ - I’m sure you’ve heard that terminology before, in reflection to doing business online, don’t just rely one one single strategy, an example of this would be traffic generation. Most people think of doing SEO and getting traffic from Google, and somewhat neglecting other strategies. Then when an update like Panda or Penguin takes places what happens? Oh yes that traffic is demoted, ‘you placed all your eggs in one basket, the basket followed through and you’re back to zero’.
  3. ‘No I’m not going to do it alone’ – Face it, you can’t do it alone and it’s not wise to either. Get as much moral support and help as possible from your family, friends and any business connections that you may have who can help you.
  4. ‘No I’m not going to fail to plan ahead’ – Don’t keep your ideas stored in your head, have them on good old fashioned paper and filed away somewhere safe. Create an effective strategical plan of action for everything that you do, be organized.
  5. ‘No I’m not going to blast every penny that I have on advertising alone’ – Easy mistake to do, don’t assume the only marketing tactic you need to know about is advertising, explore other more cost effective avenues, a little bit like the ‘eggs in one basket’ philosophy.
  6. ‘No I’m not going to ignore social media’ – It’s too damn big to ignore for starters, your customers are on social media sites, and so should your business be.
  7. ‘No I’m not going to fail to build my list’ – The money is in the list, so start building your list.
  8. ‘No I’m not going to stop learning’ – Learn everything there is to possibly know about how to build, market and promote your business to your target audience and more. Just keep learning…
  9. ‘No I’m not going to let the state of the economy dent my ambitions’ – Be aware of it but don’t let it drag you down. Create the most irresistible, the most compelling, the most resourceful product and promote the hell out of it.

Well that’s my ‘food for thought’ for you this week… Think you can add one more to make the list to 10? Leave your suggestions in the comment section below as always.

Enjoy the rest of your week folks and keep your head down, stay focused and move forward with your business.

- Fabrizio

Image courtesy of Flickr user: ThisParticularGreg

  • http://incometherapy.com Connor Harley

    I totally agree with all these “no’s”. Starting an online business is really tough, but we have to make a stand on our decisions to become successful. It is not easy, but everything will be all worth it in the end.

    • http://www.magnet4marketing.net Fabrizio

      Hey Connor thanks for your comment, no it isn’t easy at all and sadly a lot of people go into doing business online expecting to see results instantly. Hard work and patience is needed and success will follow through, have a great week Connor :)

  • http://www.tennis-university.eu Patrickkur

    According to me when you plan to start a new thing definitely you will face difficulties. But once you make your mind completely nothing can stop you.

    • http://www.magnet4marketing.net Fabrizio Van Marciano

      Yes you have to approach anything you start new with your heart completely set into it, going into something new half-hearted will only result in failure in my mind.

  • http://geniuskick.com/ Mukesh Dutta

    Hi Fabrizio, this is a must read post for any online entrepreneur and not just starters. Apparently, faith, belief and a never give up attitude can certainly help in moving towards online success. Thanks for the post!

    • http://www.magnet4marketing.net Fabrizio Van Marciano

      Hi Mukesh yes of course totally right, having the right mental mindset with faith and believing in yourself is important. Without self-belief there would be no much point of pursing any ambitions in business as in life. Thanks for stopping by mate, have a great week.

  • http://www.onepiecegames.net Farrell John Conejos

    Hey Fabrizio,

    A well-written post. It is very informative and useful. I couldn’t agree more on the 9 “no’s” that you posted. It not only helps beginners, but it also reminds season veterans to step up their game a little bit more because online marketing and SEO are also growing fast and the number of competition is also increasing. Thanks for sharing this very informative post.

  • http://publicjobshub.blogspot.com Gautham Nekkanti

    I strongly agree with you on the second point. It’s highly recommended not to put all eggs in one basket. We can’t just rely on one source. We need to target all other alternatives as well.

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  • http://www.nissat.org/ Sarvesh Darak

    Hello fab,

    Well according to me i believe, the first NO should be “No iam not going to loose any patience”.

    All above mentioned No’s are very interesting :P or really informative for start up.

  • http://www.devotehost.com/ Christine

    Well done! I appreciate the pointers. These are simple action items.I have done some changes in my work since i had chance to read your 9 points Thank you!

  • Karina

    A really nice greeting to the spring with these useful and great tips and advices! Thank you!

  • http://arabellabeck.weebly.com Arabella

    Useful tips, especially for me, because I’ve just set up my new online business in the last couple of days, and honestly, I’m not into blogging and online marketing, I haven’t done this before and I have to learn a couple of things in the next weeks to be able to realize my resolutions and reach my grand goals in the near future. Thanks for sharing your useful advices!

  • http://webincomejournal.com Chadrack

    A good list here! I particularly love #2: I’m not going to put all my eggs in one basket!

    That is one thing I’ve decided in this year. I had been involved with niche sites before I started blogging. I’ve become so involved with the blog that I neglected this aspect of my online business. This time I decided on going back and building niche blogs again.

  • http://melbourne.fortuneinnovations.com/ Steve Zissou

    Those tips are really great. I’m going to implement some of them today. Thanks a lot for compiling this list for us.