How To Make The Most Of The Little Traffic That You Have

This week Samantha and I have been discussing future plans for the blog once again, and the fact that we may never recover the loss of traffic from 2011 / 2012 Google algorithm updates.

We’ve worked tirelessly and damn well hard to try and remove as much low quality content from the site as well as address our backlink profile, working towards building a more Google friendly profile, but we’re yet to see the search engine visitor numbers we use to see flowing back to the site.

Needless to say, we won’t stop until something happens…

lost traffic from Google algo updates

Although the daily traffic is at an all-time low here on Magnet4Marketing and the site isn’t generating as much revenue as it once was, we’re still pleased to see some income being generated (affiliate marketing), and most importantly, we’re still seeing YOU, our loyal readers coming back to the blog and reading the content and leaving valuable comments, so user generated content is good, so a big thank you.

It just goes to show that despite having lost a lot of SE traffic, you can still make good with the little traffic that you already have to your blog, which is why I guess building an audience is so vital.

Whilst Google still remains to be our top traffic source (only just), not so far behind are traffic coming from Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon,, JustRetweet and a bunch of blogs that I regularly guest blog on.

So if you’re in a similar kind of boat as we are, how can you make the most of the little traffic that you have? Here’s my list for you –

6 Ways To Make The Most Of Your Blog’s Traffic

1. Have a damn good site – First and foremost, don’t throw away valuable visitors by having a crappy, prehistoric looking and under-performing blog. If you’re a WordPress user get rid of that free theme you’ve been using forever and a day, and invest in a premium quality theme, find one that suits the design and layout for your blog and improve the mapping of your blog, i.e. main navigation, sub navigation and footer pages, internal linking etc. Create an awesome user experience for your visitors.

In addition to that try and give your blog a reasonably clean look, minimize ads and remove any silly distractions that you have and think you can do without.

2. Capture email addresses with effective opt-in form placements – Make sure those precious visitors come back again and again by capturing their email addresses. Placements should include your blog’s sidebar right at the very top above the fold, at the bottom of posts just before the comment box, in your ‘about page’ and should you wish, as a pop-up feature when visitors land on your homepage.

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3. Create valuable and shareable content – Create the type of valuable content that demands to be shared on social network sites, blogging community sites, content curation sites etc. The types of content I’m talking about are ‘how to’ posts, infographics, video tutorials, interviews of influential people, breaking news type posts etc. Don’t forget to give your articles a catchy, attention grabbing headline title too, and make it easy for people to share.

4. Provide irresistible offers – It doesn’t matter whether you’re giving 60% off a web hosting package or giving away a valuable resource such as an eBook, a free WordPress theme, a useful plugin or whatever else, make it stand out like a sore thumb, make it irresistible. Make it so appealing that people will want to talk about it on their blogs, in the forums and on social sites.

If you’re running an ecommerce website, ensure you have new offers rolling out each week or so, and showcase them on the homepage of your website, in your company blog, in your email newsletters, on social pages and where ever else possible.

5. Host contests and giveaways – Everybody loves them, and boy do they attract lots of traffic and get people sharing like crazy. If you have something valuable and useful worth giving away, consider hosting a monthly blog contest. Use something like RaffleCopter and announce your contest in a YouTube video to promote more interest.

6. Incorporate the ‘Pat Flynn’ strategy of being everywhere… - Pat Flynn’s concept of being everywhere pays off well and anyone who is familiar with his success will agree – so it’s one thing that you should try and do with your blog. Don’t just hide and remain in your comfort zone, break away from tradition and be on all the social sites, use different media formats to distribute your content, get on all the popular forums, guest blog, comment on the most popular blogs in your niche and start promoting your brand, get out there.

So if you’re one of many who have lost traffic and are struggling to regain it back, just keep working towards improving your blog and creating great content and building authority backlinks. In the meantime make the very most of the traffic you have and focus on building your community.

Have a great week ::

p.s. If you have any tips you’d like to add, get writing them in the comment section below, as always I love to hear your thoughts, reactions and your own strategies.

