4 Things That Could Guarantee Your Failure In Blogging

Are you diving towards failure in blogging? OK so we know that anyone can start a blog, we’ve covered that part a gazillion times already. Anyone can put AdSense on a low traffic blog and get totally disheartened when they see measly to none existence earnings. Anyone can comfortably figure out how WordPress works with enough practice… Anyone can blog…

How about you? I bet you can do all those things and more right? But can you really achieve real success in blogging like the big name bloggers, or are you doomed for failure?

That question applies to us all aiming to get somewhere in blogging but feel we haven’t yet achieved the level of success we want, and only ourselves can answer that question.

So we’ve covered a lot of tips for blogging success here on the blog, but is there anything that could almost guarantee your failure in blogging? And if so how could you avoid them?

Yes there are many obstacles that awaits us, but we can’t cover every single one of them in this post.

However, here are 4 things that could guarantee your failure in blogging.

  1. Staying in your comfort zone
  2. Following the rest of the rat pack
  3. Putting things off for another day
  4. Letting negativity bring you down

OK let’s dive deeper and hopefully I will have kicked your ass and inspired you a little, that’s always been one of my goals in any case with this blog.

Failure In Blogging

4 Things To Avoid Guaranteeing Your Failure In Blogging

1. Staying in your comfort zone

You might be wondering what your comfort zone actually is. Well that’s where you’re at now and not where you want to be, but can’t get where you want to be because you’re afraid or something is stopping you.

So what’s the solution?

Screw it… take a risk!

(Disclaimer: I will not be held responsible for any undesired effects that may evolve in your life should you decide to ‘screw it and take a risk’)

Though that’s what it’s all about, taking a risk.

8 years ago before I ventured into online business and gave up my comfortable $25,000 a year cushy but boring job filing papers, everyone thought I was mad. My girlfriend at the time even left me because of it. Why? Because I ventured out of my comfort zone and took the risk of starting my own business.

What ever your case may be, don’t accept where you’re at now simply because something or other people expect you to remain there or you feel comfortable where you are now, or you’re afraid. Go forth and challenge yourself – if you have nothing to lose and everything to gain, get the hell out of your comfort zone and take a risk and see what happens, once again please read my disclosure above before taking any drastic action :)

2. Following the rest of the rat pack

I’m sure you’ve read about this one a million times before on so many other blogs. But despite having done so, I bet you’re still doing it and following what blogger x, y and z is doing. Don’t worry I’ve been guilty of it myself.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the rat race, we see our fellow blogging friends doing something thing cool and naturally we go out and do the same.

We all have a choice in life as in blogging as in online business, we can follow the path someone else has nicely carved out and pick up the lose change along the way, or we can create our own paths, our own destiny and reap bigger rewards.

If something worked out successfully well for somebody else, you shouldn’t assume that it will necessarily work for you too. This doesn’t always apply but essentially real success comes when we pave our own paths towards it.

3. Putting it off for another day

This is as far as I’m concerned the ultimate ‘blog dream success killing tactic’… Putting it off for another day that is…

I’ve personally lost count of the number of things that I’ve put off for another day. Completing my eBook and online marketing courses has been amongst many of them.

And I’m sure you yourself have a list of a trillion things waiting for your undivided attention, but are waiting for the right time or perfect day to come.

Don’t wait for another day, make a list of the core things that you really want to get done and start making things happen today, in fact when you’re done reading this post I want you to go and grab your list or pen and paper, and start making things happen straight away.

If you’re planning on recording a YouTube video, go do it today!

If you’re planning to start a podcast, go look into it today!

If you’re planning to start writing an eBook, go and make a start on your first paragraph today!

Don’t put anything off anymore; even if it’s half of something, starting it is at least better than putting it off for later or worst still not doing it at all. The discipline that you train yourself to take immediate action can be the difference between success and failure in blogging.

4. Letting negativity bring you down

Negativity comes in many shapes and sizes, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be something someone’s said or written about you either, you can get negative vibes simply from being let down or not getting the results you were expecting.

Here’s an example of what I mean -

A newbie comes along and hears about how you can make money from blogging with AdSense, so he builds his first blog. He adds content and plasters AdSense ads all over his blog… He then religiously logs into his AdSense account every few minutes of every waking hour, and this goes on for weeks and even months on end, only to be greeted by a big fat zero clicks and zero earnings. He feels negative about it and gives up…

Yes negativity can make you give up…

If you can’t deal with negativity in blogging then you shouldn’t be blogging at all, because as most bloggers know, we face some form of negativity every now and then, it’s what challenges us to become better right?