  • Elise Roth

    I think it’s great to make little changes on your site from time to time. It will also please your visitors. And then the content. It’s hard to write something interesting and unique on a regular basis but nevertheless it’s still possible. And more sharing of your own opinion – they’ll trigger discussions.

  • Rajkumar Jonnala

    These are all great ideas for ensuring we get the most out of visitors to our blogs when we have low traffic, list building is very important. Thanks so much for sharing :)

  • anis

    Hi Fabrizio, you’ve outlined some awesome tips here bro, getting traffic is hard work so we must make the most of what we have to get more people to share our content.

  • Virginia

    Really helpful post. Content really is king in my opinion… I think that having appealing, compelling, sharable content is key to a successful blog and website, great advice.

  • Jacob

    Truly great post, Fabrizio, there are a couple of things I could improve on my own blog reading this list, and I picked up the ‘Host contests and giveaways ’ thing early on which is a fantastic idea, thanks again.

  • Becca

    Based from my own experience, the best way to boost up traffic to small businesses is to have a solid social media marketing strategy. It’s by far the simplest way to promote your website and gather customers.

  • Gagandeep Singh

    Hey bro great tips. I will surely implement on my site as for me getting high traffic is bit hard. Your post will help me al ot to make most out of my traffic.

  • Jithin

    You are absolutely right. We must e very commit to blogging. Providing content full articles on right time definitely provide good results. Thank you for sharing such an inspiring articles

  • Lisa Chaves

    This is the ideal guide to be able to reach the peak of blog promotion and marketing. However, since Panda updates are now real-time and was integrated to Google’s algorithm, we need to really evaluate everything and make everything right and transparent as possible.

  • Corey Will

    I definitely agree with list building. It can be a great way to get a lot of loyal visitors to your blog. I always update them with the updates on my blog and it really helps my traffic.

    Thanks for the information as I am trying to grow my traffic (just like everyone else).

  • Maadi

    Here is a question Sir, I want to start giveaways on my blog and want to ask that would these giveaways cost me? Or I need to get some sponsor for my blog? I mean should i talk to some hosting provider about sponsoring me for a giveaway or not?

    • Fabrizio

      Maadi thanks for your question. I guess that depends on the nature of your prize, I mean getting someone to sponsor you with some free hosting or an eBook for your contest would be easier than trying to convince a company to give you a free iPad to giveaway.

      When I host a giveaway I usually have to fork out the expense of the prizes myself. I look at it as investing in my blogging business however you can inquire around and see who will realistically sponsor your giveaway.

      Also the more interest and popularity you can generate than the high chance you will get for someone to sponsor you I’m guessing.

      All the best.

  • Suresh Khanal

    Hi Fabrizio,

    Its really sad that you’ve not recovered your traffic yet, but with the tips as you’ve shared, I’m sure you’ll get it back soon. Though your SEO traffic is reduced, you’ll be able to increase the direct traffic as well as referral ones. My best wishes are with you.

    Organizing contents and giveaways really attracts more traffic and people really love those stuffs. If you can give away something worthy like Justing of DragonBlogger. He offered Google Nexus 7, Kindle Paperwhite, Kingston Wi-Drive and so on. He has really pulled a huge traffic through this giveaway offers.

  • Fabrizio

    Hi Suresh, thanks so much mate, yes looking at the analytics comparing the traffic from this time last year we’ve lost 85.62% of search engine traffic. But myself and my partner are working to try and win back some of our traffic.

    Direct traffic has increased and so has referral a little but it goes to show how important it is to continue guest blogging and commenting on other blogs etc.

    Thanks for sharing Justin’s success with contests and big prizes that’s a strategy definitely worth thinking about.

  • stephen

    Bulls-Eye writeup… definitely i also agree good content,lucrative offers along with some good links lead to attract good traffic

  • deepak


    Wow! this is one almost long and wonder article if i must say. You really did bring out some solid point there . I’d say that this tips you just bring out can also be applied to blog owners and not only guest bloggers.

    Thanks for share with me!!

  • Malik

    Thanks Fabrizio you have cover up some important points to get maximize with your blog traffic I think every small blogger should be aware of these.