Use negativity to fuel your passion further and to help you achieve what it is you’re trying to achieve, whether it’s increasing AdSense earnings or completing your first draft for your eBook. Don’t set your goals and objectives too high and always, always don’t expect too much great things to happen all at once.

OK that’s enough ranting from me this week folks; I hope this post has helped to inspire you a little and helped you recognize the 4 essential things that could guarantee your blogging failure and how to avoid them.

Have a great week; I look forward to reading your thoughts and reactions in the comment section below as always.

image courtesy of PhotoBucket user: Asakusuka

  • http://new30myass.com Hal

    Hi Fabrizio, I happened to find your blog while looking for information about a Genesis framework and child theme. And I was pleasantly surprised to find other useful info here as well.

    I have had numerous sites and blogs over the years, a couple that I even tried to make money with. Having not read your entire site, I firmly believe that there are two ways to make money with a blog (especially considering the current state with Facebook taking over the world). Sell something or create content so invaluable that it goes viral. The later may no longer be valid due to over abundance of content.

    Thanks for what you put here and give away. And the best of luck, which apparently you have had with this blog.

    • http://www.magnet4marketing.net Fabrizio Van Marciano

      Hi Hal, thanks for your comment and kind words. Success is something we all pursue everyday, not just in blogging but in building our online businesses and even in our personal lives. But it would be interesting to know how does one know that they’ve actually achieved success? When they can pay their rent with blog earnings? When they can pay for their vacations with Google AdSense earnings? It’s interesting.

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    • http://Ismsmessages.net Micky

      Thank you FABRIZIO..

      I just started a new blog, and am constantly looking for ways to make it good. This post is really helpful. Thanks Again

  • Gajendran Megajolla

    Hi Fabrizio, these points are amazing and very helpful. I’m sure many bloggers will make good use of them to help them achieve blogging success. For me number 3 and 4 are very strong points.

  • http://bloggingmatters.net Hassaan Khan

    Hi Fabrizio, Nice Post!
    Blogging is something, you need to continue and improve daily. I know its pretty tough job to do. I am happy you covered this type of topic for new bloggers.

  • http://www.aquarium-setup.net/ Kevin

    Blindly trying to follow in someone else’s footsteps is a bad idea, that’s true enough. Still, I think it’s good to try to objectively analyze others’ success to figure out why what they did worked. Luck is a always a factor of course, but sometimes you just might realize something useful.

    • http://www.magnet4marketing.net Fabrizio Van Marciano

      Hey Kevin thanks mate, that’s a great piece of advice thanks for your contribution, yes indeed studying and analyzing other people’s success is a great way to work out what might and might not work for you.

      Have a pleasant week mate :)

  • http://bivori.com Suresh Khanal

    Putting things for another days is most common in my :D There are so many tasks involved in blogging that often I keep something for next day and the next day offers me many other tasks that the previous day task is again pushed to yet another day.

    • http://www.magnet4marketing.net Fabrizio Van Marciano

      You’re right Suresh I completely agree, I’ve also been guilty of this myself. I find having a blogging schedule works very well for me especially with trying to balance work and life. If I start something I find that I don’t complete it until days later, but at least making a start gives you the incentive to finish it.

  • http://www.funjobsforseniors.com Jennifer Cunningham

    I agree and think staying up with the rat pack is my weakness. I know my strengths and that’s what I should rely on and stretch out where I’m uncomfortable. Thanks for the tips.

    • http://www.magnet4marketing.net Fabrizio Van Marciano

      Hey Jennifer you’re welcome, yes it’s so easy to stay in your comfort zone feel safe and not so vulnerable, but at the same time you could be missing out on so many unique opportunities.

      Once you make that first break out of your comfort zone you will feel more confident to do it again in the future.

      Have a great week.

  • http://techtipsportal.com Kushal

    Nice article Fabrizio,

    It was a good read .You took a risk in your life.That is great. But once again it is proved that girls are always after money :P .

    I am having the confidence issue. Not getting enough confidence to leave my job and start my own business :( But i am thinking about it.

    • http://www.magnet4marketing.net Fabrizio Van Marciano

      Hi Kushal, thanks for stopping by bro and commenting. Glad you found the post a good read. Lol, not all girls are after money but I know exactly what you mean about some of them, I guess people are afraid of stepping out of their comfort zone as I mentioned above, and venturing into the unknown, taking a risk where money is involved is something that not everyone is willing to do.

  • Lena

    These are really the most common blogger mistakes I’ve ever experienced, and honestly I’ve already done the most of them. ‘Putting it off for another day’ is my biggest mistake, and actually a bad habit: it affects negative on my work as well.